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This German newsreel covers the start of the Auschwitz trials in Kraków which began on November 24, 1947. Interestingly the charges laid against the defendants stated a TOTAL of 300,000 deaths, for ALL nationalities at the camp including Jews. This is a far cry from the initial ludicrous 4 million deaths claimed after the war (and chiselled on the Death plaques at the front of the camp) which was then reluctantly revised downwards dramatically to some 1.3 million after the Death books were released by the Russians in the 90’s contradicting this value. This figure is still grossly exaggerated, based on Red Cross and other records the total number of deaths at Auschwitz was some 135,000. Most of these deaths were due to Typhus with a small number having been executed. The mythical “Homicidal Gas chambers” were actually delousing chambers used to fumigate inmates clothing to kill lice which was the primary vector for spreading Typhus, ironically saving inmates lives.

Graf and his colleague Carlo Mattogno wrote a book “Concentration Camp Majdanek—A Historical and Technical Study” available here: on which this talk is largely based.

Introduction to the book “CONCENTRATION CAMP MAJDANEK” can be read here:

Some key points from his talk includes;

• The pile of shoes shown to this day at Majdanek from allegedly murdered inmates were actually shoes received for repair from the Front at the cobbler’s workshop on field 6,
• The book “Maidanek in alle Ewigkeit” written by the German Jew Josef Burg stated there were no “Execution Gas chambers” at Majdanek. (note this book can be read online here: here: and here:
• On Apr 30th 1942 SS Obergruppenführer Oswald Pohl wrote to Himmler: “The war has brought about a visible change in the structure of the concentration camps and fundamentally altered their tasks as to the employment of the prisoners. Increasing the figure of inmates for security, educational or preventative reasons alone is no longer of paramount importance. The emphasis has shifted to the economic aspect.”
• On Dec 28th, 1942, Richard Glücks, Concentration Camps Inspector stated in a circular sent to all Camp Commanders: “the first camp doctors have to ensure by all means at their disposal that the mortality figures in the individual camps drastically decrease. The camp doctors have to supervise the nourishment of the prisoners more carefully than before and they have to make suggestions for improvement in accordance with the orders of the camp administration. The Reichsfueher SS has ordered the mortality to be lowered at any cost” This is completely at odds with the supposed “Extermination” policy touted by the Holocaust industry.
• As a result of this order overall camp mortalities reduced by 80% after 8 months.
• The Majdanek camp is open and visible from all sides from the surrounding area, a strange location to build a “ secret death camp”,
• The peak number of inmates at Madjanek was never greater than 23,000,
• The alleged victim death count varies widely and are not based on any scientific or historical basis as follows;

o 1.7mill Soviet claim when liberated in July 1944,
o 1.5mill Soviet claim during Nuremburg trial,
o 1.38mill Lucy Davidovich,
o 360,000 Lea Rosch and Eberhard Jaeckel,
o 250,000 Wolfgang stefro,
o 235,000 Official Polish Government (1992),
o 200,000+ West German tribunal (which organised the Dusseldorf trials),
o 125,000 Harom Weis, (Jewish victims only)
o 120,000 Martin Gilbert, (Jewish victims only)
o 50,000 Raoul Hilberg, (Jewish victims only)

• The real victim death count (total for all) based on 8 wartime documents was
o Oct – Dec 1941: 700
o 1942: 1244
o 1943: 22339
o Jan – July 1944: 1900
• The vast majority of inmate deaths were caused by Typhus, TB and Dysentery due to poor hygiene, for example the barracks didn’t have running water until Autumn 1943,
• Documentation shows sick prisoners from other camps who were unable to work were transferred to Majdanek, completely at odds with the alleged National Socialist policy of extermination especially for "useless feeders",
• There are 7 alleged “gas chambers (GC)” at Majdanek;
o GC #7
 was not noticed by the immediate postwar Polish/Soviet commission,
 was “little used” as claimed by the Camp authorities years later i.e. euphemism for saying it was never used and this was no doubt done to maintain the lie that every crematorium has it's own GC,
 has no artificial ventilation system which would have been necessary otherwise the gas would have spread to the neighbouring Morgue and Autopsy rooms,
 has no blue spots evident (Prussian blue staining) characteristic of ZyklonB usage.
o GC’s #5 and #6 are allegedly located in a Barracks but the exact location is not known to this day!,
o GC’s #1, #2, #3 and #4 are located in Barrack 41, which contains the bathing and delousing rooms,
o Soviet journalist Konstantin Simonov's 1944 report only mentions gas pipes and not holes in the ceiling of these GC’s which is at odds with the later Polish/Soviet commission’s findings that ZyklonB was poured down holes in the ceiling,
o GC #1
 is 17.1m2 in area and allegedly used CO gas or ZyklonB ,
 no blue spots are evident which is characteristic of ZyklonB usage,
 the two gas bottles which supposedly supplied the Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas are stamped with CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) which is not a toxic gas,

Due to length limitations in the description field, the above summary continues in the comments section.

Nigel Jackson spoke on his book "The case for David Irving" regarding the ban on David Irving travelling to Australia.

In this live telephone hookup Doug Collins discusses his court case where he was brought up against the H.R.C. by Canadian Jewish Groups due to an article he authored where he calls the movie Schindler's List "Swindler's List".

Alan Dershowitz says you will be forcefully injected with the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine if you refuse to voluntarily take it (for the greater good of world humanity). But will Jews be forced to take it too Alan??

