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Cassandra Dunn Registered Nurse and Certified Federal Medical Investigator "The Covid-19 Test Swabs are Poison!"

"ALL Covid-19 testing swabs contain a substance that is a well-known human carcinogen which is has the capacity to cause cancer in humans" further that "the risks of which are greatly increased when the inhaled" further the EPA warns that this substance is
mutagenic which causes a mutation (a change in the DNA of a cell) that harm cells, damages fertility and cause certain very harmful diseases.

In other words, the two things they are using to "fix" the risk of getting Covid-19, a virus with a 99.999998% survival rate kill you. If you value your life and your health DO NOT let them use the test swab on you or inject you with their so called "Vaccinations" both are simply poison.

Cassandra Dunn has been a registered nurse for 20 years, has worked for state and federal agencies including as an investigator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. She has 3 science degrees all in health sciences and is a Certified Federal Medial investigator.


Dr. Sean Brooks says in the video, “Dr. Robert Malone, who created the messenger RNA [mRNA] vaccine has said no one should ever take these jabs ever, under any circumstance whatsoever -- he created it! And he says, "Don't ever do it!"

Thats right all of these conveniently available test swabs people are being shoved up the nostrils of so many forced to be tested for COVID-19 contain "EO" which stands for Ethylene Oxide a highly dangerous chemical which is primarily used as a pesticide and a sterilizing agent due to its ability to damage DNA making it an effective sterilizing agent but also a highly cancer-causing chemical especially when introduced through the inhalation passage. Lymphoma and leukemia are the cancers most frequently reported to be associated with occupational exposure to ethylene oxide. Stomach and breast cancers may also be associated with ethylene oxide exposure. Now ask yourself if Covid-19 is so easy to spread why couldn't they simply test some saliva from your mouth? Why would they need to introduce a test swab containing Ethylene Oxide into your inhalation passage and in many cases so far back? None of this makes any sense as its being explained currently unless there is another purpose for this application. There has been numerous fact checkers that have "debunked" this by stating "although Ethylene Oxide is a carcinogen not at this time please test have been proven to be safe". You know "safe" like cigarettes were in the 50s one doctor said that they "help with digestion" or Thalidomide that was given by doctors to pregnant mothers as a safe way to help with their pregnancies that caused horrible breath defects like "flipper babies" or perhaps they mean safe like all of the cancer cases stemming from the use of the common weed killer "Round Up" which was certified safe by our federal government? No matter how you slice this one why would anyone put a known carcinogen there inhalation passages? You would literally have to be mentally ill to fall for this. You have to wonder why the real reason they are trying to make you do this.


The vaccine IS the problem! PATHOLOGIST Explains exactly what is in the covid-19 vaccine! The vaccine IS the problem! This is a Toxic destroying brain and organs! THE VACCINE IS THE PROBLEM!

A scientific clarification of what these injections do in the head and other organs of the vaccinated people. The vaccine is NOT "perfectly safe" it is TOXIC! This is not normal, this is an attack on our population! THESE ARE FACTS! The Vaccine is causing the new variances while also doing massive amounts of damage to the health and well-being of hundreds of thousands of Americans!

The Covid Vaccine Problem and Yes They Think We Are That Stupid!

UFC 261 spoiler alert! Rose Namajuras took the win against Zhang Weili! Well done with the big kick to the head! KABOOM! She dedicated this fight against communism! Love it! #RoseNamajuras #UFC261

Dr Sherri Tenpenny who is a osteopathic physician and vaccination expert has just come forth with official data from Pfizer warning that "Men should not have sex for 6 weeks after receiving the vaccine" You may wonder why well watch the video and it will explain it all. Further since the emergency public release of the Covid-19 vaccines there has been a 6,000% increase in miscarriages in the United States alone!

