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Didn't accept your paperwork/filings? That's a criminal offence.
Is Joseph BLOGGS your name? Joseph is the living man, Joseph BLOGGS is the defendant in error, its the artificial person, but your honour, I have to ask a few questions first. Firstly I need to understand the nature in the cause of the charges against me, as well, I need to know is this matter civil jurisdiction or criminal jurisdiction?
Thank you your honour for confirming for the court record that the action against me is criminal, and now I just need to confirm that the criminal jurisdiction is under the common law criminal jurisdiction or is it criminal jurisdiction under admiralty or a military tribunal venue, because the court must be sitting pursuant to ChapterIII Constitution.

They will try and move on without responding directly. Repeat, I need to have these questions answered in order to establish the jurisdiction as different rules apply to each, and I need to know who the injured party is, and the nature and cause of this allegation. Who is bringing the claim against me?

They will try and move on again. Thank you your honour, I'm sure it would not be a breach of your Oath of Office, knowing you are doing your duty under the Constitution to answer these questions before we can proceed.

They'll try again to talk over you. Your honour I motion for a dismissal of this matter, because if this is criminal jurisdiction as you have claimed, I need to see a verified complaint from the injured party, and I have to have an opportunity to face my accuser. So who is the injured party? Why am I here if there is no injured party? I do not understand why I am here.

If they withdraw then repeat for the record, eg. matter of Joseph Bloggs CRI/2023/3333, charges dismissed? Any fees paid for bail should be returned after dismissal (if dismissed).

Last one in this series

Sorry about the Spanish sub-titles, just ignore them!

Maxims definition page: https://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Maxim
JurisDictionary, online course $249US from http://www.howtowinincourt.com?refercode=BJ0222 by Dr. Frederick Graves (Highly recommended)

Sanchia interview with Michael from Cafe Locked Out

3rd December 2022, Australia, "your" ATO.
Copied from original source for safe keeping:

Rod Culleton questions Department of Premier and Cabinet over WA Constitution s2 3.

Western Australia Constitution Act 1889, s2 Legislature to be constituted in Western Australia.

(3)Every Bill, after its passage through the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly, shall, subject to section 73, be presented to the Governor for assent by or in the name of the Queen and shall be of no effect unless it has been duly assented to by or in the name of the Queen.

Western Australia Interpretation Act 1984, Part II, s5, Terms used in written laws.

“Her Majesty, His Majesty, Queen, King, or Crown means the Sovereign of the United Kingdom, Australia and Her other Realms and Territories, and Head of the Commonwealth and includes the predecessors and the heirs and successors of the Sovereign;”

Transfer of Land Act 1893 (current)
58. Instruments not effectual until registered No instrument until registered in manner herein provided shall be effectual to pass any estate or interest in any land under the operation of this Act or to render such land liable to any mortgage or charge or to make any dealing in respect of Crown land effective, as the case requires; but upon such registration the estate or interest comprised in the instrument shall pass or as the case may be the land shall become liable in manner and subject to the covenants and conditions set forth and specified in the instrument or by this Act declared to be implied in instruments of a like nature, or the dealing in respect of Crown land is made effective, as the case required.
[Section 58 amended: No. 81 of 1996 s. 32; No. 31 of 1997 s. 97.]

62. Notice to be published before effect given to order
(1) Before making any such order the court or judge or Commissioner shall cause notice of the intention so to do to be
advertised once at least in one newspaper published in the city of Perth or circulating in the neighbourhood of the land and shall appoint a time within which it shall be lawful for any person interested to show cause against such order being made.

Slightly clearer using recorded screen share, recorded 24th June 2023.
Full story at: https://www.greataustralianparty.com.au/landgate

Documents showing the boundary coordinates, confirm the boundary between Western Australia and South Australia sits on the 129th Meridian.
Some history on the border: https://web.archive.org/web/20220109181904/https://www.xnatmap.org/adnm/docs/1genmap/sgcnr/1porter.pdf (that file has been saved for future reference).

Full story at: https://www.greataustralianparty.com.au/landgate

The Western Australian Police managed to get a "certified" "map" with a newly created "Border 5T", no name to the signature, no JP, no Notary, and no evidence that "Border 5T" is a jurisdictional boundary for Western Australia Police, South Australian Police, or any "Government" agency. The South Australian Government website (and a multitude of other government mapping data sources) show the boundary for South Australian Government lies on the well documented political boundary that was in place in March 2022.
Full story at: https://www.greataustralianparty.com.au/landgate

From the South Australian Government mapping data
Full story at: https://www.greataustralianparty.com.au/landgate

I think we can call this LandGate.
Full story at: https://www.greataustralianparty.com.au/landgate
#Sprung #Fraud #SicSemperTyrannis

I guess they'll need to shift the sign now!
Full story at: https://www.greataustralianparty.com.au/landgate


South Australian Planning Mapping data showing WA/SA political boundary of the South Australian Government area (South Australian jurisdiction).
Full story at: https://www.greataustralianparty.com.au/landgate


More holes they'll have to fill.
Full story at: https://www.greataustralianparty.com.au/landgate
#Fraud #SicSemperTyrannis

One side is Western Australia, the other side is South Australia.
Full story at: https://www.greataustralianparty.com.au/landgate

Supporting a lie is very difficult when there are SO MANY HOLES to fill.
Full story at: https://www.greataustralianparty.com.au/landgate
#Fraud #SicSemperTyrannis

A lie is very difficult to support when there are so many holes to fill.
Full story at: https://www.greataustralianparty.com.au/landgate

24th May Live-streamed, Rod and Len, what the tour is about.

Correspondence on the matter of an alleged bankruptcy

2.29pm 24th May, 2023
On record, discussing the prosecutor's alleged case.


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A video was uploaded to show letters, Notice to Government, but it was extremely poor quality so have removed it. The letters have been made into pdf's available from One Drive.

Notice to Gov https://1drv.ms/b/s!Akqvo-bLqyLOadbQa5axzF7ed2w
Notice to Commissioner of Police (address cv "fine") https://1drv.ms/b/s!Akqvo-bLqyLOa3w7DaXOu747edc