Hans Schmidt formed GANPAC and was arrested in Germany in 1995. He speaks to the Symposium over a live telephone conversation.

The Adelaide Institute ran a 2 day Revisionist Symposium over 7-9 August 1998 titled "The final intellectual adventure of the 20th century".

This was sung during a "We do not Consent" anti Covid restrictions protest on Saturday 26th September 2020 in Trafalgar Square

Not sure when this footage was taken nor where, if anyone has more information please comment below. Apparently Himmler is the one manhandled to the ground.

A short video by the Jew Max Blumenthal ( in conjunction with the infamously anti-Gentile Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC) to attempt to defame the Historian David Irving. Blumenthal attempts to use some of Irving's alleged quotes, often out of context, to paint him as a "denier" and "racist". On the contrary from this clip we learn some little know facts such as that the "Gas chamber" shown to tourists at Auschwitz was built three years after the end of WW2 by the Polish Communist Government which they now freely admit although they try to cover themselves by saying it was built as a "re-creation" of the original! A clear lie refuted by the wartime aerial Photos. Also we learn that the great British Journalist Christopher Hitchens praised Irving and called his detractors as hysterical.

Israel admits it deliberately and deceptively sterilised female Ethiopian Jews via a mandatory “vaccine” over the course of 10 years. In fact Depo-Provera was given every three months which resulted in the birth rate of Ethiopian Jews dropping by 50%.
This shows decisively the racist nature at the heart of Talmudic Jews who run Israel. These Ethiopians were Jews, recognised as Jews by the Rabbinate but despite this because they were ethnically black they were seen as undesirable due to the stereotypes of Black immigrants. Jews often use the derogatory term “Schwartzer”, Yiddish for Black, to refer to Africans. Israel claims to be a safe haven for all Jews around the world but in reality they have an ethnic requirement in addition to being a Jew.

Further information on the treatment of Ethiopian Jews can be seen in the below YT videos:
Israel's New Racism: The Persecution of African Migrants in the Holy Land
Israel Pays a Bounty of $5,000 and Arms for Each African Asylum Seeker Expelled

This documentary describes a largely unknown post WW2 event where Jewish terrorists made a serious attempt to Genocide millions of German civilians. It provides insight into the Jewish Talmudic psyche of hate, revenge and genocide which is unknown to the general public due to the media’s false portrayal of Jews as a people who are largely passive, non-aggressive and highly virtuous compared to non-Jews.

This terrorist group headed by Abba Kovner was called Nakam ( and initially drove kidnapped soldiers out to remote forest areas to be executed and buried. Not satisfied with this slow and low level number of deaths Kovner thought up “Plan A” to poison the water supplies of Nuremberg, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich to kill millions of civilians. Chaim Weizmann, chemist and later to become 1st president of Israel, even helped in this attempted genocide by supplying the poison to Nakam from his institute in Tel Aviv.

The narration is somewhat disingenuous by repeating the symbolic "6 million" figure since this number only really came into wide scale public consciousness at least a decade after the war. Mentioning the 6 million figure was likely used to insinuate that “Plan A” was purely an “eye for an eye” type of revenge act and hence was possibly justified or at the very least understandable. In reality “Plan A” was designed to simply kill as many German civilians as possible with the limited resources they had at their disposal and wouldn't have stopped at 6 million if they had the capability of achieving a greater death count.

Although ultimately unsuccessful it’s poignant to remember this Jewish mentality in today’s world in light of seemingly ongoing crises. The general public are continuously made aware of the dangers of Islamic extremism yet Jewish extremism is just as dangerous if not more so due to it being covert (remember Mossad's credo: "By stealth thou shall do war"), hidden and "sophisticated". Look at 9/11 and the USS Liberty as just two examples.


David Brockschmidt's parents, Heinrich and Herta Brockschmidt were declared "Righteous Gentiles" by Yad Vashem in 1975 (see: His father operated trucks to transport workers to and from Oscar Schindler's factories. Brockschmicht discusses Steven Spielberg's propaganda film "Schindlers List" and its lies and historical inaccuracies.

In January 2010 a senior Hamas leader was murdered by a team of Israeli Mossad agents who travelled on stolen Australian Passports.The then Australian Prime minister, Kevin Rudd (who happens to be married to a Jewess, Thérèse Rein), feigned "grave concern" and "distress" about it but as expected no action was taken and the issue quickly died down. It was soon back to the usual kowtowing and grovelling to Israel.

Now switch the sides and imagine Iranian Revolutionary Guards used stolen passports to travel overseas to kill an Israeli agent, do i need to state what would have happened in this case?

See this page for more details:

In the lead up to the Iraq War 1 Australian Prime Minister John Howard and Canadian opposition leader Stephen Harper read a speech in parliament that is essentially the same pushing for their countries to join the US Coalition.

Ron Rosenblat admits he lied about his claims when he was in a camp but still believes in it! In other words it's true in his mind even though it's factually incorrect. This is an excellent example of how so called Holocaust survivors embellish, exaggerate or outright lie about their experience during the war no doubt made all the easier by having watching hundreds of Hollywood Holocaust movies that put ideas in their heads as to what could have happened to them. It's summed up best by the bizarre statement from Ellie Wiesel: "some things happened but aren't true, others didn't but are"!


Tireless revisionist historian Robert Faurisson spent decades exposing the Holocaust lie and in return has been legally persecuted, fined and assaulted in his homeland of France. RIP Robert, your work continues, we stand on the shoulders of giants.


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