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To be an affiliate of the directory of 5 star florists, we begin with your business name! When you are ready to open your own business, please contact me by text, email, cell phone...Why wait? You have the ability to run a small business and lead a wonderful life.

To be listed in the directory requires you to run your business like a professional and be like minded with the lessons that I provide.

Just like you may be excited to open your own business, I am excited to watch the 5 star directory grow. The only difference in our beginnings is that I have already built a massive database so my business is more on auto pilot. Being on auto pilot, I still market and ALWAYS put out an excellent product.

JUST NOW, AT 3:47pm I received a call from a repeat customer. He purchase 3 dozen red roses at a total cost of $270.00. It was stunning. You can see a picture of this photo on my facebook page: Dial A Rose USA.

The bouquet left at 4:35pm. It was pristine. It was so fun to make.

The most organized wins!! The call came in and I hopped like a bunny.
Prince Michael helped with the paper work and was able to leave promptly.

I am grateful for you. Here is my contact information:

[email protected]
561-776-8630 call or text.

It is my privilege to work with flowers. It is an honor to serve God in this way.
So, basically, this is a reality show. Each day when I wake up, I say: Thank you
Father for my life.

So thereafter, I go to my altar and break the bread in remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ.

My routine is simple. Through out the day I praise and worship and sell flowers.

Each bouquet order is a blessing. I am motivated by the love of my brothers and sisters. I cannot wait to make my next bouquet.

GET STARTED on your own venture. In some way, some how begin.

When I began I had $500 that was gifted to me by my parents. Oh yeah,
and a credit card. Credit cards are a big huge monster mistake.

I suggest only ONE credit card for operational.

Opening your own business, no matter the product, is a personal journey. Reliance upon our heavenly Father will make things much more wonderful. He hears every word out of our mouth. Prayer without ceasing is the big huge secret...NOT REALLY, it is written in the manual = BIBLE repeatedly.

Spiritual strength will get you through.

The mistakes of others inflicted upon you is a huge obstacle and that is why I have been told to WALK ALONE, and I recommend it to you.

We are the Timothians. We honor God through selling flowers.

START YOUR HOMEBASED FLOWER SHOP TODAY!! It is a privilege to sell flowers. Everyday I live in peace and joy. Let me show you how I am doing it. My lessons are my reality and I want you to learn from me.

You do not need to make any mistakes, I have done that for you. Listen to your gut, your heart, your holy spirit. If you LOVE flowers, then sell flowers from home and be comfortable.

Having spiritual strength gives you the advantage so to be an affiliate listed on my website of 5 star florists, we together, all of us, want to be the best. We want all of the sales. We want all the money.

STOP WASTING TIME. Do not be afraid. God is with those who follow my lead. This entire business is a prayer and dedication to St. Mary, the Queen of Roses in Heaven. Set up your altar! Show your love for the Mother of our Lord.

Like our Father in Heaven, I have standards and values.

If you are interested in starting your flower shop, I will give you all the knowledge that you need to begin. NO CHARGE EVER. WATCH AWAY. ENJOY. LEARN.

If you want to be an affiliate and have 24/7 support by email, text, phone call, supplier lists, business card assistance and graphics, local and state license assistance and on and on and is $19.84 per month. You will be listed on my site when you are ready to start selling AND YOU ARE READY TODAY.

There are suppliers all around you. The money is in delivery. Do you have a cell phone?, a car?, a pen and paper?, then you can do the rest.

I do not recommend anyone go into business without breaking the bread every single day. YOU NEED SPIRITUAL STRENGTH. Running your own business puts a target on your back and you will need the armor of God covering your body.

Having the armor of God, you will repel the demons that are surrounding us. TEACH YOUR CHILDREN MY LESSONS. LET THEM WATCH!! They will learn.

So how much longer? Start your business today! But before you begin, make sure you acknowledge Our Lord Jesus by breaking the bread every day.

Got Lyrics?? Let me know.

Owning a business takes focus, consistency, persistency, spiritual strength,
physical strength and more. Is this impossible? We can do all things through
Christ who strengthens us.

You can open a business and be an Atheist but cannot be an affiliate of mine.
My standards and values are part of my FloristaSchool and flower shop website.

Of course, we want the best on the website and this will take time but learn
and continue learning. If you have different values and standards then me
regarding the Holy Temple of the Most High, it does not stop you from
learning my teachings and applying them to your life.

God hears and sees all and I want to do His will as instructed to me.

We are the Timothians, we honor God and follow Jesus Christ.

Laziness and drunkenness are not celebrated in the manual that was
given to us by the Most High.

Negative attributes are not the best quality ingredients for a lasting legacy.

There is a time and place for everything but nothing improper
before God. Mistakes happen and that is why we pray without
ceasing. Prayer without ceasing will help us make the best decisions.

MANTRA: Father, correct my ways.

Begin today, be sure and Break The Bread every single day. If you are watching
my videos, you may learn a thing or two and that is what I want.

Avoid the pitfalls of improper living. The tv is conditioning your mind into
an ungodly lifestyle. Turn it off. Save your soul.

Hello Cherubs,
We serve God Almighty through selling flowers. He loves His handmaidens!

Recently I dedicated my business to St. Mary. She is the Queen of Roses in heaven.
She is my spiritual mother.

You will learn a lot about managing a flower shop from the comfort of your home, by watching these videos. Also I give great advice and ask that you allow Jesus Christ into your home by breaking the bread, every single day.

Should you decide to become an affiliate, just like you, I have standards and values. It is important to the world that we as a team of dedicated Cupids, reflect Jesus Christ and follow Him with our heart, mind and soul.

God created us and as Timothians, we honor God and praise Him for His greatness, without ceasing.

Maybe you have noticed that Lesson 8 is missing from the queue, there are hidden videos that I will talk about from time to time. These hidden videos have recorded conversations between me and WellsFargo and me and Code Enforcement.

Do not be fooled, you can run a business from your home. Please be mindful to stay away from your neighbors. A pleasant "hello" and "have a nice day" but nothing else. In the dictionary there are definitions. Neighbors have a different definition than friends than siblings than parents. It is vital you walk alone during your journey and be careful with who you hang out with. Crazy is contagious.

I am here to teach you on various levels. This is a spiritual journey and joining the affiliation or just learning about the deeper meaning of flowers will help you make better decisions in life.

Selling roses is better than selling your soul on LonelyFans. Do not cheapen yourself or make foolish mistakes with your Holy Temple. Remember, we are the Temple of the Living God. In order for God to work through us we need to connect to His glory. He hears every single word out of your mouth, make it a constant joyful claim. He will direct your path.

Hello beautiful cherubs!

Is it time to start selling flowers?? Work for our Father in heaven. Worship Him who sees all. We are the Timothians and honor God through flowers.

Florists and future florists,
Welcome to the Holy Order of the Timothians.

The Greek name Timothy means honoring God.

St. Timothy, through Apostle St. Paul, became a Christian at about age 16.

Start your work for God and His holy kingdom, young; NOW.

St. Timothy is our example that we can do ALLLLLL things through
Christ who strengthens us.

May the strength of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ inspire you to
follow Him and serve Our Father who sees all, through flowers.

We want our voices heard in heaven. God loves the rose. St. Mary
is the Queen of Roses in heaven. Our Father crowns the mother of our
Lord Jesus with roses. His favorite flower is the red rose, the symbol of love.

Are you ready to commit your life to Christ and straighten your path to heaven?
Break the Bread every single day and you will.

NAME YOUR FLOWER SHOP: Keep it very simple; Flowers by________________.

I am excited to direct you into a life of paradise selling flowers from your home.
Any questions, please contact me: [email protected]

Have a rosy day! You know I will...

Take the plunge and open your business while you are young and strong.
Be mindful of your relationship with our Father in heaven, who sees all.
Break the Bread . net every day for spiritual strength and focus, focus, focus.

You can always send me questions so I can help you. My concepts are
universal and can be applied to your future or current business.

You can email me at [email protected]

My business goal is to have a Dial A Rose service in every zip code. I am constantly being ask where people can find my service in various zip codes. My reply is always the same: SOON!!

Be your own boss. Get organized and go for it.


It is all a matter of determination coupled with a powerful spirit.

Watch out for the distractions. Be firm in your commitment and do not let anyone tell you that you cannot do it because many will.

When I began my rosy journey I was 22 and green as a leaf. When I began I just thought...ok, I will sell roses. I never gave it a second thought. Never ever did I think for a moment that I could not sell roses but everyone else seemed to think so. Not that I asked for anyone's opinion but opinions of my journey were myriad.

Listen to your gut instinct. If it does not feel right, don't do it. Friends are often times a distraction and many times no one will want to see you rise above them so here is my main conclusion, life style and best advice to any novice:


When we walk alone we avoid most all obstacles. If we walk alone we will not be in the company of those who are green with envy. Jealousy of your potential success is the MAIN PROBLEM you will have. Jealous persons can do massive damage to your life. It is not worth having anyone in your life that is planning and plotting how to stop your rise. WALK ALONE and avoid the pitfalls. Have a straight climb of the ladder and let me guide you with advice. I am available 7 days 7am to 7pm.

Florista School is a non secular business start-up education
specializing in flowers with a focus on marketing.

Visit to reserve your zip code.
Quiz 7 answers email to: [email protected]

Florista School is a non secular business start-up education specializing
in flowers with a focus on marketing.
Quiz 6. Please email your answers to [email protected]

5 STAR FLORIST SIGN UP: Reserve your zip code NOW.

Florista School is a non secular business start-up education specializing
in flowers with a focus on marketing.
Quiz 5. Please email your answers to [email protected]

5 STAR FLORIST SIGN UP: Reserve your zip code NOW.

Florista School is a non secular business start-up education specializing
in flowers with a focus on marketing.


Florista School is a non secular business start-up education specializing
in flowers with a focus on marketing.
Quiz 3 answers please email to: [email protected]

Florista School is a non secular business start-up education specializing
in flowers with a focus on marketing.
Quiz 2 answers please email to: [email protected]

Florista School is a non secular business start-up education specializing
in flowers and focusing on marketing.
Quiz 1 [email protected]

Florista School is a non secular business start-up education specializing in flowers.


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