In my first 2 videos (on my TTT Prank Calls YouTube channel) I recorded with a Sennheiser e602 II microphone and then with a Shure SM-57. For this video I have recorded direct-in, but after first running through an MXR bass compressor.

YouTube has demonetized my YouTube channel without giving any specific explanation. I’m pretty certain that it’s because I posted a video making fun of the democrats. YouTube is owned by Google, which is run by leftists. That is why I have moved to BitChute.

Junkyard Willie and Jim Bob discuss coronavirus, hoarding, dooms day prepping, etc.

Political comedy anyone? CNN is reporting that this video has been doctored.
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Trump Exonerated. Senate floor spontaneously bursts into singing Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey-ey, goodbye. The Democrat lynch mob marches right back out of the Senate chamber the way they came in.
NOTE: This video offended the fascists at YouTube and so they demonetized my channel. Now you can only watch this video here on my Bit Chute channel. Please subscribe for the latest banned videos.

Junkyard Willie and Jim Bob discuss Willie's "homie" Kurtis Blow, Willie's product placement in the movie "Life After Republicans, A Mockumentary", interview with iconic voiceover artist Sir Irving Lancaster.


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