This week Rich is joined by founder of 'My Body My Choice' Allan Stevo to discuss his work pushing back against the Covid Mandates as well as how you can employ your morals and values to clear away the fog of 'Covid' Confusion.

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This week Rich is joined by author of 'The Genesis 6 Conspiracy' Gary Wayne to discuss his research into the Giants of the Biblical Text and how the bloodlines are still with us today through the bloodline of Cain.

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Philosopher Marc Malone and Filmmaker Richard Willett get together each month to look at the advancement of the New World Agenda for Global Governance on each side of the "pond" through the lenses of philosophy, psychology, conspiracy, religion and much more.

Join Marc Malone on his American 21 Century campaign here

This week Rich was joined by Cathy O'Brien who is a survivor of MK Ultra mind control programming who then went on author 'Transformation of America' and 'Access Denied' detailing her experience an abuse in government funded mind control programs. In this show Cathy not only discusses her experience but also relates it to the mind control techniques used globally by the mainstream media during the Covid19 'Pandemic'. Cathy also talks about her book 'PTSD Time To Heal' which gives you the tools that she has used herself to recover from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a disorder that is running rampant after the Covid Era. You can get a copy of 'PTSD:Time To Heal' from her website

In this episode I had the honour and pleasure of interviewing Cathy o'Brien, MK Ultra survivor and Author of 'Transformation of America' 'Access Denied' and her new book with her late husband Mark Phillips 'PTSD Time To Heal'.

Full episode coming soon.

Video about Midazlom and it's possible use during the Covid 19 'Pandemic'

This week on Right Now Deep Dive I got the chance to sit down with researcher and author of the 'Music Truths' trilogy and talk about what it is like to do this type of conspiracy research and to see what he has been warning about for years start to blatantly play out on the world stage.

Watch the Full interview here

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This week I had on one of the best independent journalists Johnny Vedmore to talk about his research into the Wellcome Trust and what he calls 'The Wellcome 6' who had such a huge hand in the tyranny around the 'Pandemic'.

Check out Johnnys fantastic research here

This week Rich and Marc catch up to compare how Agenda 21 is playing out on either side of "the pond" and to discuss how we may already be in The New World Order as it is a process not a destination.

We discuss this as well as the component of the Russia Ukraine conflict and how this fits into the overall aims and objectives of Agenda 21 and Global Governance.

Find more about Marc's America 21

This week we sit down with Artists, Researcher and Author Neil Hague who's work has frequently appeared in the books of David Icke expanding a now 30year collaboration. Neil is also an incredibly well studied researcher of the Gnostics, Mythology, Astrotheology and the Pagan beliefs that many of the mainstream Religions and believe systems are based on.

In this fascinating conversation Neil covers the nature of reality, working with David Icke, Gnostism, mythology, the importance of Orion in humanities development and how Art is has been used to pass on occult and esoteric knowledge throughout the ages, as with todays music and movies.

Check out Neil's fantastic book 'Orion's Door' which covers the History of Orion's influence over humanity.

Watch the Video Version Here:

This week I sit down with activist and podcaster Fanos Panayides to discuss his experience during the pushback against the Covid tyranny as well as the conflict in Russia and Ukraine. We then dive into the strange reason why we have conflicts all over the world but have a solid unbreakable agreement in Antarctic, and why this might be?

A fascinating look into world wide conflict and why the Antarctic is untouchable even though it is full of natural resources.

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This week on Right Now Deep Dive on , researcher Johny Vedmoore reveals the biographical background of Klaus Schwab and how the CIA backed Harvard program led to The World Economic Forum through Henry Kissinger and his protege Klaus Schwab.

Full episode available at where you can get a FREE 7 DAY TRAIL .

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This week I am joined by researcher Sandi Adams as we delve into the origins and occult background of the Climate Change Hoax, with it's push towards a Carbon based Economy of technocratic control.

With the war in Ukraine pushing the Covid Hoax aside, it is clear to see that BOTH Putin and Zelensky are propping up the World Economic Forums agenda for The Great Reset, which appears to be a shop front for the Rockefeller Great Transition.

Check out more of Sandi's work here

This week on Right Now Deep Deep, host Richard Willett follows on from January's Right Now interview with Dr Ariyana Love. Join Richard and Dr Love as they deep dive on the possible true nature of these new to market experimental gene therapies, the possibility of gene editing, Graphene and how this may fit into a larger trans-humanist agenda.