1) None of the COVID-19 vaccines have yet been approved or licensed.
2) All of the COVID-19 vaccines are being distributed under the Emergency Use Authorization process AKA EUA.
3) All of the COVID-19 vaccines clinical trials will not be concluded until 2023 and are only now in "Phase 2" currently.
4) By choosing to receive any of the COVID-19 vaccines you are fully consenting to participate in "Phase 3" of the clinical trials and waving any recourse.
5) No government, employer, or health agency can mandate that you must receive any of the COVID-19 vaccines under EUA.
6) The mRNA biotech that is included in all the brands of COVID-19 vaccines has never passed any of their animal trials successfully.
7) By law none of the COVID-19 vaccines actual qualify as a real vaccine as outlined by the CDC's official definition.
8) There is absolutely no data in regards to the long term affects of mRNA biotech in human beings.
9) All of the brands of COVID-19 vaccines mRNA use pathological / antibody priming which weakens the immune system and increases morbidity.
10) Since the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccines there has been a 6,000% increase in miscarriages and infertility.

All six of the manufacturers of the emergency approved (Emergency approval means these vaccines have not been tested for human use or approved for unman use under normal testing safety guidelines, only temporarily usage have grated under emergency guidelines.) ingredient list including aluminum, mercury and have been tested on aborted fetal tissue. Now if being truly untested and containing at least those known poisons aren't bad enough add that the key tool that all of these Covid "vaccines" include is mRNA technology. Big deal, right?

So, what is this mRNA and what does it do? Well in very simple terms the mRNA is Messenger Ribonucleic Acids that are used to introduce a set of instructions to then re-program your DNA AKA Deoxyribonucleic Acid making it open to be further reprogramed at a later date with the further introductions of other new mRNA, hence the need for multiple injections. The first injection will change the genetic code of your DNA unlocking it to now have a "programmable platform" that can be programed time and time again in the future with the introduction of future mRNA that will then be used to produce the proteins, which are fundamentally the ‘workhorses’ of the body used in almost every single body function from movement to memory! The idea (or subterfuge) is that first they will introduce the first batch of mRNA that will change DNA and genetic code to be modifiable unlocking the door for future modifications, and then the second, third and however many shots you will receive after this will be "updates" to your genetic code programing it to do certain new tasks your body wasn't able to do before. In this case once the mRNA is installed the next batch of mRNA (second shot) will be used to program (or mutate) your DNA to produce what is needed for it to fight off Covid-19. The huge problem that this presents is mRNA Technology is completely untested especially in this scope and on a long-term scale. Those who are being vaccinated currently are little more than lab rats for the first and second stage of this type of gene therapy, that whatever said therapy does (good or bad) will be irreversible, and last but not least and far worse than all the above, once the first introduction of mRNA has completed its job, it will leave your DNA we completely open and susceptible to any future modification from any source in the future. This mean any introduction of any other mRNA from any source and any delivery system will be able to program your DNA to do whatever they wish. Another shot, airborne agent, absorbed through the skin via contact, all of it is all possible and as far as what that mRNA may change and program, well the sky is the limit because once access is granted to be able to modify your genetic code of your DNA anything is possible. We are talking any third party who possesses the knowledge and the tools to do this will have the ability to effect ever metabolic processes that your body preforms all the way down to a total system shut down. This is the stuff that Science fiction horror movies are made from all now being production on an epic level using fear and social acceptance to influence the masses that this is not only safe, that it's the "only way" things get back to normal. Trying to convince us that hat thousands of years of genetics, using good eating, exercise and immune boosting health that our God given always advancing time tested, immune system using herd immunity is a "bad gamble" at best!

