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Results in as little as 24 hours and speeds up the loan approval process significantly. Our innovative automated loan approval process is fast and transparent. We have an approval in minutes or hours, at a fixed rate. We use our learning models to match the best borrowers with the most suitable lenders for them. In just a few clicks, we will find an ideal lender for your loan application. We save you time and effort by automating the entire process, allowing you to get the funds you need in record time. Lendify is a fintech lender. We tackle the challenges of the traditional market with cutting-edge technology and design, to make a seamless lending experience possible. We are proud to say that we are one of the most effective lenders in the market. Using automation has helped us speed up the loan approval process significantly. Automation has helped us become one of the most effective lenders in the market. Our lender matching services integrate social search, dynamic account matching and more to make sure that our customers get timely financial products.

With our lender matching services, you get access to a giant pool of lenders and rate quotes. We help you speed up the loan approval process significantly. In addition to lender matching, we also offer social search and dynamic search customization - which allows you to refine your results based on multiple factors. We are able to pull the best lender out of our database, which is built by millions of social networks and credit scores. Our lender matching services can also be customized in order to fit a financial institution’s unique needs.

We have a simple philosophy – fast and convenient loans. The services that we offer to our customers are innovative and allow everyone to obtain the funds they need.