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Contains content some may find offensive

These sick rhymes just may make you change your mind more than the missionaries. The thought about Jesus being your... brotha... just warms up my heart and soul and it should for you too.

This is an absolute classic. Give this guy are record label.

Video late due to the auto upload failing from YouTube, my apologies for the delay.

TheGamerTronShow is one of the more interesting channels when it comes to interviews. You don't get quite the same quality of out of a human when you can't ask unique questions and get unique answers.

Contains content some may find offensive

I think after watching this I'm linking a full faucet to my fat friends to get some of that good good water. I'll be hydrated and they'll lose weight! A win win!

If you find this works for you, more power to you. Otherwise telling people to dehydrate themselfs can lead to major health risk. Do such acts on your own discretion.

Full video:

Contains content some may find offensive.

Post Upload notes; Since I was just doing this on the sandy hook promise, I have since been informed people did try to prevent the shooter in parkland. I said I cared about her words sice she became a mouthpiece and I didn't hear about the attempts made to prevent the shooter and the FBI's lack of protocols.

The Sandy Hook promise released a new PSA that I have a hard time taking seriously. Though it's not without effort because through the humor I learned a few things. This isn't the first time they caught me off guard and gave me a good laugh.

Except I decided to take what I learned and applied it to a high profile shooting in the last decade and just got myself pissed off in real time. Watch me turn into an absolute lolcow in real time.

A short video featuring short videos I guess. Small time youtube is fun. And quite unique.

Komachichuu, keep doing what you're doing. It's entertaining and humorous. Also don't mind what other people say, people are going to dislike what you do no matter what you do or who you are.

Contains content some may find offensive

Hey guys, don't do this. Just laugh and enjoy when it does happen.

I do not encourage this behavior or condone it. Except I can't pass up a good chuckle or shock when I see one

It's never too hard to find oddities on the internet when the farms are so kind.

Just throwing a few opinions out there to the world in responding to Gamertrons video.

I'm not the best at explaining myself and my reasoning. So I hope I did a good enough job this time.

Wasn't much in the mood for something goofy. So I got a bit more serious.

I had an excuse to use gamer girl in the title, but I decided against it.

#Subverse it's like mass effect but all about the companions.

YouTube Guidelines may end up hurting me in the long run. We will see though.

Civilian dash cams aren't quite as entertaining as cops, but you at least get some road rage in there

Music provided by Monstercat:
F.O.O.L feat. Holly Drummond - Carry On

This was a spicy experiment.

Video games, the cause of everything that is bad in the universe

not really family friendly

I was expecting it to be much worse, especially Bethesda after their execution on Fallout 76.

Love makes people do weird things that leave me speechless sometimes.

Go help my friend. H really needs the help

You guys should go watch it yourself

She makes something closer to see food

It's old, but I do what I want

For a government representative, you sure are a complete twat

Welcome to the place, I hope you enjoy


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This is a channel where I talk, yes a commentary channel.

I'm a smart ass and like to make stupid jokes- prepare for cringe. I talk about my thoughts on video games and news from time to time, but I love to bring to light the oddities of the internet and some of those whom I just find entertainment in. So stick around if you like some white guy talking about random shit.

(note; I'm not an intellectual, nor do I claim to be)