this was a really fun game. it got the army vehicles. and after a fun ride. did we get in a ambush. that was not know to us that this could happen so we had some fun there haha. and after that did the game officially started. and did we push on to the factory

this are the first 2 games we played on Saturday on the Borne to strike shown in 8 Min. but for those how like to see a small video of the hole big game. that will be done later for those how like that.

If you are there you defiantly should take a ride in this amphibious army vehicle. it is a very wild and fun ride!

this are the 2 first games of the Saturday Game1 The Missiles and Game2 Kitchen Mercenary Game.

Any thing can happen when we have our friends from team wieert with us. at a big game whaha how will be next?

after some maintenance and some test did I give it a try at the Big game at Veckring. after this event did I made some improvements so I could load it faster and it will fire it even faster now this will been show in episode 3

In this movie did we play game 3 World Of Tanks. And the game 1 on Sunday that is called Ready for Launch. it's is funny that a game we hatted so much that we walked off the field. does give the most interesting footage for the movie... haha I think the main problem was that is was not really possible to see what tank was a enemy or friend. since both can come from both directions... so it made no sense at all.. and there was pretty much nu way to kill them off so als ground troops was it after a view times just down right annoying.

this is it the final one of the mag fed games in total darkness. there was a lot of action in this one but the batteries were getting low once again so it's a bit shorter. and less clear in the end. over all did I find it a very unique experience. I mean yes it's bit like playing a night game but at the same time it's different since this done in tunnels. so there are places were you really will not see a thing there is absolutely no light. and if you do create a light so you know where you are and can move faster. will go pared with the risk that you will be seen for a great distance.

shadow had a intense battle trying to hold of the blues to bad that the IR light battery died. and the other red players had a hard time to get back in the game...

now was it my time to surrender haha. I really didn't accepted this to happen. not that I could see much during this games haha.

here is the first game of Sunday. team red needed to prevent the blue team from bringing the Bas. to the evacuation point. this happen to be also the game were I made 2 " hidden blade kills" in a row something I relay will even try haha most of the time will I rely more on shooting.

in this game did we both have low battery power. so it's more of less like how we actually have experience the game but of us was the game a lot more clear to fallow. this one was the last one of the day. and was a nice fast paced game in a small part of the map. resulting in a intense fight from start to finish.

it takes some time before we see some action. but we did mange to capture a lot of cases in this game.

this game was played in total darkness with some exception of some rooms who had some lights. in this gamed dit we ended up with a large group and walked deep into the tunnels.

the power in my IR flash light was getting weak so that is why you see less of my footage in the end

this the first game and we arrived a bit late. and there were some blues very close to our base. in a way with the IR lights do you see more now than we did at the time haha.

this movie was originally made for in the MSC MFW show. but since they stopped doing intro movies in there shows. did I decided that it could be fun to upload it to my own channel in stead. And yes technically does also show a mag fed game that was played in 2017. but that would make the title a bit complicated haha.

the objective of this game was to bring the explosives to the enemy base. and the bomb could only be carry by the engineers.. and we were not allowed in the buildings this time. this was not the official game name but this game mode was edited on the last moment so this name makes more sense to me haha..

this time was only Shadow recording the game play. this was the last game of the event. so the group was smaller than before. but it was a fun game even if this was just a TDM game. the spawn point were placed better than in some games before. so it was actually possible to lose your building. and giving you a option to go around it to cut off reinforcements from getting in. that was something I did in the end but unfortunately it was not recorded...

we were taking ground fast in the beginning and later was it there barely any progress. but still there were some fun things happing in this round.

his was our first game of this event it was already slippery! so that took a bit of courage out of me to run force to the buildings haha... but the objective was for one team to stay in side de buildings and to hide some one the other team need to capture. in the last 2 minutes of the video do you see our defense game part. personally and our group did not like this game type. it did not really work.. with how the respwan worked. besides standing still in a building is not so much fun hahaha.. so hopefully this can be done a bit different next year. so you can really can clean some rooms!

this movie have 2 rounds in it. one were we nee dot defend the building with out getting out of it. and the other were we needed to attack the building and try to get in. but this was a bit hard.. since the respawn was in side the house. and the ground was so slippery! so running was really risky... I can't remember who many times I have fallen during this event.

this was a very short game. and I was the only one on the field besides jammichu from Force recon how was a camera man. but I did see the most expositions in this one haha usually did I look the wrong way when it happen haha.

PAIN the dancing penguin and Stabby the tree climbing paintballer this rematch got a lot of crazy stuf going during the the first BTS Mad Max paintball game.

this game lasted not very long because of a injury. so this game reset and restarted after a short brake. but it still had some funny moments so I thought it was still fun and interesting to show.


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