TTG Time Travellers Guide

A look at You Tube censorship.
And a review of a few good channels.
Also meet my new family member= Ibanez
Though guy to get to know
Below links to good channels

I look at the Sahara Desert and it's relation to the Amazon.
The green Sahara.
Ancient history & Archaeology
And the possible location of Atlantis.
Terracotta Army.
Richat Structure

Worlds Population growth
Worlds largest Religions

I visit 3 places on my bucket list and tell you a tiny bit about them
Hawaii, Alaska and Greenland.
I still think it should be white land but... oh yeahaaa don't want people
with white pointy hats flooding them.

HEROES real Heroes.
20th Century heroes

Just a conversation about The world today Media, Emigration, Gun Control
#South African perspective

World War 1 - I Look at the evolution of weapons and Butchers bill

The creation of the Rubik's Cube.
The Magic Cube an Accident.
Erno Rubik

I look at NASA and why they exist.
What lead up to NASA?
Apollo 11 Launch count down
J.F Kennedy Moon Speech

Thanks Gerrit

The Biggest Tank battle in review.
Soviet VS Germany

Moonwalk to now 50 years of not so much!

From the Moonwalk to now.
What have we achieved.
Apollo 11 and Buzz Aldrin or well LightYear

Paul Kruger The Legend
Cutting of your own thumb
October 1825 to 14 July 1904
Hidden treasure
Best of South African History.


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I look at historical events that changed the World. Facts along with some of my opinions.
You decide.