To that I respond that the only "bad gamble" here is trusting the for profit medical Industry with an untested man-made mRNA to replace our God given and time developed natural RNA. Further there are hundreds of incidents going on all over the country that contradict everything we are being told about the dangers so-called Covid pandemic. One need not look any further to the Amish communities all over the USA, all of which have never vaccinated, never practiced social distancing and never went in for the mask nonsense. Further they gather in large groups for church, had very close communities and worked together in extremely close conditions. They have carried on their lived exactly as they have been for hundreds of years which if you believed the main stream science Covid propaganda the Amish would have been so completely vulnerable to the Covid "pandemic" it would have killed them off the face of the planet by now. It's the same with the homeless population, here you have a population that is far worse and more susceptible to the Covid "pandemic" the then Amish being that they to do not get vaccinated, nor do they practice social distancing and they have far worse hygienic conditions. Not only that but they share small spaces, cups, needles and other drug paraphernalia. If the Covid pandemic was as dangerous as we are being fed we would have seen a massive drop in homelessness due to a massive death toll from homeless but guess what didn't happen?

"It does not meet the CDC's own definition of a vaccine," says Dr. Steven Hotze, a conservative activist out of Houston, Texas, wants Americans to know the COVID-19 is not technically a “vaccine” and is actually “a dangerous, experimental gene therapy.”

“The so-called COVID-19 vaccine is not a vaccine at all. It’s a dangerous, experimental gene therapy,” he explains. “The Center for Disease Control, the CDC, gives the definition of the term vaccine on its website. A vaccine is a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease. Immunity is the protection from an infectious disease. If you are immune to a disease, you can be exposed to it without being infected.”

Continuing, the doctor says, “This so-called COVID-19 vaccine does not provide any individual who receives the vaccine with immunity to COVID-19. Nor does it prevent the spread of the disease.”

Because of this, “It does not meet the CDC’s own definition of a vaccine. That’s why it’s a deceptive trade practice, under 15 U.S. Code Section 41 of the Federal Trade Commission, for pharmaceutical companies who are producing this experimental gene therapy to claim that it’s a vaccine.”

Dr. Hotze alleges these companies, along with government health bureaucrats, are lying to the public by mislabeling the product.

Continuing, the doctor says, “This so-called COVID-19 vaccine does not provide any individual who receives the vaccine with immunity to COVID-19. Nor does it prevent the spread of the disease.”

Because of this, “It does not meet the CDC’s own definition of a vaccine. That’s why it’s a deceptive trade practice, under 15 U.S. Code Section 41 of the Federal Trade Commission, for pharmaceutical companies who are producing this experimental gene therapy to claim that it’s a vaccine.”

Dr. Hotze alleges these companies, along with government health bureaucrats, are lying to the public by mislabeling the product. The experimental gene therapy is “only designed to minimize your symptoms if you were to be infected with the COVID-19 virus.”

For those who might ask why the pharmaceutical companies would intentionally call the gene therapy treatments a “vaccine,” Dr. Hotze claims Big Pharma is attempting to shield itself “because vaccine injuries or deaths are exempted by law from any product liability lawsuits.” With no published animal studies and no long-term human studies, individuals who are taking the experimental gene therapy “vaccines,” are basically Guinea Pigs for the scientific elite.

The Texas doctor adds, “These ‘vaccines,’ which are manufactured using cells derived from human babies that were aborted in the 1970s, should more accurately be called an experimental gene therapy. They are an untested, unproven experimental gene therapy that poses a much greater danger to your health than COVID-19 itself.”

Dr. Hotze explains how major pharma company Moderna was founded in 2010 as ModeRNA Therapeutics because they were interested in developing experimental gene therapy using synthetic mRNA for the treatment of various diseases. “Moderna has never successfully developed a product for treatment of any disease prior to this,” he states. “An experimental gene therapy using synthetic mRNA to treat an infectious disease has never been attempted in humans, because of its failure in previous animal studies.” The synthetic messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) experimental gene therapy has previously immune system hyper-reactions during animal testing.

Dr. Hotze warns a similar side-effect could take place in humans when they are later exposed to the same coronavirus against which they had been previously vaccinated. The auto-immune response could set people up for a lifetime of serious inflammatory disease. According to Dr. Hotze, when people who take the COVID shot start to get even sicker due to the mRNA therapy, anti-vaxxers and “variant strains” of the virus will be blamed. However, since the experimental gene therapy is being labeled a “vaccine,” the companies producing these potentially harmful products are exempt from being sued for any injury caused by vaccinations.

