Twoinone Talks

not really family friendly

I was expecting it to be much worse, especially Bethesda after their execution on Fallout 76.

Love makes people do weird things that leave me speechless sometimes.

Go help my friend. H really needs the help

You guys should go watch it yourself

She makes something closer to see food

It's old, but I do what I want

For a government representative, you sure are a complete twat

Welcome to the place, I hope you enjoy

For the children

Just taking a nap at your local food market
[note: I'm not denying global warming, I just don't think it's as much of a threat as people think]

I'm scared for this man to talk to me

Magicians are insane these days


So scurry

This was intended for my own personal facebook profile, but shit, might as well upload this bitch on here.


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This is a channel where I talk, yes a commentary channel. I'm a smart ass and lay my opinions down. if you are looking for an intellectual elite you came to the wrong place- if you came for cringe and laughs then you stick around and see if you enjoy.