After recovering metal fragments from a massive, dome-shaped object buried in the Mesa on Skinwalker Ranch, the team conducts a scientific test that reveals shocking results.

As the team drills into the solid rock Mesa on Skinwalker Ranch, they discover a mysterious void containing an impenetrable object that causes one of the most dangerous and threatening happenings they've experienced so far.

While uncovering evidence of a massive underground cave system said to exist beneath the mesa, the team also broadcasts a strange signal recorded on the property over the airwaves of a local radio station.

Former NIDS employee and retired Army Col. John Alexander visits the ranch; after the Skinwalker team repeat an experiment that he indicates may have opened a portal, they receive a mysterious signal that appears to be an attempt to communicate.

When the team works with a group of astronomy experts to conduct a telescope and rocket experiment at the Triangle Area on Skinwalker Ranch, they have their most incredible UAP encounter yet.

As the team conducts a new aerial experiment over the Triangle Area above Skinwalker Ranch, they find shocking new evidence that the radiation and UAP phenomena they keep detecting may be connected to something deep inside the mesa.

The team invites former members of the U.S. military connected to the infamous "Tic Tac" UAP encounter, and are stunned when they stimulate very similar phenomena to appear above Skinwalker Ranch.

As the team returns for their third year to investigate the high strangeness of Skinwalker Ranch, they find new evidence of a mysterious anomaly in the sky that may be connected to something deep within the Mesa.


Evidence is mounting by the day, which shows that every make of COVID-19 jab contains graphene oxide and carbon nanotubes. In today's show we present evidence from many independent studies, produced in several different countries, which have carefully examined the contents of the so called vaccines. From this evidence we are confident that the main purpose of recent jabs is not a vaccine. In the show we explain several of the major developments within intra body nano technology, and describe the characteristics of various components that are now in use or have been developed, which could be put inside jabs.

Evidence for the presence of graphene oxide and carbon nanotubes in most of the jabs is very strong.

We cannot say whether nano technologies such as quantum automata, nano antennas or self assembly are present, because the visual evidence that has been suggested by various groups so far, could be explained as salt crystals, however we don't rule out the possibility.

It's important to know about these developments in nano technology, because it is possible to put them inside jabs covertly.

We know that carbon nano tubes can be used for brain modulation, but it is unclear how this could be achieved with the evidence we have seen so far.

More forensic analysis of vaccine vial contents is needed to determine the true function of the jabs.

There is enough evidence here to present to police forces, so that the vaccine centres can be closed down and quarantined, and the perpetrators arrested and sentenced.

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Anyone who is awake enough to realise that the so called 'pandemic' is just a scam with ulterior motives, by now will also have worked out what the likely motives are. Much tighter control of the human race, the introduction of a technocractic monetary system, human enslavement and an as yet unknown amount of injury and genocide. But where does the real power lie? Where is the focal point of this agenda? Is it even on the planet? In today's show we discuss the probable motives about why the mainstream media has shifted its position on the UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) issue. This includes detailed statement analysis of a prominent 'UFO whistleblower', which concludes he is comprehensively deceptive. We also discuss the possible reasons for the flood of mainstream mis-information about UFOs, and how this relates to todays fear based agenda, which is being thrust onto humanity.
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NOTE : New research is continuing to come out at this time about what is inside the COVD vaccines. Continuing our reports into the global covid scam, characterised as a despicable attack on the human race. The 'vaccination' programme has now been in place for almost a year and we are starting to get a picture of the immense damage and death it is causing. Examination of the contents of the injections by numerous independent scientific groups has revealed that graphene oxide is inside many of the 'vaccines'. What could this mean? Also, a fundamental change to the monetary system is now being championed, the consequences of which if implemented the way they want, will mark the end of human freedom. Wake up and get active. We are in a very important time period for mankind and must recognise the assault on our freedom and take action to oppose all the changes being proposed by unelected global forces.

Note : Information has come to light to suggest that he information regarding the Slovenian nurse was not entirely true. She retired some years ago and did not say that some vaccines deliberately cause cancer.
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Was the prime short term motive for the Scamdemic (fake pandemic) a fiscal measure, to do with the restructuring of the global economy? In part two I present the findings of two separate scientific groups that have analysed the contents of COVID-19 vaccines and found what looks like nano technology. Can anyone help with further analysis of these damaging vaccines?
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What chance does an individual have of changing the almost invisible regime which is currently destroying our lives and freedoms? We try always to enlighten people and wake them up to the truth, so that the knowledge might push back the decisions of authority who are trying to put shackles on humanity. What chance do we have? Instead of attacking the system with words, how about abstaining from the system which seeks to control you? Reduce your dependence on the system, making you less of a slave to their rules. By turning our backs on the government and corporate systems, and by developing new disconnected lives, could this provide a far more fruitful form of protest than using our voices, keyboards and placards? Why would you want to be part of a system ran by criminals?
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As members of the team investigate the Triangle area nearly a mile above the ranch in Brandon's helicopter, they are shadowed by an invisible entity.

Re-uploaded when I realised I put the 3 parts in the wrong order -
In today's show Richard presents official data which proves that there was no pandemic in 2020. Even the very existence of a Sars Cov 2 virus is disputed by some scientists, such as Dr Stefan Lanka who is actually credited with discovering a virus himself. The Covid vaccination programme is now well under way and figures are now available on how much damage these vaccines are causing. But how much of the damage is merely accidental or 'side effects', and could the early 'vaccine damage' statistics give us clues as to what the future damage effects might be. Some scientists are claiming that the spike protein which the vaccine produces inside your cells, is in fact what is called a 'prion protein'. We've heard about prions before on Richaplanet, in relation to the animal mutilation phenomenon. Could there be a link ? Richard explores a possible link.
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As the team launches high-tech rockets into the mile-high zone above the Triangle, unidentified aerial phenomena suddenly appear.

When the team uses high-powered Tesla Coils to shoot electricity into the oddly conductive soil of Skinwalker Ranch, they stimulate what may be their most otherworldly encounter so far.

While conducting a drilling operation at the Triangle Area, the team not only detects dangerous energy spikes, but also discovers something that may have come from outer space.

An investigator presents the team with evidence of a mysterious cavern system running beneath the ranch.

A thermal experiment at Homestead Two reveals more evidence of a strange presence, the team is suddenly affected in dangerous and disturbing ways.

When a lidar scan reveals a dark mass at Homestead Two, the team invites a Rabbi to perform an ancient ritual believed to reveal inter-dimensional portals, which leads to chilling results.

After a military investigator shares his disturbing report about the phenomena on Skinwalker Ranch, the team conducts a laser experiment, which leads to startling results.

As the mystery of a dead cow grows even stranger, a guest investigator alerts the team to a never-before-seen site that might hold the keys to unlocking the truth about Skinwalker Ranch.

The team recommences its search for answers on the 512-acre property; an excavation of a mysterious pit at Homestead Two leads to a frightening encounter.

Geert Vanden Bossche PhD, is an internationally recognised vaccine developer having worked as the head of the Vaccine Development Office at the German Centre for Infection Research.

Coordinated Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation's Ebola Vaccine Program and contributed to the implementation of an integrated vaccine work plan in collaboration with Global Health Partners (WHO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CDC, UNICEF), regulators (FDA) and vaccine manufacturers to enable timely deployment or stockpiling of Ebola vaccine candidates.

Highlighting the principle of using a prophylactic vaccine in the midst of a pandemic. Likely to create more more viral variants in the process.

Sharing his perspective on mass vaccination in COVID-19.

Learn more about COVID-19.


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