Kassidi Kurill, a 39 year old surgical tech for plastic surgeons from Utah has just died from receiving her second shot of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine on February 1st. By all accounts, she was healthy, happy and “had more energy” than just about anyone else around her. Her family noted she had no known health problems or pre-existing conditions before getting her second Covid-19 Vaccine shot. Four days later Kassidi Kurill was dead. Her father Alfred Hawley, a retired Air Force combat fighter pilot was woken up early morning to the sounds of his daughter pleading for help “She came in early and said her heart was racing and she felt like she need to get to the emergency room," Hawley said. He added that when Kassidi got her second shot she instantly began developing problems what she was told were "strictly routine". Right after the shot she got sick right away, soreness at the shot location, she started complaining that she was drinking lots of fluids but couldn't pee.” all of which was deemed routine by the information provided on the website in regards to the vaccine. She died, 30 hours after they arrived in the emergency room a death which baffled baffled the emergency room doctors and has yet to be determined. An autopsy has been ordered by state medical examiner but since then the family has been trying to get the story out only to have it removed from the Internet by the likes of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube saying that the information has been fact checked and found to be false. “Did the vaccine cause this? I think that would be very hard to demonstrate in autopsy," said Dr. Erik Christensen, Utah's chief Medical Examiner, adding "proving vaccine injury as a cause of death almost never happens." But what is crystal clear is that Kassidi Kurill was in perfect health with no pre-existing conditions before she had received the COVID-19 vaccination. Between December 14, 2020, and Feb. 26, 2021, VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System ) had received reports of 1,265 deaths after COVID vaccination, unfortunately because of vaccination deaths that only being hard to prove but almost being suppressed by major pharmaceutical companies it's assumed that this number is a lot higher. From the time this information has been reported the big pharmaceutical companies, the main stream media and big tech companies like Facebook Twitter and Instagram are doing their best job at suppressing this information and discrediting the family.

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Anyone who says there's no evidence simply needs to watch this! It is very clear, as the documents hard evidence proving multiple counts of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election! This is a MUST WATCH FOR EVERYONE!

Now they are literally bragging on how they stole the election from the American people and Donald Trump! This can not stand!

Mike Lindell Announces the Release of a Trump Voter Fraud Documentary Presenting and Proving Clear Evidence of Voter Fraud in the 2020 Election to Be Released Friday February 5th World Wide on The Internet! “Everyone’s going to see this miracle unfold to be released on Friday!" Thank you to Faith Unveiled Network for the usage of this footage, make sure you subscribe to them on Youtube and follow them on all their social media which you can find at faithunveilednetwork.com

Dr Andrew Wakefield: The Covid-19 Vaccine Is Not a Vaccine It Is an Irreversible Genetic Modification to Weaken Your Immune System!

This technology has never been tested in any real way and it is a death sentence in both the short and long term. Do not take it! There is no reason to take the risk, it doesn't prevent Covid-19 or any corona virus, it doesn't stop the spread either and it can only cause problems. Dr Andrew Wakefield is only one of over 100 doctors worldwide publically warning against getting this vaccine! They are exploiting fear to make a profit keeping you sick. There is no profit in the cure only the treatment!

Then-candidate Joe Biden says executive orders are for "dictators,” then signs 37 in week ONE of his usurped presidency. Hypocrisy at its finest.

Yes we are sharing this because it seems the powers that be are trying to remove from the Internet all of Joe Biden’s racist moments. Here is just one of many racist moments from the Democrat Joe Biden when he drops the N-bomb! I mean what should we expect, he was one of the politicians that was extremely pro Jim Crowe law, his voting record proves he fought extremely hard to keep segregation and one of his lifelong best friends as well as his mentor was Democratic senator Robert Byrd who at one point was a grand exalted cyclops in the Ku Klux Klan, a rank that doesn’t come easy! Enjoy!

