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Analyzing the google trends for the second debate

I got real lazy with the editing on this one, sorry, I just had a really busy day.

What the fuck was that debate. I knew they were nuts, but this is ridiculous.

They don't call it clown world for nothing I guess, honk honk.

Analyzing the google trends in the day following night one of the Miami democrat debates.

Wanna play a game?

*Saw theme plays*

It took them 4 years, but the leftists have finally come for One Punch Mans token Wakandan, Blackluster.

Talking about the recent developments in the Brazilian corruption investigation known as operation car wash, namely the leaked communications between the lead judge and the lead prosecutor, which has been brought to the forefront by Glenn Greenwald and The Intercept.

Apologies again for the hangover, I'll talk about why it happened in another video later today.

Discussing the first round of democrat primary debates, specifically naming the candidates and what day they will be debating with a bit of analysis.

And no, I didn't need to look up any of the candidates positions or offices, I'm just a junkie. It may not be an impressive talent, but it's mine.

My thoughts on Trumps 2020 kickoff rally.

Very long and a bit boring and in the weeds, tap out whenever, no hard feelings.

General Flynn hires a new legal team, Iran allegedly blows up an oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz, A black man assaults a white baby, Turning Point USA continues to be terrible and Trump supports making flag burning illegal. Oh, and Joe Biden promises if you make him president he will cure cancer.

Flynn hires a new lawyer:

Fox new @ night colonel David Hunt firmly, if clumsily, states no war with Iran, continue to use economic sanctions instead.

Col. David Hunt on Afghanistan:
Col. David Hunt on Syria:
Col. David Hunt on influence in the Middle East:

Black man on laced marijuana throws white baby to the ground:

Turning point USA “Republicans shouldn’t care about illegal immigration” (Video by Red Elephants):

Trump supports Amendment to ban burning of the American flag:

Antonin Scalia on flag burning:

Trudeau to ban single use plastics, panders to the left by saying it will hurt corporations.

Gillibrand “Being against abortion is the same as being a racist”:

Throw battery acid at fascists:

Joe Biden: “I will cure cancer if elected president”:

I recorded this a few days ago when Bitchute was having issues and wasn't able to upload it at the time, so here it is. Includes a rant, which I try not to do, but sometimes consuming the news just gets my blood boiling.

A brief history on the relationship between Trump and Pence. From the primary to the general to the presidency.

Trump passes on endorsing Trump on Fox and Friends:

Mike Pence and Priebus plan to replace Trump after Access Hollywood tape:

Mike Pence endorses Ted Cruz:

Indiana is the Firewall for Ted Cruz:

Talking about Bernie Sanders slow transition from standing up for the working class, mostly blue collar whites, to pandering to wokeness, focusing on his immigration policies and how they will negatively effect the people he claims to represent.

Sorry, the audio was a little rough on this one...

Talking briefly about BPS being banned and then reinstated.

A brave patriot blows the whistle on Pinterest's internal practices of censoring known white supremacists Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens to Project Veritas. In the fallout Pinterest starts purging and Project Veritas gets suspended from Twitter.

A Chinese immigrant prof. goes nuclear on illegals, James Damore's case against Google moves to discovery, Roy Moore looks at running for the senate, Trumps makes mexico his bitch with the power of tariffs and Russia tests the most advanced missile system in the world. What a week.

Talking about the Cyberpunk presentation at E3, spoiler, it was ******* terrible.

As was the rest of Microsofts dumpster fire.

Cyberpunk E3 presentation:

Cyberpunk 2077 uncensored:

(This has taken 6 hours and it still isnt published yet, feelsbadman...)

Joe Biden Flip-Flop-Flips on the Hyde amendment and is immediately castigated by the feminist democrats running for office... who have all voted for the Hyde amendment multiple times.

Also John Delaney states the obvious as he competes to be the moderate Democrats standard bearer.

Ireland votes for EU parliament, in a referendum on divorce and several local elections to be able to directly elect mayors... because they couldnt already do that for some reason.

Neo-cons will never like Trumps methods because they are the awkward kids who got bullied in school.

My kin in the Netherlands go to the polls and disappoint me, while my kin in the UK are somewhat less disappointing.

An update on what I've been doing and what I will be doing with the channel going forward.

Talking about Biden's surge in the polls, whose getting endorsed by who, and how stupid an idea it is to advocate for illegals to get healthcare same as citizens.

The first in a new weekly series I'll be doing on the circus of American politics.

It's a bit rough and a few seconds of audio got cut at the end, but I'll clean that up for next week.

Gillibrand offers 600 "Democracy Dollars" becoming not only Hillary Clinton lite, but also worse Andrew yang... Oh and you have to give that money to the political class as a "donation".

It's totally not a pyramid scheme.


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