United by Truth

Pastor JD provides a prophetic prayer chart as a guide so we don’t lose heart in the face of unspeakable evil in this perilous time at the end of time.

thank God for these people. This is a must watch, it is over 6 hours long, but it is everything that everyone needs to know, so share it with all the people you know, and remember, in the end we win, because Jesus paid for our sins, and JESUS is coming back soon. God bless Paddy

Violet's Birthday day out

We are on the verge of a major transition that will lead to a worldwide digital system spoken of in
The pages of End Times Bible Prophecy.
Jesus is coming soon! Repent, believe the Gospel, and be converted to new life in Jesus Christ today! Tomorrow is not promised! Jesus Christ is the only way to the Kingdom of Heaven and the only name that can save you!
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ZEROTIME: Medical Tyranny Continues & Why Your Money Is In Danger
Josh Peters, father of 16-year-old Dazelle Duma, joins us to tell the story of how his daughter is being medically discriminated against and denied a life-saving double lung transplant unless she has FOUR mRNA COVID injections.

Mark of the Beast REV 13

CBDCs could lead to dangerous control, this is how to protect your wealth and autonomy - John Butler

From 15-Minute Cities to Climate Lockdowns, the Onslaught of Digital Tyranny


Bible Prophecy Update – May 14, 2023
- The Daily Mail, “EXCLUSIVE: Shocking images show the TWO-MILE long vehicle
encampment - made up of people living in RVs, trucks and trailers - along Highway 101
north of San Francisco as low-income people are pushed out of the housing market.”

- “15-Minute Cities”

- The Washington Standard, "It’s Still Technocracy! Trump Promotes 15-Minute Cities, But
Calls Them Freedom Cities (Video)"

- White House Press Release, “FACT SHEET: Administration Announces New “Smart
Cities” Initiative to Help Communities Tackle Local Challenges and Improve City

- GovTech.com, "The Biden Administration Could Be Good for Smart Cities"
- Children's Health Defense video, “Smart Cities + Pandemic Treaties.”

- The Epoch Times, "Christine Anderson: From 15-Minute Cities to Climate Lockdowns,
the Onslaught of Digital Tyranny"

- Book (on Amazon), “Vaccines: The Biggest Medical Fraud in History”

Holocaust Survivor Says Smart Cities Are Modern-Day Concentration Camps


UK Coronation - Beware King Charles THE WOKE!

the Rapture will take most by surprise, but not those who are watching the signs of the Times



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