[Source: Dan Dicks/Chris Ivany] Visit for the complete covid plan & more. Canadian Tire Employees put Man unable to wear mask in Chokehold. Virtually every municipality in Canada has an exemption clause for individuals unable to wear a mask. However - NO ONE should be forced to wear a mask because it is harmful in the following ways, and so the "laws" and "bylaws" need to be changed, and people need to say NO.

Masking can cause:
a) Hypoxia - Oxygen deprivation/brain damage/organ damage
b) Bacterial infection/breathing your own wet/moist bacteria growing on a cloth mask
c) Pyschological trauma. Masking is part of a satanist occult ritual/slavery/etc
d) Lung conditions similar to asbestos, by breathing in tiny fibres from 'cloth' masks
e) Fluoride poisoning from masks sprayed in PFTE

Start getting vocal and say NO to masks, and TAKE IT OFF if you wear one.

[Source: Dr. Jensen] Doctor Speaks out against how "Case Counts" can be manipulated positive or negative. Visit for more truth.

[Source: Chris Sky] ⁣Man organizing class action lawsuit in order to travel freely in Canada without dangerous PCR test requirements. In other news - also check out this website: Go to for more truth.

See the complete COVID19 plan at
Masks are about CONTROL not HEALTH as proven by PAINTED MASK MAN.
In fact - even "security guards" asked to get their PICTURE TAKEN with this painted mask man!

[Source: Arcturus] Go to for more truth. Pentagon Presentation (2005) to destroy religion using vaccines to attack genes that express beliefs (purpose to introduce satanism).

[Source:] - Go to for the full truth. Calgary Officers Threaten to Taser 21 year old for Playing Hockey Outside. “I will f__king taser you!” one Calgary officer screamed at a young man. Then, during a press conference, Superintedent Ryan Ayliffe says his officers actions were okay during press conference to CBC (commie broadcasting corporation) "news" in Canada.

The United Nations/Gates/Soros goal is to pit citizens against officers, in order to destory the country. The bylaws and lockdowns need to be stopped NOW, because there is NO VIRUS. The virus is only when you get an injection from a needle. Have a conversation with officers now to get them to STAND DOWN from these communist measures.

[Original Source: P. Greska/FB] Go to for the truth. So - this is the fake "vaccine" needle that politicians and health care workers are getting injected with when they "televise" it to "prove" how "good" it is for you. THEY ARE LYING. THE VACCINE IS POISON AND A DEATH SENTENCE.

Go to for the truth. Nurse passes out after getting convid-19 vaccine. The vaccine is poison. It is designed to sterilize you, shorten your life to 1-5 years, and for anyone who survives, hook them up to billygates 5G computer network.

[Original Source: ⁣BANNED FROM FB ] Go to for the truth. ⁣Dr. Roby Mitchell speaks out against Covid-19, what it really is, and how to protect yourself

[Original Source:] Go to for more truth. Hollywood Film being shot while rest of town closed due to 'convid-19'

[Source: ] Go to for the truth. Antifa protestors are attacking police officers. (BTW - if you didn't know, George Soros 'open societies' foundation funded antifa to the tune of about $200 million. Most of the "leaders" are not from "grassroots" protestors).

[Source:] Go to for the truth. Department of Justice (DOJ) puts mask on, to take it off - to make it look like he always wears it.

Banned on Youtube, original source: ⁣] Go to for the truth. An actor that was heavily involved in hollywood shared his stories and experiences about the 'nwo' agenda in Hollywood.Talks about how "tell a vision" is being used to "program" people and recondition them into certain things. Also talks about how military personal owns the media.

[Source:] Riverdale Sheriff Speaks out against tyranny/blackmail being used on police to violate civil liberties. Very brave officer to do that.

[Video Banned] - ⁣⁣Go to for the truth. Italian Parliament (back in July 2020 I think it was) Bill Gates was accused of Crimes against Humanity in Italian Parliament. Also important to note it is not 'just' him - there are about 300 individuals 'in the shadows' helping him, as well as about 4,000 corporations. For example - look at Costco. 4/12 board of directors have direct ties to Microsoft/Bill Gates, and then another 2/6 with direct corporate interest in tellecommunications companies (i.e., 5G). Why do you think Costco is being so strict with masking AND at the same time people are packed like sardines, meanwhile small businesses closes? One of the goals is forcing all small business out of business and making people depedendant on welfare, so they can be forced to get the 'vaccine cure'.

[Source: ⁣] Go to for more truth. Fluoride is VERY bad for you. This video goes into a bit of depth discussion at how in the early 1900's, fluoride was a toxic waste product from industries. They ended up putting it into drinking water, and managed to convince the population that is stopped cavities. "They" also discovered that it was a great way of controlling populations - because since fluouride is so toxic - every time you drink water you are always 'fighting an infection'. So you don't feel like you have much energy. This video goes into some details of that.

[Source: Event 201] - Go to for more of the truth. October 2019 - "Event 201" was a "simulated exercise" of the "CAPS" (aka 'covid-19'/'coronavirus') virus. This was an 'official government' meeting from heads of government all over the world and designed to co-ordinate efforts & manipulate the public into fear and compliance, and this is their official 'trailer' for that event. This video is from October 2019, several months before the "coronavirus/covid19" scam. This is a simulation of how to effective lock down populations, control speech (censorship), and introduce communism in the name of 'for your safety'.

[Banned Video] ⁣⁣Go to for the truth. - From Harry Winkler - back in 2014 talking about this Agenda to create a massive world wide panic, with quarantines & curfews. "New world Order", also the 2010 lockstep document to try and force a tyrannical government on the population.

[Source: ⁣] - ⁣⁣Go to for the truth Very illustrative example of how masks don't work to 'stop' anything. The real reason is all about control, as well as suffocating people (getting them to breathe in their own crap, bacteria growing in their lungs, so they become afraid and think they have a 'respiratory illness', so then a fake diagnosis of 'covid' can be made, to bump up 'case counts', etc).

[Removed from Facebook] - ⁣⁣Go to for the truth A regular citizen speaks out how masking, lockdowns, etc is harming businesses. How army vet friends comitted suicide because of the loneliness.

Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects / "Allergic Reactions" - Reject the Vaccine, Live and Breathe Free. Go to for the truth.

[Source ⁣]: ⁣⁣Go to for the truth This is a very interesting video compilation of how the "mainstream media" is supposedly "independent". What people don't realize - is that the 1000's of "news" stations are literally owned by a handful of people. In Canada, it happens to be Postmedia, CBC, Torstar, CTV & Saltwire. In the USA, it is Fox, Walt Disney, Comcast, AT&T, ViacomCBS, etc. Of course, there is the 'microsoft' media MSNBC too.

[Source: Twitter Feed] ⁣Go to for the truth.- Bill Gates in an interview says that vaccines are an 'excellent investment' for him, over a 20:1 return - talking about the "economic" benefits. He of course really does want to "microchip" people, read up on Microsoft Patent #2020-06-06-06, which talks about using vaccines to microchip people (essentially turn them into human robots and in exchange he will give a little bit of crypto currency). Look @ his 'betterthancash_org' website (where he is promoting one single currency, that he controls with other 'elites'), and the 'id2020' (another purpose of forcing people to get unnecessary

[Source Unknown] - ⁣Go to for more items like this. Police in Italy are taking away someone that is not wearing a mask, but then the crowd starts chanting 'liberte' (Freedom)


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