After attacking each other on stage during a show, Dethklok seeks out a therapist to help them get along with each other. The therapist, an ex-musician named John Twinkletits who ultimately killed his bandmates, encourages Dethklok to open up by rewarding them with shiny banana stickers. But when Twinkletits tries to infiltrate and take control of the band, they fire him. He tries to murder them with a pen, but falls through a window into a pit of wolves.

Guest voice: Jeff Loomis of Nevermore

Dethklok experiments with stand-up comedy. Pickles endures severe heckling by the audience. Although they achieve success after some tutelage and learning to "embrace the hate" taught by a crusty old sailor (voiced by Metallica's James Hetfield), Pickles remains severely traumatized the memory of a heckler. Pickles eventually embraces his hate and once again performs standup. He successfully wins the audience's approval by throwing sand and blood on the front row and by firing a rifle wildly.

A documentary on Pickles' pre-Dethklok band Snakes N' Barrels airs, causing renewed interest and prompting the band to reunite. Pickles' commitment to Snakes N' Barrels causes Dethklok to go on a temporary hiatus. The Tribunal plots to permanently erase Pickles' mind with a new superdrug they have created: Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake. The drug works on the other members of Snakes N' Barrels, but Pickles' many years of intense drug-taking has rendered him immune.

A journalist reunites the members of Dethklok with their families, driving the band insane as they must deal with their greedy, annoying, and aggressive relatives. Finally, the parents and siblings decide to make a Dethklok family album, asserting that "there is nothing in this world more brutal and grotesque than raising children."

Dethklok's annual "Employee Conference and Raffle" coincides with the revelation that funds are being embezzled from the band. General Crozier takes advantage of the situation and sends an assassin to infiltrate the ranks of Dethklok's hooded roadies. The assassin fights his way onto the stage during a lottery draw, but trips and falls onto Murderface's diamond encrusted codpiece just before he tries to shoot Dethklok. The "embezzler" ultimately turns out to be the band itself, but they blame it on the assassin, who gets a Viking funeral.

Guest voice: King Diamond of the eponymous band

Songs included: "Briefcase Full of Guts"

Dr. Rockso makes his first appearance.

Dr. Joyce Brothers i think..? i dont fucking know

yeah its got Jim Carey

Many years ago today something grew inside of your mother.
That thing was YOU!






Episode 4

Heres an old Liquid Television classic that becoming harder to find for some reason.

if you thought Banjo was nuts. Batmantis is even better

Guest appearance from Weird Al Yankovich


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