You can find out more and connect with Dr Love in the following ways:

Email: [email protected]


Dr Love's detox protocol:


This week on Right Now Deep Deep, host Richard Willett follows on from January's Right Now interview with Dr Ariyana Love. Join Richard and Dr Love as they deep dive on the possible true nature of these new to market experimental gene therapies, the possibility of gene editing, Graphene and how this may fit into a larger trans-humanist agenda.


You can find out more and connect with Dr Love in the following ways:

Email: [email protected]


Dr Love's detox protocol:


This week I am joined by researcher and author Wayne Mcroy to discuss how the greek archetype of "Pan" has been used as an idea to push humanity through the age of Aquarius to Capricorn as a signifier of Pan.

The clues are in the name - SEE OVID as in C-OVID the Poet who wrote of Pan and a pandemic. Wayne's new book "The Demic of Pan" will be out on the 22/2/2022 as numerology plays a huge part in this global Cults agenda for transhumanism and humanities technocractic enslavement under Agenda 21, Earth Summit and the lie of Sustainable Development.


Find out more about Wayne's excellent work here:

Once a month I get together with English-born American philosopher, entrepreneur, political activist, and counter-theorist Marc Malone to discuss and compare the roll out of the Agenda 21 plan for Global Governance both sides of the pond.

We look at how aspects of this cult agenda such as sustainable Development Goals, Cashless Society and the roll out of intrusive surveillance technology is being put in place both in England and the United States.

For more information on Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Sustainable Development Goals, Climate Change Cult and Global Governance check out Marc's America21 here :

The Technocracy agenda goes back to the 1930's and the current Agenda links back to the early 90's Earth Summit and into The Great Reset and The Rockefellers Great Transition.

David Icke of joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the current state of humanity's fight against fascist tyranny.

The 1992 Earth Summit saw the roll out of the Climate Change Scam, where humanity itself will be brain washed to see itself as our most dangerous enemy.

Agenda 2030, Agenda 21, Green New Deals and Sustainable Development Goals all play a part in this agenda. In 2021 we had Extinction Rebellion funded by George Soros. The is being put into place by Global Governance in your own town on a local level.

The madness of this cult believe people are the problem and hurdle to sustainable development.

This week I speak with a leading voice in behavioural psychology, the Spartan Life Coach Richard Grannon as we discuss his life and childhood and how that has impacted his adulthood and work.

We also discuss the weaponisation of social media and technology and debate wether it has been used to transform younger generations psychology as part of a trans-humanist agenda, and what part we are all playing in our own digital enslavement.

You can watch the video of this interview here:

This week Rich is joined by Medical Doctor Mark McDonald who is the author of 'United States of Fear' and one of the inspirations for Dr Robert Malone using the phrase 'Mass Formation Psychosis' on the Joe Rogan podcast. Mark speaks in depth and the cloud of fear that has been draped over the world since the Covid 19 'Pandemic' and how institutions such as psychology and the mainstream media have weaponised fear to push a preset agenda.

This week we take a fascinating look into the world of Ufology and Alien abduction with author 'Alien Shades of Greys' Raymond Szymanski who spent four decades as an engineer at the infamous Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

This is the base believed to be the location where the remains of the crashed UFO at Roswell New Mexico were taken. Raymond discusses his incredible first hand experiences on the base, his encounters with possible Men In Black and many other fascinating adventures, all with a wonderful sense of humour and adventure.

You can find Rays fantastic books here:

Ray can also be contact via his website:

Facebook Page:

This week's show Rich is flying solo as he brings to light the rarely discussed backdrop to The Great Rest by The World Economic Forum, which is a plan by the Rockefeller Foundation called 'The Great Transition'. We take a look how this plan by the 'elite' Rockefeller Foundation may sit as a backdrop to The Great Reset and how it ties into a plan for a one world religion.


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The term 'Conspiracy Theory" was ushered in as a pysop was usher in by the CIA after the shooting of President John F Kennedy in November of 1963.

Psychological operations (PSYOP) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behaviour of governments, organisations, groups, and individuals.
This term was brought in to make sure that any who would dare to scratch the surface of what we are fed by the corporate owned mainstream media, would be label "A Conspiracy Theorist" as a mocking statement.
Through the last 15 years of documentary filmmaking I have been more and more drawn to the weird and wonderful world of conspiracy theory research. No I do not believe everything I am told but most Conspiracy Theorists will not ask you to believe them, they will let you make your own mind up...and if they don't then please do run for the hills.

Everything on this side is a theory based on the research and interviews I have conducted via my podcast series Glitch In The Code and my documentary films such as Plugged In: The True Toxicity of Social Media Revealed.