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Short hyperlapse clip of this beautiful countryside in Texas, near Brenham.

Fortunately I left my camera on video because I wouldn't have caught this on film. What a surprise.

Part One, my friend Joan ( ) and I visited Goliad, TX on March 1st. Beautiful day trip to this very historical town. We really enjoyed and were surprised by that gorgeous nature trail near the mission. Thanks for watching

Men and women's doubles tournament was held the next day. The weather was much better, little chilly in the morning but sunny and hardly any wind. Rhoni and I played pretty good considering we both were cramping in the toe. We finished 2nd in the tournament. We lost in the tiebreaker 10-8. We'll try again next year. Excellent dinner party afterwards.

Music and sound effects by Pixabay
This was the last game. Our friends spent Feb in Port A, TX . Lots of fun as always. All together we played 52 games during the one month.

Febr 17 2024, mix doubles tournament.

Fashion Show and Luncheon Feb 8/'24
The theme was favorite TV shows for the party. Our table was M A S H.
4 Boutiques participated ; Island Woman, Jod's, Rhome, C&G
I choose a colorful blue top with white capris to model . Don't miss the end , the balloon didn't pop. Thanks for watching

While the models were getting dressed the ladies were line dancing. Love the costumes. Enjoy. Thanks for watching

At the fashion show , the Price Is Right team put on a show. Super fun event. Stay tuned, more to come...

My friend and tennis partner for the Old-Lympics tournament were practicing this morning. Very chilly and windy, by the time we finished at 9:15 it dropped to 46F. We paired up again for the women doubles next month.

We spent a few days in Mineral Wells, TX on our way down to our winter destination in mid October. The Crazy festival was on that weekend, car show, music and games.

Beautiful garden in Mineral Wells, TX. We were there in mid October 2023.
Music in this video by Warren Hill/ Take-out Dreams
The courthouse is 150 years old. They had a celebration that weekend while we were there.

Nice army COE campground where we like to stay for a few nights.

Very short version of the botanical garden in Ponca City. Enjoy ! Thanks for watching

Beautiful Chautauqua Park in Beatrice, NE.
Music by Ottmar Liebert / Luna Negra

Just south of Sioux Falls, where Beresford is located. I enjoy riding my bike around town, it's very calm, peaceful. Come along for the ride if you feel like it. Thanks for watching.

This was the 6th annual classic car show in downtown Sioux Falls, SD. Big turnout, lots of beautiful cars. Enjoy. On stage was Last Call Rock Band.
Music in this video by Bread/Baby, I'm a Want You

Enjoyed walking around this beautiful Falls Park in Sioux Falls, SD.
Music in this video is Peter White/Desert Night from the Here We Go album
Close to Junction City, KS just off the freeway there's this Freedom Park.

It's near Strong City, Kansas.

Port Aransas, TX . Fun parade again this year. Fast forward to 3 min 50 sec if you don't want to watch the whole thing

This was a very good match. Almost a repeat of last year's final. This time Lorenza teamed up with Jane.

Bike riding, birds watching, ship watching.


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