Another earlier upload that no longer will play, here it is again.
Her name is Aphrodite, and she rides a crimson shell. Definitely no LSD involved in this masterpiece...

One of my favorite solos. Certainly under-appreciated, but this video gives a close up example of how masterful this solo is.


Uploaded this before, but it will no longer play. This reminds me of my old friend Nick who sang the fuck out of this song.

Complete with Darth Vader.

Not Stevie Winwood!

Over played for sure, but I uploaded this in honor of Robert Bachman who just passed on January 12, 2023. Take good care!

Written based on the typical James Brown rhythm from the 60's era. Off beat 9/8 timing is what makes it stand out. If you tap your foot in typical 4/4 timing, you can see where the one off "9" comes in after the second pass of 4.

Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden


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