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I bought a GoPro Hero 12. I"m going scuba diving in The Philippines in March. I figured I'd get a camera for underwater shots. I'm not a Jacques Cousteau wannabe. A clip or two of a pretty girl swimming underwater will do.

I went out today and took a few shots. As I'm editing and getting to know the camera, it's sinking in that a GoPro is an action camera. I don't know if this old fool of a cameraman fits into an action kind of genre anymore.

F*ck it! I'll get good insurance:)

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Today a family trip to Pattaya reminded me to use something that my life in Thailand taught me: patience and tolerance. It got a nice result

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To make this video I returned to Wat (temple) Asokaram where three years ago I made an outrageous decision.

Here's a link to the location of the Wat on Google:

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Set big objectives but keep them reachable. I set obtainable goals and deadlines. With a time set to get it done and a plan of action you can measure your results along to way. Not working? Shift! And state your objective loud and clear.

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"Boldness has genius, power and magic in it" said German philosopher Goethe. In this video I talk about how that has proven to be true for me.

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A colorful Thailand celebrity is back in the news in the Bangkok Post.


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