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https://unitedtaps.com/never - Get the full breakdown at that link!

http://unitedtaps.com/ - United Taps has great tap dance content on video for students and teachers of all ages.

https://unitedtaps.com/ - we have lessons, a huge tap dictionary/syllabus, choreography and so much more!

https://unitedtaps.com - Tap dance instructional videos of all kinds for all purposes!

Music: Radiohead Remix
Album: Phoenix Remixed
Get it here - https://unitedtaps.com/phoenixremixedalbum.html

http://unitedtaps.com/ - United Taps has lots of different tap dance instructional videos for you!

This video has an across the floor progression that covers beginner through advanced levels.

The music used is called Shadow on the Accordion Remix which is available on this album: https://unitedtaps.com/phoenixremixedalbum.html

United Taps has lessons, choreography, workout videos, a tap dance dictionary/syllabus, practice exercises and more. We also do custom choreography!


You'll have a wonderful time learning and performing this advanced-beginner tap dance choreography.


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Awesome tap dance videos for all levels.