Rod Culleton on farmers taking their farms back, unlawfully taken.

Part 1 of 2. 20mins 4secs
Rod helps a distressed friend, Ray (whom Rod has Power of Attorney for) called him earlier today 22 February 2023

Deputy Sheriffs tried to serve Orders to take the Ray's home and to kick him out of it.
The paperwork was not executed - signed, stamped or witnessed.
No Crown order.

More detail about the claim

Right to travel freely and without hindrance

Part 2 of 2. 21mins 57secs
Watch Rod Culleton in action!
This is brilliant. Well done Rod.
Rod Culleton helps his friend, Ray - over the phone (whom Rod has Power of Attorney for) in a very difficult situation.
Sheriffs and Police were at Ray's house wanting Ray to leave his own property.
Their paperwork (Order) was not executed - signed, stamped or witnessed (therefore, not valid)

Kristen Meghan, Ex-Military, former Air Force Sr. Industrial Hygienist/Environmental Specialist. Her job was Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) was 4BOX1, Bio-environmental Engineer.

I AM WHO I SAY I AM ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9x-u7...

Kristen gave a ground breaking presentation of what she had discovered about Geoengineering / Chemtrails while serving her Country.
This BRAVE young lady has put her livelihood / life on the line for us.

This presentation was produced, filmed and edited by John F. King

Hidden free and clean energy is only part of the deception. There's also natural and developed treatments for the nastiest of diseases, all being suppressed. There's no way any healthy, self sufficient, thriving population would CHOOSE to be ruled by an unelected, self appointed, corrupt, foreign conglomerate of globalists seeking total control. Decades of deceipt. Decades of LIES.
The PLANDEMIC is a LIE. The climate "warming" was too easily debunked,so now climate "changes".. also LIES. The "catastrophy" is always 10 years away, has been for 50 years, and still is.

COVID UNDER QUESTION is a cross-party inquiry into the Government's response to COVID held on 23rd March 2022. COVID Under Question was hosted by Senator Malcolm Roberts (One Nation Federal Senator for Queensland) and attended by Stephen Andrew (One Nation Queensland State MP for Mirani), George Christensen (Federal Nationals MP for Dawson), Gerard Rennick (Federal Liberal Senator for Queensland), Alex Antic (Federal Liberal Senator for South Australia) and Craig Kelly (Federal Palmer United Australia MP for Hughes).

Parliamentarians heard from a range of Doctors, experts, economists and everyday people about how the Government's response to COVID has affected them and at times defied belief. The absurdity of Chief Health Officer dictates and power hungry politicians is all laid bare.

The full day's proceedings were recorded and are available here: https://www.malcolmrobertsqld.com.au/covid-under-question-a-cross-party-inquiry/

A 30 minute highlight video of the full conference, held Monday, Jan. 24, 2022.
An excellent gathering of medical professionals including Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Robert Malone and MANY more.

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) held a panel discussion, COVID 19: A Second Opinion. A group of world renowned doctors and medical experts provide a different perspective on the global pandemic response, insight into the current state of knowledge of early and hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy and safety, what went right, what went wrong, what should be done now, and what needs to be addressed long term.
Four Pillars of Pandemic Response
Dr. Peter McCullough
Pillar 1: Limit the spread
Dr. Bret Weinstein
Dr. Jay Bhattacharya
Pillar 2: Early at Home Treatment
Dr. Ryan Cole
Dr. Harvey Risch
Dr. George Fareed
Dr. Pierre Kory
Dr. Richard Urso
Pillar 3: Hospital Treatment
Dr. Paul Marik
Dr. Aaron Kheriaty
Pillar 4: Vaccines
Dr. Robert Malone
Dr. David Wiseman

WHAT: Panel discussion on the global pandemic response, what went right, what went wrong, what should be done now, and what needs to be addressed long term. The panel will also discuss censorship from Big Tech and the mainstream media, pandemic response effect on children, and vaccine mandate impact on worker shortage.

