Crazy Psychology: Prompted by a Tweet from Elon Musk, I began preparing a critique of a 1999 study from Cornell University done by Professors Dunning and Kruger. I discovered a silly, bogus psychological construct misinforming our culture on a large scale. Crazy Psychology!

My companion essay to this video on Quora:

PDF of the 1999 paper published by Professors Dunning and Kruger:'s_Own_Incompetence_Lead_to_Inflated_Self-Assessmentsments.

A video about the Dunning Kruger effect with statistics:

I discovered misplaced video clips of a Hmong Village so I made a short video with them.
Greeny Travels on YouTube:
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A video about what I want to do with my video making in the future.

A video maker, Pete, invited me to do an interview with him in Benjakatti Park in Bangkok. Being in the park prompted a lot of good memories about friends.

A picture of a spooky teen inspired a ghost story. I then had to cancel the haunted skyscraper shoot bc the same teenager got sick. So you are getting synopsis of the ghost story and a travel vlog from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

Shooting spontaneous pictures of people in the street is not a good plan in Bangkok these days, unless you think surgical masks are stylish. In this video, I adapt and shoot a story about me creating a video for my #shorts channel.

Link to the #shorts video with Sai Sai:
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In my last video I explained how BitChute rejected this video because the file was too large. I figured out a way to reduce its density easily. So here ya go, all you anti YouTube types.

Video too big for BitChute. Watch it here:

I spent the past week in North Central Thailand near the Mekong River with my GF's farming family. I learned about a guy, Khun Than, my GF's deceased father, who created quite a legacy.

I discuss the reopening of Thailand with Chef Bing at his pizzeria in Bangkok.
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Out shopping with my cuties and talking about the country verses the city

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A cute model and a good woman.

With Thailand slowly reopening for domestic travel, I took my girls to Jomtien Beach, Pattaya.
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I took my collection of Thai Angels to a movie.

I had to stay in a quarantine hotel for seven days to get back into Thailand. I jokingly predicted quarantine would end when I finished mine. It did.

On Sunday 3 Oct I traveled from NYC to Bangkok ending a three month visit to the States. When I arrived in Bangkok, the contrast to the states was striking.

I'm going back to Thailand soon. In this video I reminisce about my time in The States and ruminate about future creative ideas and Thai models.

This video is a monologue about the administrative requirements one needs to deal with to get into Thailand in September 2021.

The most exciting, rewarding and meaningful period of my life was the twenty years I was part of the New York City Fire Department. Today on the twentieth anniversary of the worst disaster to ever happen in New York City Fire Department, I spent the morning with FDNY friends old and new.

In 1985 I went to work at the world's busiest fire company, Ladder Company 4. This is a story about a fire that changed my life. It wasn't a bad deal for Diane Schmidt either.

In 1985 I arrived at my Hell's Kitchen fire company, Ladder Company 4. I had a lot of history and reputation to live up to.

Should I? Will I?

When I return to New York City, I plan to shoot several new video stories. But I'm currently in the boonies. Taking a cue from my peaceful environment, I'm taking a vacation. I will not be posting new videos until the end of August. See you soon, thanks for watching.


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I'm a wandering story teller. These days there is not much wandering happening. So I am telling stories from Bangkok. Many of my videos have companion essays on Quora as well. Reading is nice too: