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'Live Streamer Mustang Medic - A live look at DC'

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Mustang Medic is not me, I do not own this video and did not create this. I am keeping this copy here just in case the YouTube one is deleted.

I first saw this video at Rumble, DUTCHDIGGERNEWS007 Published January 26, 2021, where the whole channel was for some reason removed a few minutes after I'd watched the video:

This copy comes from the YouTube channel NETWORKINGUNITED that posted it after the Rumble channel did. Mustang Medic himself seems to not have this video on his own YouTube channel, for some reason or other.


The reason I used the title ['Mass arrest at the capitol'], is this was intended to simply be a backup copy after the one I saw at Rumble was deleted immediately after I saw it, along with the whole channel. Wondering if this was being 'removed from the web,' I thought the video was interesting enough to keep, and obviously the deletion at Rumble made it look no less odd. :) The title at Rumble was exactly what I have given in quotation marks ['Mass arrest at the capitol'].

I never posted the link to this anywhere, and I have no actual channel and had 57 followers (even that a high number all things considered.) The fact that this video now has more views than either the copy on YT which is where I downloaded this, or what I have later learned is the apparent original at Facebook – and that during three days – is pretty far from what I expected. :) Anyway, in case this somehow 'going viral' is about the name, I will edit the title from that of the Rumble one I first thought was the original, and to that of what I now know or think I know is the original at The Kraken Institute on Facebook.

–January 31, 2021

Covidfilmen 2020 - Historien om hvordan tall og ord lammet en hel verden.

Denne filmen inneholder ingen egne påstander. Den inneholder bare informasjon med referanser. Referansene som er brukt i filmen følger vedlagt: [Arkivert:]

Kary Mullis, oppfinneren av PCR-testen døde i 2019.

[Denne videoen er ikke min eiendom men kopiert fra YouTube i tilfelle den blir slettet derfra]

I tried adding an intro 'vignette' and just a hint of background music to this wonderful and important talk. Also cut out the last few seconds where she says she is 'officially back,' considering she sadly disappeared from YouTube after this video.

Lecture remains the property of Lauren Rose.


DIY budget glam rock riff. Hydrogen drum program, Anvil MIDI program, me playing a little guitar, and then trying my best at mixing it together in SoundBridge.

For your consideration. (Uploading this here, because I see the video is being deleted from YouTube. I have no connection with those who created and own this video.)



Yes, it is fake. Obviously AOC would never hold up a sign saying 'GLASNOST' :-)

Singer: SAM

From the kitchen table of Ulf Ayirtahsk Berg comes a devastating punk cover that will nicely complement your Sunday afternoon tea. Recorded at the armchair 2019.

Peaceful summer garden 2019

Trying out this Arduino device that I just received in the mail.


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This channel has some random little videos recordings like my using my phone to film a tree, or perhaps a video with audio of my trying to play guitar, and with just some background image, but also the occasional video from somewhere else that I may want to secure an online copy of either because there isn't a good instance of it elsewhere or because I maybe want to make sure there's still an online copy in the future.

Other than trees and trying to play guitar..., my focus here is the reality that there exist humans who are simply opposed to the natural society, and who sit around making up 'better alternatives' that they create and then implement or rather try to impose by trickery and sneakyness. I am an individualist, that is to say I treasure the integrity of the individual, and a familyist, a sexist, nationist and racist, meaning I consider that all the corresponding social levels or groups are precious and valuable.