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Is Christopher Robin a Skywalker? Can he use the force? Winnie the Pooh deep lore analysis, star wars theories. Getting deep inside the force. Really bottoming out in the force. Going all the way in. As deep as we can go.

My first trailer reaction, I'm just such a big fan of star wars I had to make one.

Also, the new bad guy is scottish, and there's a scottish character in the new pokemon game? Does this mean there will be a possible star wars pokemon tie in movie? Are the universes realated? Is he related to the girl in pokemon? It's even called pokemon sword and shield. Lightsabers are like swords, and their new armor is like shields. Coincidence?

Maybe this is the future of the pokemon universe after pokemon go extinct. Maybe she's the bad guy's ancestore? Will there be a star wars tie in in the new detective pikachu movie? Will detective pikachu be in the new star wars movie? Is detective pikachu a sith? Is that how he lived all these years? Are porg pokemon? Is the force a female pokemon? Did the force create pokemon?

Wow, so many questions.

Link to the trailer: https://youtu.be/H_Z9orDS84c

My long awaited Death Stranding review may be a bit late.


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