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This week I invited author and code breaker Michael Feeley back on the show to go even deeper into the origins of our DNA and how humanity was created. Michael is a former police officer who has used those skills to shatter the codes of ancient esoteric meanings of biblical text, Ancient Egypt as well as the core narratives of all major religions.

In this fascinating talk Michael decodes the hidden meanings within the mathematical themes hidden with biblical text and the Jesus narrative. We also discuss were our DNA was written and Michaels understanding that our DNA really does come from the stars, panspermia.

Check out Michaels work here and his fascinating books

The End Times....and what not

In this interview exclusive to Youtube and Bitchute Mark Windows breaks down the system we are actually living under which is the little known term 'Communitarianism'.

We also talk about Agents of Change, Social Engineers and the realities of protests against the current situation in the UK.

It is time for action on a local level and it was great to speak with Mark again who has been researching these topics and Agendas for years going back The Peoples Voice and way before.

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Thanks to Mark for taking the time to come on the show, please look further into the term Communitarianism

Some of us are sitting at home still utterly dumbfounded that anyone is still believing the entire mainstream narrative in regards to the global sickness that few of us have actually seen any real life evidence of in our actual real world experience.

It is my belief that this narrative is clinging on to dear life and the weakest points are of course The total misguided use of the PCR Test as a diagnostic toll and the lunacy of the mRNA Vax rollouts that have no long term testing to say the very least.

In this episode I speak invited the Last American Vagabond Ryan Christian on the show to go through the nuts and bolts of these two wobbly weak ends of the book case as Ryan has been going incredible work over on his own channel about these very subjects.

Check out Ryan's work here:

And allow me to remind you guys that the fascistic take down of anyone giving you alternative information to the Mainstream Cult own Media and Cult owned Social Media is being culled from their platforms. So with that in mind you can keep up to date with me on the following channels. I will likely disappear from this channel some day so please do follow me on the links below if you like what i do. (Big Tech delete Temp)

My new book "The Greater Good" Was a pandemic used to create a Cult? will be out around April 2021.

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This maybe one of the most revealing and relevant videos at present. The inventor of the RC PCR Test which is being used to diagnose Covid test results as either positive of negative which is not its purpose, Dr Kary Mullis gives his honest and frank views on Dr Anthony Fauci who is a figure head (and Jesuit) of the entire Corona Virus mainstream narrative.


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The Agenda

Thank you for all of your support with my work. My book 'The Greater Good' Was a pandemic was used to create a Cult? will be out April 2021, more info coming soon

Its a band new year and boy are we are off to a shit hole of a start with the invasion of Capitol Hill, Moderna wafting out a brand new experimental vaccine and people losing their mind that Boris Johnson's daddy has jumped the cue to be experimented on.

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It was fantastic to have author Dean Henderson on the show again this week. Deans books including Crown Nephilim The 5G Apocalypse are essential reading for anyone wanting to know what is truly going on in this increasingly Orwellian world.

Dean takes us through the Crown Entities in the City of London and maps out how a bloodline have constructed a pyramid of top down control that like leeches lives off the hard work and graft of humanity.

The Annunaki were said to have created human's to mind Gold for them once the Gods of old grew tired of doing the hard graft. Humanity was created as a slave race yet inherited the earth, we are the descendants of the Gods being made in their image.

Today we have a rogue Nephilim hybrid bloodline that believes itself to be the rightful rulers of the earth, they are the fallen ones. They interbreed to hold their bloodline and today they are our Black Nobility Crown Nephilim bloodlines who use their branch managers such as The Rothschild's and Dupont families to orchestrate and control governments who are selected never elected.

Check out more of Deans fantastic research and books here:

Catherine Austin Fitts Full Interview Planet Lockdown,

This was a great heart to heart chat with Vinny Eastwood who is a veteran researcher and broadcaster who has been trying to alert people to the very Agenda we are seeing rolled out all over the world right now.

We talk about what it is like to have your eyes wide open when friends and family around you are sleepwalking US ALL into the Great Reset due to mainstream media brainwashing, lack of own researcher and a large dose of cognitive dissonance.

