Pastor Art Lucier made history in Kelowna, He held a protest, church service, and a wedding. Cam & Kacy did some dancing after they got married.

Both outstanding Doctors discuss the claims Judy Mikovits made, as they feel not everything she said was accurate.

It is very clear that these people are pushing an agenda, and every single word out of their mouths is exactly the opposite of reality. The World is now waiting for the 2021 Nuremberg 2.0 Trials to start to hold the thousands accountable for this global scamdemic.

Independent media Cyrus Media has been targeted as a non-essential service. Even if he isn't a main stream media personality, it is proof that Communism is alive and well in Canada, as your rights to the freedom of employment will soon be lost to corrupt Government.

An ex Saskatchewan Police Officer quits his job because he can not be part of a corrupt organization where he swore an oath to the people and the Charter of rights. Nathan Lynchuk is another Canadian Hero standing on the right side of history.

German lawyer has all the evidence to support the worst crimes against humanity, ever!

David Menzies shares the story of Jonathan Caton, a Waterloo, Ontario man who was exercising outdoors before someone in the area called bylaw enforcement on him and the others at the park. The bylaw officer then flexed the power of COVID laws on Jonathan, issuing him an $880 ticket for his dastardly deed.

The lights are growing dim as Faucis' role in the Global pandemic is being exposed. Fauci and his buddy Bill Gates have conspired with many others to mass genocide, and the truth is slowly coming out. They will all be sentenced to execution, and it won't be soon enough! The worlds population now knows that Fauci is 100% behind the gain of function funding which created the new breed of coronavirus, as well, a toxin for mass genocide.

This is a must watch, share video for all who are awake! This Doctor knew what was coming in 2009 and exposed it.

Staff at Savoy Equipment in Vernon purposely harass a customer for being "mask exempt". Under the Human rights Code, Business owners must acknowledge, respect and honor mask exemption customers, without question or be guilty of Human Rights Violations. These staff are clearly believing masks stop the spread of a virus, which they don't, and feel a healthy person is a threat to society. This is pure harassment and being ignorant to Human rights, please Boycott this Business until they make a public apology and install signage on their front door stating they will honor mask exemptions.

A Saskatchewan Police officer explains how he had to quit being a Police officer, as he had enough of the tyrannical Government.

Everything is a diversion, everything is theatre, the reality is we all going to be taken over by the most evil people on the planet. The coronavirus diversion was a great idea to make people live in fear, and for division to be created. The next step is for them to conquer! Wake Up!

The very sick, parasitical psychopath Klaus Schwab discusses the plans to imbed humans with microchips. Many cannot figure out how these people have not been arrested for simply conspiring to change humanity, let alone, out right implementing this insanity. Now in 2021 many can see the goal is to microchip humans, using the coronavirus as the diversion.

Judy Mikovits explains there is an antidote for those who have taken the jab.

Keean Bexte (Counter Signal) covers the release of Art & Dawid Pawlowski from Calgary Prison. The Pawlowski's were Illegally arrested, detained and treated very poorly. It is very clear that Jason Kenny is behind this Nazi agenda.

Restaurant owner Chris Scott arrested by Alberta Gestapo for not following unlawful Health orders. The Police have targeted the WhistleStop Cafe under instructions from Jason Kenny.

Once again the corrupt Calgary Gestapo have arrested Art and his brother David for holding Church services in Calgary. People better wake up to reality pretty soon. Canada is now a Police State and people need to stand up now and take a stand in mass against these Nazi style criminals.

This video in itself is enough proof that the Criminal main stream media are working together with the criminals behind the Worlds biggest hoax, and conspiracy to mass genocide. Bill Gates and Fauci are at the top of the List for the 2021 Nuremberg Trials for crimes against humanity! These people cannot hang fast enough for the Millions of lives they have destroyed.

International Legal Offensive Webinar Part 2

A Pharmacist opens a new box of the J & J toxin to check the data sheet. She unfolds the sheet to find it has nothing on it.......Still going for your shot? I hope not!

BrightLight News interview with Adam Skelly in regards to his upcoming Constitutional challenge on the Coronavirus scam which has been perpetuated across the globe affecting Billions of lives.

BrightLight News does a fantastic job covering the latest breaking news in Canada, check out their Website.

David Cheyne is a powerful voice, he will not quit until each and every criminal is held responsible for Crimes Against Humanity


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