Virtues of Islam

Treat in between what is taking Euro down we are not far a part of it

The truth behind sciences Gender Matters boy is a boy a girl is a girl speech their natural law what matters for being and accept yourself as who you are as well get real facts to be...

Dr Sax

The Medicine of transgender ideology where it began and conflict truth history and traditional ethics..

Digital conflict threat from the Chinese's communist party

We know in Canada is already taken steps to put stop freedom speech steps already been used it and already been attacking people and already implement used in our practices in govt sensors already been in force by said anything relative with it. In this video explain how it works and how it been getting effect.

The truth about Hollywood the lost of the routes and details treat of humanitarian destiny...

A story wear to hear around Alla Muslim way

The historical truth of Islam
Data of evidence Or Origin of Islam

Bill Warner

Our politics and culture
The cover-up and western civilization truth

Sun warms. Dr Shaviv explain events what is happening event made by

The dirty games of govt whenever they took of wind farms groups contracts tax fairs learn how they operate..
Routes of green of energy..

More the sciences clarity of Graphs
Climate change details with more clearly details

Defend of freedom something takes in mind

Part 2


You hear or watch advertising about Ramada events explain what it means

Part 1


Something what most people don't be aware and people get it by tv channels to celebrate this event but what it means. It's not what it seems...

Part 2

Multiculturalist policies are attempts to fulfil a requirement of modern democracies, particularly in the West: they aim to be inclusive. Yet these democracies are periodically tempted to target minorities, and brand then as second-class citizens. The temptation to do this flows from one of the core requirements of democracy, a strong common political identity. Recently many “Western” democracies (this is not simply a geographic category) have slipped into this negative stance towards religious minorities, in particular Muslims. French (and Quebec) policies of “laïcité” (secularism) provide examples. What drives these? Why the focus on religion? Are the policies which flow from this negative stance counter-productive, even dangerous? These are the questions which this talk addresses. Professor Charles Taylor is one of the most important thinkers of the last half-century and is the recipient of the Templeton Prize, the Kyoto Prize, the John W. Kluge Prize (the Nobel Prize for scholars in the humanities and the social sciences), and the first ever Berggruen prize. A philosopher and public intellectual of enormous range and depth, Taylor has achieved a very large and diverse readership through the huge impact of such books as Sources of the Self (1989), Multiculturalism and the Politics of Recognition (1994), and his magnum opus, A Secular Age (2007), hailed by the New York Times as “a work of stupendous breath and erudition.” Professor Charles Taylor's remarks on secularism and multiculturalism were delivered at the launch of the Institute for Social Justice, a research institute of the Australian Catholic University, in the Utzon Room at the Sydney Opera House, on 28 April 2016.

Some scams still attacking Canada to used resources...

The David Suzuki's anti-human stance is all wrong

The weather is always changing around how real sciences talk about it...

made by John Coleman

energy and resources

The fear we got and the conflict we have to face

Western civilization is something I proved to live it and afraid to lost it.

I stand for freedom fairness respect and responsibility....

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the dangers of an expansive monetary policy.

A prononcé un discours intitulé « Les dangers d’une politique monétaire expansive ».


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