Renaming FreeBSD to BSD UNIX in the kernel and renaming the kernel files

This is a very slow Linux in Qemu

OS install

This is an Old Solaris inspired to install by a youtuber named Backyard Tech

Booting this up on FreeBSD qemu

Although Not UNIX but wanted to show a friend with the cool-retro-term

This process took over 1 hour with interruptions of the database which resulted in a failure but once rebooted it was good.

This took 4 hours to install so this is 4 hours worth of recording.

To get this to work it was wise to use the version that the documentation spoke about and compile it.

On freebsd you need to tell configure where python is and also use gmake instead of make to compile.

./configure --target-softmmu-hppa I think
inside this directory somwhere is a firmware file that permits seeing the firmware.

Messing around with an older version of this OS that is available on WinworldPC.com

Whole process takes a while to install

This works on a FreeBSD host with qemu from 3 onwards


This is related to an old college project.

This relates to the college times as well as Ultrix did.

DECStation 5000 is a MIPS computer. At the time I had it there was a Mipsel Linux which was in development. That can only be net booted and accessed via NFS. I think this Linux was based on RedHat.

DECstation interests started as an old College Project in 1997 - 1999 times. Another class failed the Ultrix Project due to no installation CDs, this class installed Linux to PCs and left the Decstation in the large Class rooms.

The tutor who taught them (Des Stephens) was another who was in to UNIX, another tutor pointed me his way when learning RedHat Linux 4.1 to 6. FreeBSD 2.2.7 was briefly messed around with on the old AMD 233 32 bit system. 32 Bit operating systems caused these computers to reboot suddenly including on Linux, FreeBSD and Windows NT.

While dealing with the DEC although I couldn't make the Network of these computers. Installed NetBSD via tftp and NFS which was a very big learning curve.

Installing SunOS a well known BSD based UNIX by Sun before changing to Solaris and System V Unix style.
Figured how to get around that error.

This what happens if you log in with all CAPS

Another UNIX video

UNIX operating Systems

Shows FreeRDP and Old UNIX

Some views of Youtube as promised

Screencasting on OBS FreeBSD

This was a thought of technical drawing which turned out to be only for Level 3 students.

This is complete as it is all made.



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