'Wide Awake' by Andrew Louis Edelman MMXIX.

Coming soon, Reality Rehab with new cast members!

The Meat Sox perform 'We're The Meat Sox' in Paris, France! J-Quad, Guido Sardine & Billy 009 Meat Puppet guest star! Taken from Reality Rehab episode 11.

Canjo Man performs In 'The Mist' & 'Don't Be Late' in concert @ The Wander Inn in Mishawaka Indiana on the 22nd of October, 2014. Instruments used; Voice, 3-String Diddley Bow w/Bow, 2-String V-Jo, Harmonica, Kick Drum with the UFORCHESTRA added.

Larry The Libtard sings 'Ode To Teef' while on a journey through the magic forest! Taken from Reality Rehab #7.

Mammas Callin' by WAROCK. Recorded on December 26th, 2017.

Britin Dinky Doodles & Skippy dance along while Dr Edelman sings & strums a groovy tune for all! (Clip from Reality Rehab episode 10)

Britin & I go for a nice stroll on a mild winters afternoon at the High Dive Park in Elkhart, Indiana! One week after this was filmed i began working on the first Reality Rehab. I was inspired to make Reality Rehab by wanting to continue making videos of Britin & myselfs adventures with added characters that i've captured on film over 20 years ago. Enjoy!...


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