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This interview is like no other. We believe this health information is unique and different from any other we are aware of. There is a lot to understand and absorbed so, if necessary, we suggest you watch it more than once. We don't normally promote products but this is an exception based on the information we have at this time. For more detail click here: https://www.getfiercenow.com/products/fierce-immunity?selling_plan=688792600896

The final and perhaps best part of this conference in Florida. We loved the very last part where each of the twenty participants gave us their concluding messages! Full version here: https://rumble.com/v3v2c01-fl-summit-on-covid-food-family-and-medical-freedom.html

This array of experts in their varied fields of health is perhaps the most interesting and diverse. For example, finding out about the amazing benefits of the Carnivore Diet and some details about Regenerative Farming is fascinating and compelling. Full version here: https://rumble.com/v3v2c01-fl-summit-on-covid-food-family-and-medical-freedom.html

As the title above implies this summit covers more than Covid. The original recording was 8 hours 47 minutes. We’ve done a little editing and sound improvement. Part-1 covers the pathology and fundamentals of virology and much more. It ends with a Panel Discussion which is GREAT! Full here: https://rumble.com/v3v2c01-fl-summit-on-covid-food-family-and-medical-freedom.html

What JFK tried to do before his assassination. In less than an hour, Jeffrey Sacks lays out the history of the Cold War from it’s inception at the end of WW11 to the current state of play in Ukraine. A masterful précis from a man who had a front row seat during that crucial decade after the fall of the Soviet Union! Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wqm9Yl1gGEY

If after watching this documentary you are not convinced of the many health uses of chlorine dioxide solution (CDS) you never will be. CDS is a new purified form of what was formally known as MMS that does not have the side effects of MMS. The documentary was made for lay people and health professionals alike. Watch it to the end for an update. Download Free PDF Book Here: https://robscholtemuseum.nl/tim-brown-the-universal-antidote-the-science-and-story-of-chlorine-dioxide-documentary/

The details are revealed in this brilliant documentary researched and produced by David Sorensen of Stop World Control. Please take the time to watch and listen to the details. But be warned, what is revealed will shock you. But the story needs to be told to expose the truth worldwide. And as we all know "The Truth Shall Set us Free!". https://stopworldcontrol.com/israel/

Wil Spencer is founder of a non-profit health trust that has been successfully operating since 1978. It functions legally OUTSIDE the mainstream medical system in 42 US states. It uses highly effective treatments for even the most resistant diseases, including man-made conditions from the jabs and Lyme Disease. Plus there is a lot of NEW information. A MUST WATCH VIDEO!! Click here for their site: https://patientadvocatebulldog.com/

David Icke has been aware of what we now call the “Deep State” or “The Cabal” for decades. As a result he knows ahead of time what they are planning and where it will lead. We have combined the two-part series into one video. To get the most out of this video open your mind to what we perceive as “reality”. https://video.icic.law/c/english/videos

This is a composite of three different, but connected stories, on video. The first asks “What is Turbo Cancer & What Causes it?” The second is world famous Dr. Peter McCullough gives his conclusion of what has happened over the last 3 years. Third is Dr David E. Martin who tracks the criminality of who is behind the global cartel that planned and carried out the world’s biggest crime, by far, and what to do about it!

MUST SEE: The first video is an interview with Ally Carter who says as a child she was raped by U.S. Presidents and hundreds of other high officials. The second is about the movie "Sound of Silence" and how Hollywood stars are involved. Third, is hidden camera footage of a Satanic Ritual of child sacrifice with around 1000 high-profile men present. Fourth is UK’s favorite medical analyst John Campbell illustrating trafficking statistics. Finally the confessions of a former Financial Elite who quit when he was asked to participate in child sacrifices. He explains how the whole elite system functions!

