Another movie mash-up featuring Artificial Intelligence and trauma-based control


Another movie mash-up featuring TV shows and mainstream movies showing you subtle agendas..

Another one-off movie mash-up concerning Iron Man, X Men, Rambo: First Blood and Lord of War

Another movie mash-up dealing with future scenarios and agendas

Continuation from Part I. A 3rd part may complete this series at a later date

Continuing on with the X-Men Occult series of mash-ups.

Carrying on with the X-Men Occult series

The 2nd instalment following on from The Curious occurrence of the Number 3 mash-up and keeping in context with the X-Men mash-ups.
Just a few examples of the movie industry's fascination with the number 3.

Continuing on with the agendas in mainstream movies and TV shows.

Another movie mash-up concerning VR technology and Mind Control as shown in the movies.

Yet another movie mash-up showing a few of the agendas using the movies themselves



Part III of the Vampire series

Part II of the Daybreakers Vampirism series

A movie mash-up illustrating some elements that Blade, Daybreakers, The Strain, and other related movies hint at old connections with new ideas.

Part 2 of the guest interview/discussion with Rob Freeman

A discussion Rob Freeman and i had one night on the Dark Side of the Room radio show, August 22 - 2016
It may still be relevant to today


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