You can view the full conference here: https://rumble.com/vt62y6-covid-19-a-second-opinion.html

Listen to this and you'll understand why the "Governments" are suppressing treatments of diseases, eg AIDS and CV. Do more research and you'll see most (all of the big ones) of the epidemic/pandemic outbreaks were all created in labs before they "accidentally" escaped into the community.
The “Australian Government” made it illegal for doctors to prescribe IVM in Australia. Initially, they changed the “use by date” (shelf life) of IVM from 6 months to 28 days to restrict its use, then they banned it because too many people became aware of it effectiveness. Looking after your health, or preventing effective treatments to force jabs and controls?

Dr Peter McCullough explains when and by whom, tested and predominantly safe treatments have been suppressed, made illegal and banned from prescribing by trained medical professionals. Banned by politicians and pharma funded spokespersons. Think about that carefully.

Follow @PeterMcCullough on Telegram.

Mario is a restaurant owner - 300 seater, licensed, in Ipswich, QLD
He knows that complying with vax passport enforcement is UNLAWFUL.

So do the cops... but they tried to bully him anyway.
He pushed back, he’s done it all LEGALLY and without any dramas at all!!!

Here's his story -

Are you wanting to stay #openforeveryone BUT are:
- Scared about getting a fine?
- Scared about a visit from the police?
- Scared about getting arrested?
- Scared about a visit from the health dept?

He’s willing to give up his legal docs that he had to pay good money for to ALL small businesses owners out there (apparently). Link to the docs will be posted as soon as we can get it. So far, only a link to pay $97 has been found. These docs need to be free so we can empower as many businesses asap.

Hopefully this pharmacy stopped administering shots after this. No medical professional should be giving the shots.

Under no circumstances is rebreathing your used air healthy or safe.

Mirrored from "Uncensored_Doctors" BitChute channel https://www.bitchute.com/video/kE94UUoazktu/ (to ensure multiple copies remain!)
Geert Vanden Bossche - Makes a Clear and Expanded Easy to Understand Discussion

Geert Vanden Bossche explains the Evolutionary Pressure Placed on the Covid19 Virus with Mass Vaccination Campaigns (All age Groups) with Vaccines that do not sterilize the Virus.
The current Vaccines Promote Immune Escape
If there was a targeted Vaccine Campaign for the elderly, this would not occur.
As predicted the mass vaccination campaign has PROMOTED the emergence of more infectious variants.
Aside: Surely the Vaccine Manufacturers would have known this
We have been breeding variants that have a high level of resistance to the Vaccine Antibodies.
Worse still, the Vaccines interfere with the Natural Innate Immune System
Innate antibodies are directed against cell recognised patterns of Glycans; they are "fantastic" they are not variant specific.
The current vaccines out compete/suppress the innate antibodies.
There is a reasonable risk that you may be inducing a number of autoimmune diseases.
You will take away protection against a number of viruses that cause infection but DO NOT cause Disease.
Innate Immunity CAN eliminate the Virus and contribute to true Herd Immunity
If you vaccinate the children you take away the opportunity for herd immunity among the population.
Aside: Surely the Vaccine Manufacturers would have known this
The best thing you can do prevent heard immunity is to vaccinate large parts of the population with vaccines that cannot sterilize the virus in the midst of a pandemic; as for sure you generate a background where more infectious variants can flourish.

Geert's two main points
Mass Vaccination with non-sterilizing Vaccines leads to pressure for the evolution of highly infectious variants
Mass Vaccination - especially among Children suppresses the Innate Natural Immunity
-a) The Innate Immune Systems provides broad protection against variants
-b)The innate Immune Systems mounts a response that sterilizes the Virus - which provides the desired Heard Immunity
-c) The Innate Immune System keeps in check Viruses that infect most people preventing diseases and to outcompete this Immune system with Vaccine Antibodies will let the "Genie out of the bottle" for a whole range of diseases currently kept in check by the Innate Immune System that is not compromised by the mRNA vaccines and other Spike Protein Vaccines in their clinical trial phase.
In Part 02 mRNA expert Dr Robert Malone continues the discussion and solidifies the terrible mistake of Mass Vaccination with the current non-sterilizing vaccines with a particular focus on Children.
See Part 2: https://www.bitchute.com/video/g8FYjo1nqsi8/
See Part 3: https://www.bitchute.com/video/z08okdjAwVHE/

Molecular Biologist Dr. Gina Goad. Take a listen to what she has to say. Explanation of what is creating the variants. 15% - 100% Mortality rate.
Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Council meeting September 2, 2021.

