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Join me this week as I discuss the acceleration of globalist plans to takeover the planet, the new COVID-19 Omicron variant, the war against our children, and how the growing resistance movement provides hope as people have had enough of the growing tyranny.

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Join me this week as I discuss major news stories including supply chain shortages, the Project Veritas exposes on Pfizer, parents being labeled domestic terrorists, and more. I’ll also highlight the societal purge of the unvaccinated and discuss the urgent need to build an alternate society outside of the authoritarian systems of government.

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The theme for Today’s show is: It’s for Your Safety. I'll be talking about the link between Covid Camps and Climate Change and how it spells the recipe for Complete Control all in the name of health and safety.

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Decoding Davis: The Global Endgame explores Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum's plans to reshape, reimagine, and reset the entire world and what it really means for humanity's future.


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