Part III of the Vampire series

Part II of the Daybreakers Vampirism series

A movie mash-up illustrating some elements that Blade, Daybreakers, The Strain, and other related movies hint at old connections with new ideas.

Part 2 of the guest interview/discussion with Rob Freeman

A discussion Rob Freeman and i had one night on the Dark Side of the Room radio show, August 22 - 2016
It may still be relevant to today






Mash-up series

More mash-up madness

Part II which follows on from Famine and the Red Rain Part 1

A mash-up featuring Blue Energy, a parallel to Wi-Fi and 5G+ networks.

Symbols Symbols Symbols... oh, and Saturn

Part 1 of a Multi-part series looking at Cubes, Saturn, Prometheus, Luciferianism and Greek Myths

A movie mash-up i crafted for chuck ochelli (www.ochelli.com)

Concluding Mash-up for the Spirit Cooking, Golems and Cannibalism series

Continuing on from Part I

A second 3 Part series that connects the previous 4-part series concerning Spirit Cooking and Golems

The saga continues....

Part II (see parts I & 2)

Continuing on from Golems, Westworld and Cannibalism Part I

An investigation into all things Esoteric, Cultic, Cannibalistic and Artificial combined and see where it leads


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