More space madness from NASA

1 - can't believe i seen a UFO , 2 - fireworks UFO Sweden , 3 - Reutlingen Germany

Not much is known about this video , its a mystery . Some say its from 2017....

Both sightings from Ticino Switzerland 2010 , and 2017

As dawn breaks red glowing UFOs emerge . Or is it one UFO ?

Excited Russian films UFO giving anti - gravity display

These UFOs look like they are in two places at once as they show off their dematerialize/materialize skills

1 - Rostov Russia , 2 - Russia , 3 - Newport Beach California

Sleigh and reindeer shaped craft with twinkling lights over Saratov Russia

More invading lunatics

Would you want to be abducted by this super strange UFO , forged in a dimension of pure chaos ? I'm saying this is a real UFO not CGI , some wont agree

Watch this huge triangular structure do a 180 degree turn over popular American restaurant . Not sure which Arbys this is , could it be the famous Alien friendly Arbys in Roswell ?

Over 6 minutes of UFO ORB excellence . Lots of movement , also they touch one another and flash off in unison - not drones

Some recent entertaining UFO sightings

A definite UFO , it is silent and moving and not the sun - its night time . It was seen just before the Haitian earthquake . Is this a warning or something more sinister ? Do they have prior knowledge of the impending disaster and are leaving for personal safety ?

Are these craft designed in another dimension - a dimension of chaos ?

A statement from the government ? No thanks , we have video proof

Is this the year the human race breaks free from the grip of the dark side ?

Man chases playful ORB with laser pointer

Out of this world UFO action

Want real UFOs ? This station

More Invaders of the real kind on station UFO INVASION

More UFO action from around our increasingly mysterious world

ORBs use Russian airspace as their playground

Invasion over Surry New Westminster British Columbia . Music - Day Of The Triffids by Ron Goodman


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