The Early days

Many have said this is the greatest documentary ever produced. Despite the millions of dollars spent by Hollywood on propaganda stretching over 70 years this documentary armed with only the truth derailed Hollywood Blockbusters and laid the way for documentaries such as Hellstorm and Europa-The Last Battle to join in the assault on the lies about World War two. TGSNT lifted the spell cast over the world in 1945 and changed not only people's view on Adolf Hitler, but changed their whole outlook on life. Once you see through the lies there is no turning back.

Why did the NS leadership believe Jesus was not Jewish?

Who really started World War Two and the truth about Poland?

The Russian Revolution.
US bankers funded the Revolution via London. Jacob Schiff hired Lenin and Trotsky and once Russia was defeated, the bankers not Lenin were the real rulers albeit secretly.  It is easy to understand why the US and Britain seemed to side with Communists. It allowed the allies to play “good” cop “bad” cop at the end of the war when millions of axis soldiers were sent back to the communists to be killed. 
Britain never lost the Empire. They installed central banks to control countries financially instead of using the military. Churchill was an avid supporter of Coudenhove-Kalergi and his masonic plan of race mixing Europe, as was Truman in the US. 

Prof. Carroll Quigley (Mentor of Bill Clinton) wrote the book Tragedy and Hope about how democracy is a dictatorship designed to fool voters into thinking changes can be made by voting for one of the two major parties. When in reality there is no difference between the Democratic and Republican party or the Conservative and Labour party. Minor changes to fool the electorate maybe, whilst the major policy never alters. Bush was no different to Clinton just as Blair was no different to Cameron. They all work for the same bosses who installed Lenin, Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill and Truman. 
Iraq, Libya and Syria was just a continuation of the European revolutions including the American Civil War in the Masonic quest for world domination. These wars started with the French Revolution and continue today in the Middle East.

Return of the Bolsheviks

The Subversion of the Roman Catholic Church
Churchill's New World Order traitorous speech

The Mystery of Stalin
The attempted killing of God

The Satanic British Talmudic Empire
Starvation of Germany to sign the Versailles Treaty
The Shriners
The Rhine Valley Occupation

The last Holy War

The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two Part 12

The Irish Revolution

Part 10 The seeds of the Holy War

Part 8 The Luciferian Doctrine explained

The Occult and Freemasonry

Part 6 The Mexican Revolution

Part 5 The Spanish Revolution

Part 4 Return of Their King

* This may not be what you or I believe but it is what the secret societies believe including the Freemasons.

Part 3 Holodomor - Death by Famine

Part 2 The German Revolution


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This documentary shows how since the French Revolution all wars
and revolutions have been connected. World War Two was not an isolated
war but instead continues today in the Middle East for
World Domination sought by the Jews.

Starting with part one ...the Russian Revolution.

We now know that US Bankers via London funded the 
Bolshevik Revolution. Once victorious the Soviet Union 
was theirs. Lenin and later Stalin were in charge
but they followed orders just like the puppets today.

Invasions of bordering countries that followed with the usual
rapes, massacres of the clergy and elite Army officers could
only have took place with the bankers full knowledge. Evidence
of the bankers secretly funding the Spanish revolution via
the Soviet union was also discovered.

Stalin had his reasons for turning at the end of the war and control was only
regained once he had died in 1953.  Stalin was also a Freemason
otherwise he could not have sat in the same room as FDR, Churchill, Truman
and Clement Attlee, discussing secret war plans.