Herr Wolf

The closing soundtrack of the documentary NWO-Communism by the backdoor

Heart of Courage

WW2 Sinking of the French Fleet

Bengal Famine

The Gallipoli Campaign plus the Starvation of German Civilians WW1

part 3

The Churchill Body Count Chapter One The Sinking of the Lusitania
Part 2


Illusion of Victory

Adolf Hitler in his own words

How to Falsify an Adolf Hitler speech to fulfil an agenda

Stalin was A Freemason

I cannot keep repeating myself so I will let the man speak for himself.
Hitler Diaries: Fraud. Hitler Political Testament (Bormann): Fraud. Hitler Table Talk: Fraud.
Table Talk has a lot of content by the own writers, editors, etc. It was manipulated by the editors who translated wrong from German to French changing parts, changing the meaning of the original text (who itself has bias) and adding new things by the translators, specially the Christian criticism parts. The english version was poorly translated from the french version. Never from the original german text. This fact was done on purpose and insisted by the editors, who didn't make this point explicit. This was suspicious and only discovered after many years. A few historians have researched Table Talk and agree that this is a fraud by already known fraudsters. Table Talk is a fraud of book with no credibility.

Table Talks debunked

If anyone persits wasting my time with the fraudulent Table Talks again they will be blocked.

WW2 was the Bible v the Talmud

Bishop Williamson exposes the New World Order

Christian Faith and Principles of the National Socialists

debunking the myths around Adolf Hitler

Belson - British medic who was there

Proof of Masonic Hollywood


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This documentary shows how since the French Revolution all wars
and revolutions have been connected. World War Two was not an isolated
war but instead continues today in the Middle East for
World Domination sought by the Jews.

Starting with part one ...the Russian Revolution.

We now know that US Bankers via London funded the 
Bolshevik Revolution. Once victorious the Soviet Union 
was theirs. Lenin and later Stalin were in charge
but they followed orders just like the puppets today.

Invasions of bordering countries that followed with the usual
rapes, massacres of the clergy and elite Army officers could
only have took place with the bankers full knowledge. Evidence
of the bankers secretly funding the Spanish revolution via
the Soviet union was also discovered.

Stalin had his reasons for turning at the end of the war and control was only
regained once he had died in 1953.  Stalin was also a Freemason
otherwise he could not have sat in the same room as FDR, Churchill, Truman
and Clement Attlee, discussing secret war plans.