Remdesivir, an experimental drug with poor results (kidney failure) in ebola studies along with ventilators (95% death rate) is being mandated as treatments of choice for those in hospital labeled with the fake "COVID" diagnosis. Another name for remdesivir is Veklury which reminds me of valkyrie - Old Norse vair (slain on the battlefield) and Kjósa (to choose) - Odin's daughters would choose those on the battlefield that they would escort into the underworld or to death. Sounds about right.

Part two of the "Ten Truths About the Rapture" Sugarland Bible Church

Dr. Andy Woods discusses the rapture. Ten truths about the rapture in an attempt to answer the "What question" Sugarland Bible Church

Alive against the odds. An HIV positive man (by the meaningless tests) who never took toxic drugs, trusted in God and continued to be healthy. I believe in God and miracles but when these scientists decided to see what miraculous "element" was in his blood, I could only be amazed at the cognitive dissonance. Remember they looked for the miraculous element in the blood of children in the beginning of the COVID scamdemic, as well.

transcript https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/transcripts/2603aids.html

Jesus as God and Man

Survivor of the camps of World War II, Vera Sharav works against medical tyranny.

His secretary's little girl placed a kitty filter on his computer and he didn't know how to remove it. Even though hearings and live streaming are not allowed of court cases, the judge released this clip. The expressions on the faces of the other attorneys are almost as funny as the cat. This went viral last year, but worth another chuckle.

Dr. Melissa Sell reads the second article in this series proving the misunderstanding of viruses and how that is used to create a crisis

A longer version of Galen Winsor demonstrating nuclear materials which has been cut out of the shorter version (worth the watch). I did not realize the other one had been clipped. This is the one I remember watching twenty years or more ago. Again, he did not die of radiation poison but died of a ripe old age. I think his grandson said he developed Parkinson's right before he died, but lots of people do that.

They discuss the hybridization of God's creation as fulfillment of the prophecies regarding the return of Jesus Christ. who will bring in the REAL Great Reset.

Galen Winsor describes his experience with atomic energy and no, he did not die of radiation poison but lived to a ripe old age. It seems we have been lied to about EVERYTHING.

Longer version in which he handles radioactive material https://www.bitchute.com/video/g5FAgaHvGSVa/

Discusses Antiochus Epiphanes in prophecy, foreshadowing the coming antichrist.

Dr. Melissa Sell reads Dr. Lanka's article. Lanka challenged researchers to prove the measles virus causes measles with a reward. Lanka won the case as no paper has been published to prove that a virus causes measles. Of course, since no viral isolation ever took place, we are not surprised. "Fact Checkers" say well, if you take a whole lot of papers, you can assume the virus and causation. Nonsense. Assume virus and it makes an ass out of u and me, as they say.

Before the bioweapon called a vaccine was rolled out, these two locked heads in debate over mandates.

Old Russian vid. Some stories say Edward Khil, the singer, reported that it was a form of censorship evasion as he was singing a song about an American Cowboy riding his mustang across the prairie home to his girl, Mary and conveyed too much freedom. Others say it was just a happy song. At any rate, if this censorship continues we may all be tro-lo-loling

You can't make this stupidity up. Fully vaccinated people who sneeze have COVID while unvaccinated have colds. Loss of taste and smell are also "symptoms" of COVID. Of course, they don't mention that colds often deplete zinc levels and a symptom of that is loss of taste and smell. They have an App that tells them these ordinary cold symptoms are COVID so, hey, it must be true!

Orwell's advice: don't let it happen.

Even if you buy into the fake bat virus fairytale, the pushers of the lie haven't been able to muster enough numbers to prove that children are at risk. No matter. Who needs evidence when you control the propaganda organs of the media?

Journeyman Pictures: ...look again at the (very) big business of medicine. Leemon McHenry, PhD, guides us to the fraudulent core of ghostwritten studies, captured legislators, revolving-door regulatory agencies, pay-to-play medical journals, and the "key opinion leaders" who lend their academic credentials to giant corporations...for a price.

Have you had enough of the Orwellian BS?

In a months long CBS News investigation, state-by-state results of tests for H1N1 found that most cases were negative (even though the PCR test is meaningless to diagnose anyone). Never mind that the NIH raised the alarm about a deadly virus supposedly isolated from pigs (swine). They jabbed people and caused deaths and much neurological damage. The Wall Street Journal's Alicia Mundy and Politico's Fred Barbash spoke with Sharyl Attkisson about these startling findings. "Startling" only if you don't realize what scammers the virologists are.

Have you had enough yet? Clip from Carl Vernon

The fake bat virus is just an excuse to bring in digital currency, the Great Reset, with digital passports to track and trace everyone for complete government control. First the lie was "to protect the old people" and then younger adults, and now the babies. Everyone must be jabbed for the eventual digital tattoos and control of the livestock.

The Corbett Report, mostly banned from YouTube because of Truth Bombs, is an informative report on important matters of the day. James has been exposing this stuff for years.

Economist Stephanie Kelton explains what has been called Modern Monetary Theory. This describes what happens with a sovereign government that prints its own money. To compare a sovereign government with a household is incorrect. However, money "printing" can lead to inflation if not done correctly.

IMO. the "big projects" dreamed up by those in government can be disastrous as they decide, for example, to allocate $25 billion for "testing, testing, testing," and billions to buy off hospitals to kill old people with mandated protocols, buy off workers with CARES relief,and buy off businesses to implement the Bolshie take over. The billionaires made out like bandits in the plandemic, and NO, the 58,000 new IRS agents won't be bothering the billionaires.


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