COVID-19, What is Really Going On?
Jeremy Elliot over at the The Iconic Podcast ( The Iconic Podcast )really breaks it down on what so many of us already know but too many don't understand, don't see it or don't want to see it. Its hard to not to but the devil is a great liar! We are re-uploading this and sharing it because the Internet is feverishly removing it as fast as they can. Isn't it amazing how the truth is getting censored so quickly but yet they seem to not be able to find and remove illegal pornography as quickly? They have an agenda? Make sure you swing by their social media's to follow, add and subscribe to everything that they have at the links below!

Video courtesy of The Iconic Podcast!
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This is one of many doctors speaking out about Covid-19, the Covid-19 vaccine and the disinformation the system has been feeding the public from day one! No doubt the system will attempt to destroy Dr Gold and scrub this video off of the internet hence why we are sharing it too! Watch, learn and share!

Original Video being shared from American Thought Leaders & The Epoch Times being re-uploaded due to internet purge of truth. Make sure you add, like follow and subscribe to them on whatever social media that they still exist on!

The Data Integrity Group, a group of data scientists, has been dissecting publicly available data on the presidential election in multiple states. Most recently, in Pennsylvania, they found over 432,000 votes were removed from President Donald Trump in at least 15 counties.

Time-series election data shows Trump’s votes decreasing in various counties at many time points, instead of increasing. In an election, as you count votes, you typically only see vote increments, not decrements—unless some error occurred that needs to be assessed.

The group also testified before the Georgia Senate that more than 30,000 votes were removed from President Trump in Georgia.

ShadowGate: The Documentary The Deep State Arrested Millie Weaver For Releasing

How much more do you people need to see to merit EVERYONE left and right demanding a massive investigation into this and all of the other voter fraud. YES, the media is in on it, yes they are rooting for the Democratic candidate THIS TIME but next time it might be the Democratic under the bus! Case and point is with a country as great and powerful as ours there is a massive value in being able to control and manipulate our government! From the Presidency, down to local government it is very clear by all the reports, videos, the easy of voter machine and data hacking, signed affidavits and hard even more hard evidence that the powers that be call it the deep state or whatever you want, but whoever it is has dispatched numerous nefarious tactics in the attempt to steal this election! Wake up people, all people, all sides and demand not only a recount and a full audit with signature and photo verification or a nationwide revote with 100% voter photo ID verified at the time of voting with matching signatures. The ONLY mail in ballots are to be from our military abroad and those sick or in the hospital no one else. If you can shop in a Walmart and the masks work you can vote in person ON the day of the election end of story! Demand this of our elected officials or else. What can be done? Just ask our nation’s founders what can be done! Write, call and email your representatives and demand they stand up for the cornerstone of our nation, our voting security!

This is the both the hardware and software that is used to record, store and tabulate our voting system data in US elections. Although it is not used in every state it is important to note it was used in the majority of counties in all of the swing states that are in question right now. PA, GA, MI, MN, NC, AZ and NV are among the main ones and there are many others. The company and the machines and software all have direct ties to the Clinton foundation but more importantly George Soro’s Open Society Foundations a sworn enemy of America, as well as China and the data is counted in Germany, and in Spain by a company owned by affiliates of Chavez and Maduro who if you do not know are also enemies of America and western society as a whole. Left or right the clear and present danger of fraud accompanied with all of actual hard evidence of fraud coming to light should set off alarms in ANY Americans head, if not frankly you are asleep or under some sort of delusion! According to numerous hackers both the software and hardware provided by Dominion and their partner companies is “some of the simplest software to infiltrate undetected and tamper with.” Apparently, the hardware is even simpler then the software since there is access ports that “anyone with a spare few minutes access can completely compromise the system and its data”. This is America, the strongest, smartest and wealthiest country that has graced this earth and this is the best we can do to secure our nation? We trust something so important, one of our actual cornerstones to our Republic to some foreign owned third party companies being manufactured in third world countries headed up by known enemies of our nation? How the hell can anyone think that is a good idea and accept that as the best way to deal with our elections? I think not! I think it’s time to demand that this be fixed! We the American people cannot blindly accept any voting results from any election including this one as long as there is this much vulnerability to the system. We need to demand an all voting being photo ID verified by signature or a new national voter ID like Read ID with all the new bio metrics security features available! Another hacker mentions it was “harder to hack someone’s iPhone then it was the latest software update from Dominion” that is INSANE! We all need to contact our representatives both State and Federal, and demand this issue be not only taken seriously but addressed immediately! We will not accept any decision until this fraud and corruption is addressed!

