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My name is Borg, James Borg. I am a white hat with a mean side.
Only because of the dark I have seen and heard one would need to have a mean side it would be a form of self-defense and discipline. I am the founder of Uforia and Uforia Chronicles on all platforms except for the music band or festivals in South America, lol. I let things play out or at times act upon my will to do so. I have at the time of this bio write up over 37 years of paranormal occult practice and experience.I have seen things that will make you vomit or sick or freak right the hell out.
I have been a ghost hunter, a paranormal researcher also a ufologist by default as I am an alien abductee and ufo and et experiencer!
I have filmed and photographed when I have been lucky to do so or able too or when the camera was allowed to do so.Yes, you read that right. We are dealing with the paranormal and the paranormal controls or effects energy and ether.
One this channel you wind all the above of what I said and more and maybe a few great videos of events, concerts, and other cool stuff.

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