Why would a woman stab a man? Name calling? Telling her to leave his property? A disagreement? All of the above! Women are as rational as men:)

In this article, we learn why merit is a bad thing from the leftist perspective. We should work on building Utopia, which would punish the strong so we can comfort the weak.
In 1965, 94% of college students were white. It was a travesty, because only 84% of the population was white at the time. This must have been due to racism. Let's do the math to see.

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Another week of women who can do no wrong, this time stabbing boyfriends or complete strangers.

Why does the media cover the trans community so much? When men are killed, society barely blinks; but if that man identifies as a woman, it's an epidemic requiring national attention.

I can't even write this description without thinking I'm in the dumbest simulation of reality.

In a surprise turn of events, a brown Muslim female appears to launch a racist attack on an Indian. We know that leftists/women believe words are violence, but don't they say Islam is a religion of peace? I'm sure this is the fault of white male privilege somehow.

What to say? Relax after your busy week of oppressing women with great entertainment news. Hustlers comes out Friday! Take your children so they'll know women who steal, abuse and take off their clothes are great role models.

After checking my male privilege for the week I decided to do my part to bring about "true" gender equality in the US. I discovered how to fix the problem of women not choosing the career and lifestyle the leftists say they should!
Any other ideas of how we can help bring about "true" gender equality in the US? Women's issues only please, let's not count men as a gender that needs equality for the moment.

Cardi B exemplifies the role models for girls. Go watch Hustlers!
Harry Styles is our first biological male to get the honor.
Single mothers are dangerous to their children and society.

Gillette cost P&G a small $8 billion dollars after their Get Woke campaign. Feminists should consider this a success. They were able to destroy another thing that, up until now, men enjoyed.
Let's be thankful we're not communist yet. If that arrives, we'll be forced to pay for our own brainwashing.

I guess this story is somehow the fault of straight men again. When will we get our act together?

Can I put a sad emoji for this one?
In Western society, women are entitled to you subsidizing their lifestyle.

We start with a few women who don't seem to mind living violent lives. Then cover a rare story: an awful single mother. And do we encourage women to behave emotionally? Or do we have standards for what behavior separates women from children?

We start with a strong independent single mother whose family protects her from the cops. We then hit Florida twice. One ugly low IQ Florida woman is surprised men are only interested in sex with her and another Florida woman entertains an airplane with hilarious abuse.

This is a little higher level than updates on single mothers beating their children, emotionally driven girlfriends stabbing their boyfriends, or mediocre female co-workers falsely accusing men and ruining their lives. What would our society look like if we had more men raised by men? What would the country look like if men weren't as weak?

Western society promotes single motherhood, a woman prefers payment in jewelry, and all cultures are equal.

Know about "regret" rape? Now we have "forget" rape.
And a Russian so-called cam model shows what happens when you're given looks and little forethought.

Who is easier to deal with? Ugly women or hot ones?
With either choice you can't totally avoid feminine nature.

Why does this article have to mention genitalia so often?
This was originally just a clip among several. But it became its own thing as I read how toxic femininity prioritizes castrated men over children victims of abuse. This article discusses the perpetrator's gender identity more than it does the crime which the perpetrator committed.

He has a point. If we look at domestic violence for what it is, and hold the perpetrators accountable, we can really help improve the lives of millions.

Had to split up toxic women this week for: toxic women in states not named Florida, toxic females in Florida, and toxic females in Florida with Trump Derangement Syndrome.
Women are angels and do everything right. Her body, her offspring, her choice.

Had to split up toxic women this week for: toxic women in states not named Florida, toxic females in Florida, and toxic females in Florida with Trump Derangement Syndrome.
Allowing toxic femininity to fester while Rome crumbles...

We're splitting up the toxic females into sub-segments: toxic women in other states, toxic women in Florida, and toxic women in Florida with some form of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Direct Quote from Le Bon's book "The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind" written in 1895.

We see people behaving in ways just to be a part of the crowd.
They protest to make our laws more compassionate to force compassion into the culture.
They believe we can end poverty by focusing on policy, and not values or mindset.
But the delusion that we just have to change government institutions as a way to direct the culture is not new.

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This week we have several contenders for best mother of the week, as well as best girlfriend. Some of these toxic women are older and unmarried, but I don't know why.


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