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What to do when your wife leaves you and moves away .


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Debunking Six 6's and why they matter very little .

What was once considered lying is now considered normal. Welcome to 2019.


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Should a man be himself in a relationship? Do women appreciate total honesty ?


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You you want a Prince Charming - You must become a Princess .

In this video, I will be discussing a topic request that came from a lady that wants to know if being a feminine woman is compatible with having ambitions, and whether it can make you a pushover and a codependant. I will explain my thoughts.

In this video I will talk about women taking responsibility for their uteruses and choosing their partners carefully. Is he really the one or you think you can change him as you go along while having babies ?

How women's nature and Hypergamy applies to an old Russian tale

I will be discussing how sick and tired I am of hearing a non-stop "women empowerment" messages from unqualified celebrity feminists such as Serena Williams, Cardi B, Oprah ect. We do not ask for you to speak for all of us.

In this vide I will discuss why a woman's dating advice is worth considering.

Watch this Gillette commercial here

Many women are unable to find a marriage partner in their 20's - so they end up wasting time with many guys only to find themselves alone at 30. In this video, I am speaking to younger women and how to avoid making common dating mistakes in their 20's.

Should Hudbands Still Clean The House When Both People Are Working

Women are attracted to Masculinity. Thanks to Feminism, they mistakenly believe that by acting Masculine ( which is what attracts them to a man) - they will make themselves more desireble. This can't be farther from truth.



This video is about Parenthood and how our society portrays it in such negative light. Please see the study I speak about in the video at :

In this video, I will discuss an article written by a lonley 35 year old woman. This was shared by Jordan Peterson on his FB. I want to talk about this, because I strongly believe this will be the reality of many women in the coming years - if they don't wake up and reject feminism.

This is the article for those that are interested to read it :

Random video - but I had to share this with you guys. If people saw a man screaming and swearing at a woman in public - they would probably call the police and he would get arrested. I just witnessed a man getting screamed at by a woman - no one called the police or even cared. Another example of an acceptable emasculation.

Video request from a heartbroken 26 year old man that fell in love with a camgirl. Guys - let's help this guy out. Comment below !

Many of you asked have me if going to Ukraine worth it to find a wife. In this video I will tell you about risks vs. benefits. Is it for you ? You decide.

"Shhh tests" are very common among women. They are usually annoying but there are ways to deal with them.


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In this channel I will be discussing life, intergender relationships, attraction, politics, beauty and culture all through my Ukrainian Lens. These are my opinions and if this is not your cup of tea - please watch other channels. For those that do enjoy watching my videos - thank you !

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