Vinny is a great guy and broadcaster who has stood up to authorities when they have harassed him for daring to the truth about what is happening in New Zealand right now and the world over.

Check out Vinny's channel here and social media.

This week I am joined by an excellent researcher and co host of 'We've Read The Papers' John Brisson. John reveals his in depth research into a little known group called 'The Council on Foreign Relations' and is connections to what has become known as The Truth Movement. Has the alternative media been controlled from the start and do some of the more well known names have CNP connections. Going deeper we discuss the CNP connections to Scientology, The Moonies and The CIA.

We also talk about how the CNP is the left of the CFR right , both wings on the same bird. We discuss where this is all headed , The World Economic Forum , The Great Reset, QAnon and how researchers fell back into the illusion of the left/right paradigm.

Check out all of Johns videos here, where he goes into more depth on the CNP and much more.

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In this Christmas episode we talk about all the latest WTAF moments such as a chap who invented a face mask to protect yourself from 'Covid-19' which is designed around your own face. We cover the absurdness of the NHS Covid advert where Santa got covid (I kid you not) and much more madness as the world wobbles it's way ever more into Cult Covid.

It has been an absolutely mad and psychotic year here on planet earth, we hope this light relief helps a little.

Have a non social distanced Christmas and a maskless new year and we will see you all soon.

In this weeks show I am joined by one the most hard working and consistent researchers in the alternative media Ryan Christian, who is better known as The Last American Vagabond.

In this episode we have a heart to heart about how this year of madness has effected us on a personal level as well as covering the sheer insanity that we have all seen engulf our friends, family and loved ones tearing apart the family unit.

We also ask wether this 'Pandemic' was useful as a distraction from the Epstein case as it started to bring down the house of cards that hid the child trafficking we all known is going on the world over, involving some of the most rich and famous people of the past 40 years.

Where is this all heading? will we see the lunatics bring about their 'Great Reset' or will they overplay their hand and bring it all down upon their own heads?

Check out The Last American Vagabond via the links below for some of the most in depth information you will find on the topics today.

We all know that the World Economic Forum is pushing for their Great Reset with the likes of Super Bond Villain Klaus Schwab and his side kick Prince Charles being two of the figure heads of what is like something out of Nazi Germany. Is this the 4th Reich the legendary Jim Marrs wrote about?

But what will that mean for your bank account, for you finances and for your ability to buy and sell and even earn a living if they get their way? What is the Social Credit System (already rolled out in China) and how will that be tied to your Biometrics and SMART Technology in your home?

What does all of this have to do with the current Plandemic and the rush out of the Vaccines? The Great Reset slogan is 'You will own nothing and you will be happy" ...How does that sound to you?

Check out Charlie's new book 'The Controlled Demolition of The American Empire" here:

And join him for his fantastic Podcast shot 'Macro Aggressions' here

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The Brand New episode of WTAF with Richard and Gareth. In this episode we cover all the WTAF moments of the past moment on Planet Clown. Just today we have the UK Government announce the news that there will be a new Covid 19 Vaccine rolled out across the UK next week, signed off by the MRHA who also receive funding from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
We cover the UK Government MP’S agreeing to the new 3 Tier Lockdown structure and ask why these MP’s are so quick to roll over to what we perceive as clear madness and when will we see drive by KFC?

We are in desperate needs of some laughs at this all of this madness so we hope this helps.

For ten months now there has been a Cult that has hijacked the minds of your friends and family, this is the Covid Reset Cult. This Cult is just the most recent attack by a pyramid of control that goes all the way through secret societies, satanic Cults, within Religions, think tanks and all the way up to what my research tells me are known as The Great White Brotherhood.

The Great White Brother appear to infiltrate or at least be involved with all secret societies. In this podcast I talk about that Great White Brotherhood and its connections to The Theosophy Society, Aleister Crowley's A.A, The Jesuits, Black Nobility and Prince Carlo Duke of Castro. This Global Cult has followers such as Jimmy Savile, The Beatles and Jesuit members such as Donald Trump, Stephen Spiellberg (MEGA GROUP) and even yes Joe Biden.

