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This week we hit on two killer females. Did I write "hit on"? Because they're both horrible quality

In between the expectations of children and masculine leaders, we have the modern woman. What if society held the same low standards for men?

podcast: https://anchor.fm/apocalypsepopcorn/episodes/This-Week-In-Toxic-Femininity-042-Women-need-their-ME-TIME-ea491c

Some places aren't sending their best.
Also, are firefighters heroes or just typical violent toxic males?


Malcolm knew what white liberal racists were like in the 60s. I cut in scenes from today to show that not much has changed. The paternalistic white savior attitude of racist liberals still thrives.

Lots of women stabbing this week, lots of men not protecting themselves.

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We visit Texas to see how they're doing with the slow erosion of society at the hands of toxic female behavior.


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Lack of accountability? Thinking you're perfect? Blame everyone else? Freedom makes you unhappy? Don't quite understand natural consequences?
You might be a feminist!
Elizabeth Banks gives us a good case study at the mind of a typical delusional woman/feminist (same thing). Let's analyze and plan how to handle them.


Don't trust those who don't trust themselves around weapons. They're giving us fair warning.

A full upload of the video of Kitty Werthmann's speech. She discusses the tactics used by a socialist government and how the populace was convinced to disarm themselves.

Others like Mike Rothschild on skeptoid.com claim she is exaggerating. They state in no way are we on a slippery slope; this is just her emotional imagination.
In 2019, we have presidential candidates openly running on socialism and taking away guns by force. But -- no -- she's just exaggerating.

Joy Behar says what leftists think is appropriate for government. Women prefer submission over freedom, and as a group will always exchange freedom for the promise of security.


Why must women form opinions based on what "every woman" thinks? Why must women demand we enthusiastically celebrate every personal achievement? Whether she loses 5 lbs, gets a degree in gender studies or overeats society should proudly exclaim "you go girl!"

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I dive into some ideological propaganda from the toxic feminine world. Will I maintain my sanity?

In the 90's, GLB (it wasn't LGBT until the feminists took over) activists protested Arsenio for not having gay guests, even though he had gay guests. He lets them know.
In 2019, we have people telling politicians that mispronouncing their name is violence. Candidates want to be president, but can't push back against this.

Men have known throughout history the ingredients to keeping a society stable. But we've been listening to leftist propaganda and single motherhood values.
Blame us for the actions of one and we will act.


Why would a woman stab a man? Name calling? Telling her to leave his property? A disagreement? All of the above! Women are as rational as men:)

In this article, we learn why merit is a bad thing from the leftist perspective. We should work on building Utopia, which would punish the strong so we can comfort the weak.
In 1965, 94% of college students were white. It was a travesty, because only 84% of the population was white at the time. This must have been due to racism. Let's do the math to see.

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Another week of women who can do no wrong, this time stabbing boyfriends or complete strangers.

Why does the media cover the trans community so much? When men are killed, society barely blinks; but if that man identifies as a woman, it's an epidemic requiring national attention.

I can't even write this description without thinking I'm in the dumbest simulation of reality.

In a surprise turn of events, a brown Muslim female appears to launch a racist attack on an Indian. We know that leftists/women believe words are violence, but don't they say Islam is a religion of peace? I'm sure this is the fault of white male privilege somehow.

What to say? Relax after your busy week of oppressing women with great entertainment news. Hustlers comes out Friday! Take your children so they'll know women who steal, abuse and take off their clothes are great role models.

After checking my male privilege for the week I decided to do my part to bring about "true" gender equality in the US. I discovered how to fix the problem of women not choosing the career and lifestyle the leftists say they should!
Any other ideas of how we can help bring about "true" gender equality in the US? Women's issues only please, let's not count men as a gender that needs equality for the moment.

Cardi B exemplifies the role models for girls. Go watch Hustlers!
Harry Styles is our first biological male to get the honor.
Single mothers are dangerous to their children and society.


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