Raunchy, A Guitar tune composed by Bill Justis, The group The Ventures also did a cut on it, This is my cut, Learned to play this little song in 1973, I was 15,

Dr. Hook,

Dr. Hook performing Walk Right In, One of the most under rated bands of the 70s.

Hippie & The Hip Chick sings the Bellamy Brothers classic tune If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body, A tribute to this great Country and Folk singing duo,

Hippie & The Hip Chick AKA Kelly and Amy sing the Townes Van Zante Ballad If I Needed You,

Hippie & The Hip Chick pay tribute to the classic rock band the Grateful Dead with the classic tune Casey Jones.

Hippie & The Hip Chick sing a song penned by the hippie called Boogie Woogie Country, A good dance tune.

Hippie & The Hip Chick AKA Kelly and Amy sing Don Williams classic country hit Tulsa Time.

Hippie & The Hip Chick sings Last Train To Clarksville as a tribute to the classic band The Monkees.

Hippie & The Hip Chick plays the classic Rock tune Venus as a tribute to the band Shocking Blue

The surviving members of the Monkees Michael Nesmith and Micky Dolenz

Episode 3 of Odd Man Out, Starring BBC Comedian John Inman, Before the series Are You Being Served.

The show that inspired All In The Family, BBC's program from the 70s Til Death Us Do Part.

The Original All In The Family, Starring BBC Legend Warren Mitchell,

A couple of Horror Host Bloopers from Cinema Fear Theatre, Coming soon to ROKU Television.

Episode 3 of Grace and Favor AKA Are You Being Served Again. BBC Comedy.

BBC Comedian John Inman in episode 2 of Odd Man Out. John was also in Are You Being Served which aired on most PBS Channels.

Ukulele Kelly and Amy,

The Classic Movie Naked Space Starring Leslie Nelsen, Cindy Williams, Patrick Macnee, Ron Kurowski, Gerrit Graham and Bruce Kimmel.

Scenes from the Independent TV Series The Chronicles of Dark Wolf Manor

The set was going to be removed anyway so why not have fun doing it.

Doris Day welcomes her special guest Folk Singer John Denver to her show in this classic program.

Another great BBC Comedy that had 7 episodes after the original program Are You Being Served. Seen on many PBS Stations.

Another great old BBC comedy with Actor/Comedian John Inman called Odd Man Out, There are only 7 episodes in the series, It just didn't take off like they had hoped but it is still yet another great BBC comedy.

Are You Being Served Again is a BBC Comedy with the original programs called Are You Being Served, The same wonderful cast appear in these 6 episodes which is all that were ever made of this program, One of the actors is the BBC Actor John Inman. This show is also known as Grace and Favor. The original shows also aired on PBS Stations, that's where I was first introduced to the show and characters.


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