Now, let us show each of you exactly who we are, and what our "perfectly charmed" life is truly like. :) lol When we said we are the alpha cunt bitch, we meant it. :) Just to drive the point home, before we go, let us share some of our private existence with you parasites. :) We hope this clears things up on where you bottom feeders don't stand. Are you mad that we have what you don't? What's wrong, assholes, truth hurt? :) lol

We forgot to mention how vast the ecosystem in our back yard truly is. It includes, raccoons, wild pigs, squirrels, possums, resident bobcat, hawks, cardinals, bluejays, woodpeckers, and many other various life. Why do they all call our back yard home. Because, we are the guardian of their home, and they are left in peace to thrive.

We are tired of seeing the division, and hate, so the thumbs have been disabled. This is why we are taking a break. It never ends. We don't need this shit. We have better things to do with our time.

So, Josh, do you accept the challenge of truth being presented to you, or not?

To all of you who stand for this, or behave this way, we do not hate you, because we do not let the agenda control us, as it controls you. But, if you choose this path of action, stay away from us. We don't associate with hypocrites, liars, and deceivers. WE EXIST IN TRUTH, and we have no tolerance for those who don't.

Greetings, everyone, and our sincerest apologies. :) The girls get noisy, from about 8:30 to around 10:40, in the video, if you do not want to listen to them cluck. They are unhappy with mom, because we put them in their coop so we could get a few things done. :) lol

So, let us reveal how people have no clue what they are talking about. :) And, if this is how people want to behave, we would rather not be here to see it. If people don't start standing up to this behavior, calling it out, and putting it into check, nothing will change.

We explain why "transvestigations" are bullshit. :)

Greetings, everyone! :D We were at work, the night before last, and we captured a shadow soul on camera. We saw it again last night, and others from work have told us of their experiences, and encounters, as well. :) We just thought we would share something different, for a change. :) Big hugs! We love you! :D

Our baby girl was taken last night by a Possum. We were awakened at 3 am to the girls screaming. When we went outside, and opened the coop, the possum was attacking Rita. We rushed her to the ER, and we couldn't save her. Her entire backside was shredded. We are heartbroken. We have reached our limit. We are done. Good souls suffer while bottom feeders flourish. They can have this place.

This video will be unlisted soon, so pay attention. Since you choose to continue to harass us, and stalk us, to this very day, let us make it very clear what your actions have brought upon your self. We told you to stay away from our family. Now, your karmic debt is being collected for what is owed. We told you your ego would be your undoing. You should have listened.

For anyone who wants to talk shit, watch the WHOLE video before you speak. Thank you in advance for your courtesy and cooperation. :)

Greetings, everyone! :D Sometimes, no words are needed to convey sentiment. :)

Greetings, everyone! :D First, one elaboration. :) When we reference "girls," at the 3:00 mark, we are speaking about girl behavior from our younger years through school, not the women we interact with today. :) We love each of you dearly, but the fighting needs to stop. No fighting in the house. Take it outside to the yard if you want to duke it out. When you get tired of getting your asses kicked by each other, you will stop. :) Or, for once, the youngsters could just listen to the old timers and heed the advice of experience. :) Why repeat lessons when it is not necessary. :)


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