UHA compiled 3 short videos into one to illustrate more of the “big-picture” about how and why the so-called Covid-19 pandemic happened and how the masses were so successfully led into the hidden trap and unknowingly participated in the globalist's evil agenda: https://youtu.be/rG38_53SEbU?si=KQs3E0s4HeQVhPbB

This is a one-off course conducted for those interested in learning what Dr Greer discovered over many years of research. He goes into detail how the ET’s travel huge distances by using advanced technologies and higher levels of consciousness and MUCH MORE. See later videos below and here: https://drstevengreer.com/ and here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/J4WqVZJx12wV/

We all know that there is a concerted effort to censor free speech, especially if it goes against "the narrative". But none of us know HOW this is being achieved so successfully. Watch and study this video and you will be amazed by the structure and cunning how this IS being orchestrated. Please share this video with everyone. Latest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKRYf-I6jyY

We’ve all been hearing about the smash hit movie the Sound of Freedom but how many of us know about the people behind it? This brilliant interview will enlighten you, remove any fears about watching it, and replace it with admiration and faith in humanity! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTBGNEliczc

The more one listens to this man the more one will realize he has it all-together. If you've done your research and homework and been putting the pieces together you will understand exactly what RFK is saying is on the money! Let's hope he gets elected. Lex Fridman, great interview, 2.2m views: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPtBkw5uD-0

18-21 July, 2023: You are about to hear never-before-publicly-disclosed information by three courageous men who took part in three different "Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs). These are all secret, illegal, black operations that Dr. Steven Greer and his team are working with the legal constitutional government to shut down. Be ready to be shocked! Skillfully interviewed by Shawn Ryan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoQZ_A0e1RY

11 July, 2023: In this episode #65, Dr Greer goes deeper into the technology that was reverse-engineered from off-world space craft that have crashed and/or shot down. But just as important are the implications of using this technology for positive benefits for our entire world albeit 100 years after it was first discovered. https://redtree.substack.com/p/the-shawn-ryan-show-episode-65-guest

Feb 20, 2023: Dr Steven Greer is the world’s leading authority on off-world technology and how it has been reversed engineered by 'deep state' black operators. In this first of two interviews Dr Greer provides information to help 'newbies' make sense of what they will hear. He also discusses a plan to disclose Zero-Point Energy technology and make it available to the world while decommissioning those behind its secrecy and misuse. https://shawnryanshow.com/blogs/the-shawn-ryan-show/srs-48-dr-steven-m-greer

See if you agree with us that RFK Jr has the knowledge, understanding and drive to turn this whole corrupt mess on its head and reverse the damage the "global elite" are causing. We also agree with Seymour Hersh of the potential that Trump and RFK Jr agree on a unbeatable deal, where RFK Jr. becomes Trumps running mate for the next election. This would also set up RFK Jr for the next two elections!

For those of you who are aware of greater things to come I recommend watching this story, not because of the horrors Niara Isley endured, but how she is transforming the whole experience into a positive example for us all to emulate. This story is also one that helps collaborate Dr Steven Greer's story told at the National Press Club on June 12, 2023 - see video below on June 14 - https://rumble.com/v2zaxpz-exposing-the-truth-behind-the-ufo-and-human-trafficking-program.html

This is the first time anyone has attempted to do this. Del Bigtree, with the aid of his production team, brought together this easy-to-understand account of what happened over the last 3 years. This is a story you'll want to show your family, friends, and associates. It could save their lives and that of generations to come! www.thehighwire.com

First part, long-time friend and colleague, Dick Russel reveals what he knows about RFK’s past, his ups and downs in his life and much more. Second part is RFK’s outstanding opening speech in his Presidential Campaign in New Hampshire, where he essentially declares how he plans to continue where JFK was stopped. A very profound and inspiring speech! https://www.brighteon.com/ & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tz1T-mEnbPI&t=11s

Yet another deception is exposed in these two videos. First, Dr Reiner Fuellmich interviews Dane Wigington about the damage being done with geoengineering the weather under the banner of saving the planet. Second at 1.15.25 mark, is the movie Wade produced entitled The Dimming. It shows the evidence of the global damage and much more. https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org

Watch and listen to what went on in Trump's Covid Task Force. Dr. Scott Atlas was the only qualified member, yet his advice was utterly ignored and bypassed. The other members went with the narrative and what the media wanted to hear and out-voted Dr. Atlas. Trump should have replaced the incompetent members with new ones Dr. Scott identified: www.thehighwire.com


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United Health Alliance is made up of independent medical, health and scientific professionals who provide clinical and professional information that is deemed to be valid and true in the interest of personal and public health. There are others who are interested in resolving the current media and regulatory censorship situation. If you can help with this please contact, co-founder Trevor Osborne at the email above.