Gina Goad, over 25yrs experience, specializes in:
Biologist Cellular, Molecular, Developmental Biology; Functional Medicine Practitioner/ Vega Biofeedback Therapy Energy Healer, Psychic, Medical Intuitive Medical Herbalist Stress Management; Detox Specialist.

Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario
BScHonors Biology - Cellular, Molecular, Developmental

Diploma Certified Herbal Health Consultant

Gina is a highly motivated individual who has excelled in her career as a Functional Medicine Practitioner for over 15 years and an Energy Healer over her lifetime. Over the years she has come to be recognized as a top go-to practitioner for referrals from chronically ill clients who have sought but not found creditable healing for their disease states. She employs modern medical biofeedback to access the body's internal workings to identify hidden causes of their illness and employs Spirit to access their emotional and mental blockages to create the opportunity for complete healing. Gina has worked worldwide reaching numerous people by phone and internet to provide services where none exist or are limited. She employs Wegamed technologies in the form of Biofeedback, Audio Color and Neurofeedback to supplement and uphold her dedication to providing world class Functional Medicine sessions specific to the needs of the individual in her care. She couples her testing and information sessions with the power of Nature's Herbal Pharmacy of over 150 proven and effective tinctures, teas, homeopathic remedies, essential oils and selected natural supplement lines. She prides herself on her rigorous work ethic, quality of education and dedication to her clients as she leads them through their illnesses, educating and informing them of lifestyle changes that will ensure continued health and vitality and asks only that they pay it forward to family and friends for the grand goal of creating a world of healthy and hale humans!


On November 18, 2020, well-known German chemist and one of the EU’s top graphene experts, Dr Andreas Noack was arrested by an armed police unit in the middle of his YouTube livestream.

On November 26th, 2021, just hours after publishing this latest video about graphene oxide and graphene hydroxide, he died suddenly.

In this video, he reveals that that Dr Pablo Campra from the University of Almeria had recently done a Micro-Raman spectroscopy study of the vaxxine and had discovered that the graphene detected in the vaxx was not graphene oxide (GO) but graphene hydroxide (GHO), which is an extremely stable molecule that is not biodegradable, so it basically stays in your system forever.

This is very bad news for vaxxine recipients, because he describes graphene hydroxide molecules as “the sharpest imaginable objects because they are only one atom layer thick…a huge molecule which is extremely sharp.”

In other words, the graphene hydroxide molecules in the vaxx behave like nano razors that cut the epithelial lining of recipients’ veins, which he believes is the cause of blood clots and the sudden deaths observed in so many top athletes, lately.

He believes it’s a case of “Russian Roulette”, where the syringe administering the intramuscular injection will inadvertently pierce a vein, allowing the GHO to enter the bloodstream, slicing up the epithelia in the blood vessels of hapless recipients.

And... from https://insiderpaper.com/german-doctor-andreas-noack-arrest-video/

"Dr. Andreas Noack, a german doctor arrested in a police raid

Reports also indicate that Dr. Andreas Noack was under investigation by the authorities for being non-compliant with the COVID-19 lockdown laws enacted by the German government. Some people speculate there could be more to it that is known presently. The arrest was made after the German Parliament passed the “Infection Protection Law”.

In the live stream, policemen can be heard banging furiously on the door of the place, where Dr. Andreas Noack was broadcasting. “It’s the police,” a man can be heard saying off-camera in panic. The video then shows police barging into the building forcing Dr. Andreas Noack to the ground. The police then proceed to turn off his live stream.

People who were watching the live stream are currently speculating the reasons for arrest. “I think the guy is guilty of expressing his opinions,” said one user. Another said, “This is happened to doctor Andreas Noack in Germany. After the unconstitutional approval of the infection law, police broke into his house while he was having a live transmission on YouTube. Those who cried against fascism have created the most criminal dictatorship in history.”
The arrest was made on a live video stream

Another user said, “Shocking footage out of Germany shows Doctor Andreas Noack being raided by armed police in the middle of a YouTube stream for apparently violating coronavirus laws.” The manner in which the arrest was made is extremely unethical, armed policemen just yell at Dr. Andreas Noack till he settles on the ground. The police do not state their reasons for arresting him, nor do they show a valid arrest warrant.

