The Torture of German soldiers

Japan fights on

Germany is defeated

German POW's in the Soviet Union , Battle of the Bulge

Sources and discoveries when researching the Secret Masonic Victory. All parts including the original trailer is available in my playlists.

Leon Degrelle and the story of the SS.
The Genocide of Germany

Allied war crimes. Operation Gomorrah

The Red Terror.

The Russian Revolution


Christian Europe before it's Masonic takeover.

The Miracle of Fatima

Why the National Socialists thought Jesus was not Jewish.

Betrayal of the Cossacks

Invasion of The Soviet Union
Pearl Harbour - A False Flag

The original trailer

The Invasion of Poland started World War Two but hidden from the world was the massacre of Germans for 6 months previous forcing Hitler to invade. For more evidence see The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two part 19.

Definitive proof of who started World War Two, who was behind "the blank cheque" and the lie is debunked about German minorities "were only massacred after the German invasion of Poland."

The original trailer that shook the internet.

The Versailles Treaty

The forced starvation of the Germans to sign the Treaty of Versailles is revealed in the Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two, Part 14. Under a media blackout 900,000 Germans were starved. Further information on how Versailles was a Masonic celebration see Part 12 The Secret Masonic Victory of World War Two im my playlist.


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This documentary shows how since the French Revolution all wars
and revolutions have been connected. World War Two was not an isolated
war but instead continues today in the Middle East for
World Domination sought by the Jews.

Starting with part one ...the Russian Revolution.

We now know that US Bankers via London funded the 
Bolshevik Revolution. Once victorious the Soviet Union 
was theirs. Lenin and later Stalin were in charge
but they followed orders just like the puppets today.

Invasions of bordering countries that followed with the usual
rapes, massacres of the clergy and elite Army officers could
only have took place with the bankers full knowledge. Evidence
of the bankers secretly funding the Spanish revolution via
the Soviet union was also discovered.

Stalin had his reasons for turning at the end of the war and control was only
regained once he had died in 1953.  Stalin was also a Freemason
otherwise he could not have sat in the same room as FDR, Churchill, Truman
and Clement Attlee, discussing secret war plans.