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Half of them know they are lying and don't care, and the other half are too dumb to know they are lying and don't care to learn.

Budapest was Hungary for change I guess...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH... I'll see myself out

Been a while since we talked about Hong Kong, Lets check in on the front line in the fight against failure, AKA communism.

Simone Gao interview with Steve Bannon:

The bell has been rung:

Oh god Jim... Why...

I just really needed to talk about what I just witnessed, don't mind me.

Transtastic Tales Episode 1:

I hope it's Warren, I hope it's Warren almost as much as I hope it's Hillary.

Matt's video on Warrens pregnancy lies:

Well that was fun.

Fox 10 Phoenix stream of Minneapolis Trump Rally:

CNN's continued decline makes this clown world seem a little brighter... also you get another lazy video because I wanna go back to bed and focus on not feeling like garbage.

Alex Jones ranting about Brian Stelter is basically how my circulatory system feels when I turn on CNN these days:

A playlist I've made for my coverage of the Epstein sage.

A big week in Epstein news, I recommend watching on 2x speed.

Follow The Frog: 0:00 - 17:30

To Isla Sorna: 17:30 - 24:50

Conclusion: 24:50 - 27:25

Epstein Accuser Holds Wexler Responsible:

Epstein’s Pal Jean-Luc Brunel Quietly Sells Off His Infamous Modeling Biz:

Jeffrey Epstein mysteriously made $200 million with a new start-up after taking a hit from the financial crisis, registering as a sex offender, and losing his biggest client:

For Jeffrey Epstein, one island hideaway wasn’t enough. How he stealthily acquired a second:

Better to put all the lunacy together in one place, for the convenience of the audience of course.

The Vultures are already circling... oh and sorry that you hear me drinking water, I think I'm coming down with something XD

Both big parties are gunning for the Rebel, which makes them the canary in Canada's free speech mine. Also fuck these fascist Pig-frogs... This is why Kermit and Miss Piggy never should have made it acceptable.

Rebel Media footage:

Even natives won't vote for Trudeau, who exactly does he have left?

If Trump and the GOP raise a billion dollars, their victory is almost certain.


A true champion of the people... Fuck those furries tho.

Metokurs Loonicorn Archives:

The Stream Itself:

All the Conservative party has to do is not suck, and they can't even get that right.

Also as much as Ezra can go fuck himself, I'm glad he exists.

Incompetence, Ha, gotcha! ... Seriously though these idiots are going to try and impeach him, and not even over something good.

Still better than some degenerate, shit-hole den of leftism.

Hilarious and boring all at once, now that's an impressive show of diversity. I don't think JFK would have enjoyed it though.

Oi m8, you got a loicense for them tusks.


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