Arrests such as these are blatant violations of due process. Every citizen has the right to security against arbitrary arrests. One user tweeted, “German doctor Andreas Noack raided by armed police during utube stream and arrested inside his home for breaking Covid laws. Really, he is just anti lockdown and expressing his views. FIGHT BACK PEOPLE. If u don’t now, it will b TOO LATE later!”.

It is pertinent to note here that Dr. Andreas Noack also happened to be violating guidelines imposed by the government regarding coronavirus. What people do not understand here is that he may not be getting arrested just for his opinions regarding the pandemic, but his prior actions that were violative of government policies. It would be better if the police clarify the matter soon."

Rod Culleton has done a brilliant job over several years to expose the current unConstitutional "Government". His recent FOI confirmed "laws" have been created without the Crown Seal (since 1973 when the "Australian Government", the business, started trading July 1, 1973), and as such are invalid (in very layman terms!).
Find a copy of the letter here regarding mandating businesses to require jab procedure:


Video by Tim Dwyer, mirrored from https://rumble.com/user/TimsTruth

Parliamentary debates : Denying Australians access to Ivermectin to treat COVID - ‘A Sad and Shameful Day for Australian Medicine’

Listen up people, 20,000 nurses Australia wide haven't left the industry, thrown away careers, gone into mortgage hell because they didn't want to get vaccinated, they left because the NURSES KNOW the injections are NOT SAFE. Listen to the nurses, TALK to some nurses.

Mirrored from Steel Truth Media https://rumble.com/c/SteelTruth

In a rare dual interview, Dr. Judy Mikovits and Mikki Willis, producer of the Plandemic Series and Author of Plandemic Series https://plandemicseries.com/ at the Health and Freedom Conference.

Interview discusses who's responsible, who's caught and why the data will take them all down.


FAIR USE NOTICE These pages may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, such material has been referenced to advance understanding of political, human rights, ecological, economic, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues. This constitutes a "fair use" of any such material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.

Dr. Peter McCullough’s zoom call with Voices for Freedom, condensed down from 1 hour 45 minutes to 30 minutes. Now, more than ever, we really need to open as many eyes as possible to what's going on, so please share this video.

“As we sit here today, the vaccinated are, it appears, super spreaders. They are carrying large amounts of virus and then passing it to the unvaccinated, creating the delta pandemic”

Full Zoom call on Voices for Freedom Odysee channel:


Craig Kelly interviews Dr. Vladimir Zelenko.

The world renowned Physician of Presidents, and nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko takes a BIG RISK by speaking out fearlessly about the devastating destruction the current vaccinations are causing worldwide. Before a Rabbinical court in Jerusalem he testified how millions may have died and possibly billions may lose their lives in the coming years. Dr. Zelenko helped make the Vaccine Death Report that shows all the scientific evidence for the shocking claims he is making in this video.
More information available from: https://www.stopworldcontrol.com/zelenko/

Be aware that the globalists are making every effort to discredit "whistleblowers" around the world, including Dr Zelenko, but listen to what he says, try and find ANY evidence to disprove what he says. When you start looking, you will find the EVIDENCE supports what he says. Do your own research.

The world renowned Physician of Presidents, and nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko takes a BIG RISK by speaking out fearlessly about the devastating destruction the current vaccinations are causing worldwide. Before a Rabbinical court in Jerusalem he testifies how millions may have died and possibly billions may lose their lives in the coming years. Dr. Zelenko helped make the Vaccine Death Report that shows all the scientific evidence for the shocking claims he is making in this video.
More information available from: https://www.stopworldcontrol.com/zelenko/

Be aware that the globalists are making every effort to discredit "whistleblowers" around the world, including Dr Zelenko, but listen to what he says, try and find ANY evidence to disprove what he says. When you start looking, you will find the EVIDENCE supports what he says. Do your own research.

Courtesy of Project Veritas


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A video was uploaded to show letters, Notice to Government, but it was extremely poor quality so have removed it. The letters have been made into pdf's available from One Drive.

Notice to Gov https://1drv.ms/b/s!Akqvo-bLqyLOadbQa5axzF7ed2w
Notice to Commissioner of Police (address cv "fine") https://1drv.ms/b/s!Akqvo-bLqyLOa3w7DaXOu747edc