For more info on The Jesuits, Prince Carlo, The Black Nobility and The Great White Brotherhood I highly recommend the videos of Amy Says WTF links in the full description below.

Amy Says WTF

I also recommend the book "Crown Nephilim and 5G Apocalypse" by Dean Henderson

More info on The Great White Brotherhood can be found here

Jimmy Savile and Crowley information

This weeks brand new Gltich In The Code with Michael Feeley, a former police officer and now an Ancient Code Breaker.
In this fascinating show Micheal talks about how all religions connect into one, The secrets of the Great Pyramid and it's correlation to the human mind and consciousness. We also talk about his research into the character of Jesus and wether he was an actual living being or was he a character that in of itself contained hidden mysteries about who we are as Humanity including 9/11 as his true birth date.

How does this all tie into human potential and WE the Gods we are looking for? and Does the Great Pyramid tell you how to square the circle?

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In this weeks episode of Glitch In The Code we continue our journey towards the head of the snake. I recently came across Amy and her research via her various channels (which i will link below) and found her research and video delivering to be incredible.

Whilst the world is stuck at the level of Trump vs Biden and distracted by the fall out from the Covid Scamdemic (Trojan Horse for The Great Reset) not many are still searching for the head of the beast, which is why I was so pleased to get Amy on the show as a continue on from the previous episode with Michael Feeley and David Icke.

In this episode Amy shares her research into The Jesuits, The Vatican and what is know as The Great White Brotherhood which may well be at the top of the pyramid and the group that truly hides within the shadows crawling the halls of the Vatican, The House of Parliament and The White House. Not to get confused with the cult that is known as The Family that also borrows the name of The Great White Brotherhood, this group has been said to be what some call the Tall Blondes or The White Reptilians.

To add to this Amy talks about Prince Carlo, Duke of Casto - House of Bourbon Two-Sicilies and we discuss the possibility of a masked man wearing his likeness in Stanley Kubricks “Eyes Wide Shut” and how the Prince may well be a representative of this Great White Brotherhood.

As a possible representative of The Great White Brotherhood does the Prince have control over The Jesuits who Amy believes are the true Manchurian Candidates, subjected to generations of Satanic abuse and Mind Control.

This is a fascinating episode and I would highly recommend you follow Amy on her channels below.

Social Media:

A top Edmonton doctor in virology says Albertans “are being led down the garden path” by government health officials in their efforts to stop the COVID-19 virus. Dr. Roger Hodkinson says the virus is no worse than a “bad flu.”

Hodkinson is the CEO of Western Medical Assessments, and has been the company’s medical director for over 20 years. He received his general medical degrees from Cambridge University in the U.K., and then became a Royal College certified pathologist in Canada (FRCPC) following a residency in Vancouver.

He also taught at the University of Alberta and runs MutantDx, a molecular diagnostics company in North Carolina.

“What I am going to say is lay language and blunt,” Hodkinson said during an Edmonton City Council Community and Public Services Committee meeting, audio of which is currently making the rounds on YouTube.

“There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians. It’s outrageous. This is the greatest hoax every perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.
“There is absolutely nothing to be done to contain this virus other than protecting your more vulnerable people. It should be thought of as nothing more than a bad flu season.
“This is not Ebola. It’s not SARS. It’s politics playing medicine. And that’s a very dangerous game.”
“Masks are utterly useless. There is no evidence based on their effectiveness whatsoever. Seeing these people walking around like lemmings obeying without any knowledge…putting the masks on.”

Hodkinson said social distancing is also “useless” because the virus can travel up to 30 m before landing.
He said positive tests, which do not accurately reflect whether you have the virus, are driving “public hysteria,” adding testing should stop unless you show up at a hospital with respiratory problems.

This weeks we look at the latest news that all goes into the melting pot of this One World Globalists Agenda that is being forced up every human being on earth that is brave enough to push back against this Cult.

