This came from interest in testing this 500 GB USB External Hard disks as I kept seeing read errors. Zero filling is the modern equivilant to Low Level formatting done to Old MFM and RLL Hard disks that used seperate controller boards inside 8088 - 08386 machines.

Low level format has been performed by me on 8088 and 286 both had MFM hard disk using Norton Utils Calibrate to change the interleave on the disk.

On Linux there is a program called badblocks which behaves like surface tester from Norton Disk Doctor.

This was a final look before replacing this card with an Nvidia. This relates to the previous video that showed the bugs. Either they resolved it or my alteration to the gentoo kernel to make way for nvidia configurations may solved it.

Patch 0.78F used on Ubuntu 20 LTS

No Sound because OBS is not picking up sounds from games.

This is an old distro that I started with.

This is a little script I made

This requires a modified version of proton to work



Proton 5.6-GE1 is enough to get it work


The init leads to a small busybox filesystem

This user who made this possible


Messing around with the Linux Kernel

Installing a source based Linux Distro in to a VM

Renaming FreeBSD to BSD UNIX in the kernel and renaming the kernel files

This is a very slow Linux in Qemu

OS install

This is an Old Solaris inspired to install by a youtuber named Backyard Tech

Booting this up on FreeBSD qemu

Although Not UNIX but wanted to show a friend with the cool-retro-term

This process took over 1 hour with interruptions of the database which resulted in a failure but once rebooted it was good.

This took 4 hours to install so this is 4 hours worth of recording.

To get this to work it was wise to use the version that the documentation spoke about and compile it.

On freebsd you need to tell configure where python is and also use gmake instead of make to compile.

./configure --target-softmmu-hppa I think
inside this directory somwhere is a firmware file that permits seeing the firmware.

Messing around with an older version of this OS that is available on WinworldPC.com

Whole process takes a while to install

This works on a FreeBSD host with qemu from 3 onwards


This is related to an old college project.

This relates to the college times as well as Ultrix did.


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