First and foremost Walter Wallace Jr is no saint. He has a a very long history with local police and a extremely lengthy arrest record including the stabbing the mother of his children, domestic abuse, armed robbery, assault, destruction of a police property and many more charges all going all the way back to his records being a minor which are sealed by the court. Unfortunately I'm sure his juvenile record is just as long if not longer than his adult criminal record. The media is painting this man to be some sort of victim or innocent "family man" but by his own definition Walter Wallace Jr fancied himself a gun toting felon, who was a career criminal that would not submit to any law. This is ever so apparent in his music video and lyrics as an aspiring musician, as seen in this video by Whohe AKA Walter Wallace Jr titled "Stop Playin" that is the repeated theme over and over again. If you are unclear about Walter Wallace Jr, he was the man who continued to stalk and attack Philadelphia police officers with a knife until he was shot to death on Monday, October 26, 2020 at 4 PM. The Philadelphia officers who have had an extensive history with Walter Wallace Jr gave him numerous lawful orders commanding him to put down the knife and stop pursuing the officers. This situation now has given the local population an excuse to riot and loot in the name of "Black Lives Matter" destroying local stores stealing groceries, clothing, sneakers, electronics and appliances because nothing quite says social justice like stealing a new stove. It is also important to note on the same day several other African Americans were murdered in the city of Philadelphia one of which a child, that the media, Black Life Matters and everyone else has seemingly ignored because it does not fit with the make-believe narrative of white cops killing black people that the liberal left keeps pushing to further their political agenda.

Numerous cases of voter fraud have been reported in the past four years and have become more prevalent. Couple that with the fact that mail fraud is rampant currently and what you get is the 2020 Democratic party campaign strategy! Every Democratic strategist has said that Joe Biden stands no chance against Donald Trump in a debate much less the General election. They know he has no chance in winning so instead they have to turn all of their energy and efforts towards voter fraud, using the USPS along with the Covid-19 scare to attempt to fundamentally steal the election from the people. Ask yourself these questions, why is it the Democratic Party is so adamantly against voter ID? Why is the Democratic Party pushing mail in ballots this cycle more than ever before? Why is the Democratic Party rallying behind the US postal system? Why is the Democratic Party the driving force behind the COVID-19 scares, the riots, and all of the civil unrest using Antifa and BLM? They are trying to undermine the US election by any means necessary, leaving it to a supreme court justice decision where we have compromised justices like Justice John Roberts, who has appeared numerous times on the Epstein flight list for the pedophile island, and social warrior justices such as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Justice Elena Kagan who have been groomed and prepared to handover the US election to Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. Wake up people vote in person, do not trust mail in ballots or the US mail system for something this important!

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Corruption of the US Supreme Court! Information coming out now that there is credible evidence that John Roberts Justice of the Supreme Court is not only on the Epstein flight logs, but has been compromised from day one and actually hand picked to be part of the Supreme Court due to a massive amount of incriminating evidence against his involvement with what is now being called the Epstein Network making him a very completely controllable by blackmail by the powers that possess these evidence. Allegedly evidence exists that would destroy this man, his family and his legacy including but not limited to actual videos. If true this would explain so much of Justice Roberts voting record its not funny and if true Justice John Roberts should step down immediately from his position and face the music!


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