We look at the company behind this new experimental RNA "Vaccine" and ask if they can be trusted based on their recent history. We look at The Vatican who appears to be trying to play the good guy (Babyface) against The Great Reset in support of Donald Trump as well as Biderman's Chart of Coercion, which is a play by play of how we have been abused under the guise of the "pandemic".

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This week host Richard Willett speaks with world renowned stage Hypnotists and presenter of Extreme Danger Extreme Hypnosis Jonathan Royle. They discuss how mind control techniques are used across the board and are being weaponised by the UKs Nudge Unit in London to push Covid Madness.

Connect with Jonathan here at his website


When many of us started off on our journey researching the hidden hand that truly controls our daily lives it was researchers like Jim Marrs, Jordan Maxwell and of course David Icke that led the way. It was my honour and pleasure to have David on Glitch In The Code this week.

In this mind blowing show David goes deep into who is behind the fascistic Draconian oppression being forced on all us right now. We talk about the Bloodlines of the Death Cult, Archon distorted energy and why this Cult want to harvest your DNA.

This cult are now attempting to change the very building blocks of who we are, our DNA is a receiver transmitter that relates to our "unique information code and receiver transmitter frequency" . What will happen when they have access to YOUR unique frequency code? and how will that effect your children and generations to come?

Thank you to David for opening up the doors for many of us to do this work, for being an example of someone who stands his ground and for taking the time to do this interview and share his crucial research.

Follow all of Davids work here are his official website
His latest videos on Bitchute

This week it was an absolute pleasure to have Sam Tripoli of Tin Foil Hats podcast on the show. Sam is an incredible broadcaster and and researcher in his own right, a comedy legend and all round decent bloke.

We talk about the nonsense of voting and the illusion of choice when both sides are controlled by the Crown Elite. We talk about how far these bloodlines go back, the Annunaki and even a bit of Time Travel Technology. We touch upon a bit of Covid and the Mainstream Media weaponisation of this madness.

Check out Sam's Youtube Channel here

Check out Sams website here for all of his podacsts, video's and incredible content.

This week I sit down with author and Podcaster Issac Weishaupt who's new book 'Aliens, UFOs & The occult: Use Your Illusion 1 is out now.

We look into some of the content he writes about in the book including a possible fake alien invasion via Project Bluebeam that maybe used to usher in ancient prophecies involving The Rapture, a newly built Solomons Temple on Temple Mount and a New Messiah connected through A.I and a 5G Smart Grid.

These are strange days and science fiction has become reality.

Grab a copy of Isaac's new book here

Join him on Twitter

WTAF (What The Actual fuck) is a monthly show co hosted by myself Rich Willett & Gareth Icke for In this post Covid 1984 world i am sure many of us are shouting "WTAF" multiple times throughout the day, and isn't it nice to know we are not alone as the world goes increasingly insane.

In this full episode we talk about the utterly insane new Tesco's advert where they ultimately will put themselves out of business and what is called 'Biderman's Chart of Coercion' which is a psychological weapon that is used to break down prisoners of war...the points on this chart are clearly a play by play of how we all being abused under the guise of the 'Pandemic'.

Check out more incredible content that is censorship free on today including David Ickes weekly Dot Connector Cast, thousands of hours of information the mainstream Cult owned media does not want you to see.


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The term 'Conspiracy Theory" was ushered in as a pysop was usher in by the CIA after the shooting of President John F Kennedy in November of 1963.

Psychological operations (PSYOP) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behaviour of governments, organisations, groups, and individuals.
This term was brought in to make sure that any who would dare to scratch the surface of what we are fed by the corporate owned mainstream media, would be label "A Conspiracy Theorist" as a mocking statement.
Through the last 15 years of documentary filmmaking I have been more and more drawn to the weird and wonderful world of conspiracy theory research. No I do not believe everything I am told but most Conspiracy Theorists will not ask you to believe them, they will let you make your own mind up...and if they don't then please do run for the hills.

Everything on this side is a theory based on the research and interviews I have conducted via my podcast series Glitch In The Code and my documentary films such as Plugged In: The True Toxicity of Social Media Revealed.