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Learn how to tap dance. No experience needed.

Get it here - https://unitedtaps.com/tapworkoutlevel4.html

Improve the quality of your tap sounds and get some great cardio in with this fun workout video. You’ll tap through each step in our level 4 syllabus. Use this video to have fun and improve your skills all at the same time! This workout comes in 3 different speeds so you can find the perfect pace and includes a slow walk-through of all the patterns.


Learn toe stand turns, nerve taps and switching pullbacks. Get the full lessons at unitedtaps.com.

This is an explanation of the Maxie Ford Kyle Van Newkirk does in the video below at 8 seconds. It's super difficult!



Learn this fun and exciting choreography that goes perfectly to the song "Can't Stop the Feeling" (editing instruction included). Group options are also included. Check it out!


Learn triple cramp roll, irish pullback, and double toe stand and put them together into a fun combination.

https://unitedtaps.com/ - We have lots more stuff that has breakdowns. Come check it out!

https://unitedtaps.com/cantstopthefeelingint.html - You’re going to have so much fun with this exciting acapella tap routine that also works perfectly with the song “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake with only 1 simple edit required (instructions for the edit are included). You'll have a great time learning the choreography and you'll get a great workout as you master each section!


Well more practice makes better...I hope!

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Awesome tap dance videos for all levels.