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Joe Biden's hometown of Scranton PA was not exactly welcoming.

It Works for the Democrats, It Should Work for Me. Woman Takes Uncle’s Corpse to Try to Get a Loan in His Name at a Bank.

Biden tells a story about his grandfather being "shot down in an area where there were a lot of cannibals...

Biden's migrants at NYC city council whine about free food and housing “The food is no good at all. You give us two months to stay at the shelter and then you have to go out again with your luggage and your kids and find another place. It’s very difficult.”

Hundreds of Biden's Build Back Better Migrants Descend Upon New York City. The Invaders Arrive via Charter Plane in Pennsylvania, Dodging NYC Mayor's Order By Navigating a Secret Route Through NJ to Reach New York City. Some Migrants that Arrived Tonight Display Gang Tattoos and Ankle Monitors.

Massive Brawl Involving Nearly 50 Teens in Gun Control Paradise California, Resulting in One Fatality.

New kinds of open borders synthesized narcotics are hitting the street in USA. This recreation drug turning people into real life walking dead zombies.

In Ghetto Culture fighting white supremacy will not stop ghetto black men from attacking women and children.

Venezuelan Illegal tries to rob bank in Sandusky, Ohio. Doesn't speak English so he used a Translate App to try to rob the bank. SANDUSKY — A Venezuelan man is in custody after allegedly using a translation application in an attempt to rob a Sandusky bank.Yeixon Brito-Gonzalez, 20, is facing charges of attempted robbery, a fourth-degree felony; attempted theft and criminal trespassing, both misdemeanors. Just before 11:30 a.m. on April 4, officers were called to a West Perkins Avenue bank for the report of a suspicious man loitering, according to a Sandusky police report. While en route to the bank, officers received additional information that Brito-Gonzalez, who only spoke Spanish, was asking tellers to put money in a white trash bag, the report states. Brito-Gonzalez departed the bank before officers arrived. In speaking with bank personnel, officers learned that Brito-Gonzalez had attempted to get behind the bank counter and then sat in a chair. He purportedly showed a teller his phone several times with messages translated into English from Spanish. The messages directed the teller to get money and place it in a white trash bag Briton-Gonzalez had with him. Officers later located Brito-Gonzalez in the 1300 block of E. Parish St. They learned he only spoke Spanish so they called in an officer who is fluent in that language, the report states. It was discovered that he had a white trash bag in his possession. He also voluntarily showed officers his phone, and they found a translation application on it, according to Sandusky police Chief Jared Oliver. Brito-Gonzalez was arrested based upon statements he made as well as witness statements, however officers were unable to positively identify him at the time due to his not having any identification documents. He was ordered held at Erie County Jail under a no-bond order. Officers were later able to identify him through the use of an FBI fingerprint database, Oliver said. As of late Friday, Brito-Gonzalez is still incarcerated in Erie County Jail under a no-bond order. In addition to his charges from the attempted robbery, U.S. Border Patrol is actively involved in this case as well.

Show Me The Money California Reparations Legislation Sen. Jud. Comm. SB 1403

After Demanding Mob Confront Trump Officials in Restaurants – Mad Maxine Waters Whines After She’s Confronted in Restaurant, Plays Race Card.
Remember when Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters (CA) riled up a leftist mob and told them to harass members of Trump’s Cabinet in restaurants?
Maxine Waters encouraged violence against Trump supporters and members of Trump’s Cabinet.“If you see anybody from [Trump’s] Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere!” Maxine Waters shouted to a rabid Los Angeles mob in June 2018.

David Hogg gets educated by Chinese Immigrant. Never. Never Ever. Give up your guns.

A group of Berkeley law students accepted an invitation to dine at the private home of dean Erwin Chemerinsky and his wife, a law professor, then disrupted the event and refused to leave. Bizarrely, this student claims her conduct is protected by the 1st Amendment. Activists are attacking the dean and professor as "white supremacist" and "Zionist

O.J. Simpson, whose rise and fall from American football hero to accused murderer to prison inmate fueled a rancorous public drama that obsessed the nation and spawned debates over race, wealth, justice and retribution, has died of cancer, according to a family member’s statement on X.
It was not immediately clear where Simpson died, but his family said he was surrounded by his children and grandchildren when he died Wednesday. He was 76. Simpson was once the country’s most admired athlete, a formidable running back who broke records with grace and determination. He became a crossover star, lending his handsome face and affable personality to the slapstick “Naked Gun” movies and classic television commercials for Hertz.

Whoopi Goldberg said Republicans want to bring back slavery. Other than being a rotten human being & itching to foment violence, what's the value of dumb commentary like this? The Radical Left will always ascribe the worst intentions to people they disagree with politically.

Chicago Police Fire Nearly 100 Bullets at Suspect During Traffic Stop, Killing Him – Corporate Media Rushes to Smear Cops, but Evidence Reveals a Different Story.....

November 5th will be the most important day in the HISTORY of our COUNTRY!

Joe Biden’s Education Secretary Miguel Cardona can’t define what a woman is.

Being homeless can be extremely scary and dangerous. For example: Young girls who are homeless are more likely to be victims of crime and sexual abuse.

At a rally in Rome, Georgia Donald Trump told the audience that 'Putin talking nuclear because Biden is an idiot'.

Video footage has emerged showing the moment a Colorado woman who assisted children with disabilities brutally assaulted a special needs child while he was strapped into a harness on a bus. Even worse, the suspect has already been released from prison on bond.

Trump's language echoes that Hitler used to describe his enemies, but there may have been some question about whether Trump knew he was using the same words Hitler used to justify his murderous and genocidal rule of Nazi Germany.

Author Jenifer Lewis "Black people don't want to fight you, all we want to do is feed our children and be equal."

USAF Senior Airman Lance Castle, after refusing the bioweapon Covid-19 Jab. This man was dubbed an “insider threat,” given 60 days of confinement and sent to a court martial to stand trial on 5 UCMJ Charges.
There needs to be an immediate congressional investigated on the entire Mission Support Group Command at Cannon AFB, New Mexico in regards to the unlawful actions taken towards SrA Castle! @CannonAFB_

Remember when we were told that electing Donald Trump would lead to World War III and that electing Joe Biden would be a "return to normalcy" since the adults would be back in charge? How's that working out especially in the light of Biden's puppet masters bringing us to the brink of WW III due to involving us in the incredibly AVOIDABLE Ukraine War? And even though they walked us into the entirely unnecessary Ukraine war they were mercifully given an out when a few weeks into the war Ukraine and Russia agreed to a peace deal contingent on Ukraine agreeing not to join NATO. Unfortunately the sheer stupidity of Biden's puppet masters was so massive that they actually sent Boris Johnson to Ukraine to KILL that peace agreement. And now that the proxy war against Russia via Ukraine is winding down after many thousands of Ukrainians dead and the destruction of that country, the Biden puppet masters are now attempting to make things even WORSE by pathetic Antony Blinken insisting that Ukraine WILL join NATO. Why? To aggravate a thermonuclear power who is not even our biggest threat like Communist China?
It is all so monstrously STUPID that one suspects that Biden's puppet masters are doing this on purpose. Why? Because they are so steeped in terminal TDS that they can't do anything (such as ending the Ukraine war) that would prove Donald Trump right. And the greatly increased risk of a thermonuclear war that would end all life on earth? For them it is a good tradeoff since they are so mentally deranged that a world with no life is preferable to a return of Trump to the White House. Yeah, they are that SICK!


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