Just some footage I shot in the truck set to my song Hammer On Down.

Please help to support me. I've been hosting all my content on my home server and have outgrown it. I am only asking for a goal of $60/year to get hosting from Hetzner. Any donations above $60 will be put up for a vote to you the audience as to which project gets the donation to. If the donations are big enough we will donate on a monthly basis.
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Another audio only episode. But I did throw in some extra footage I shot a couple years ago while driving Clifford. Plus this episode was greatly improved. Now contains MORE WOLFIE!

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Stories discussed.

The first official episode is finally here! And no Wolfie. He needed to go down for his 10 off. Nothing wrong with that but we still had fun for him.

Links talked about in this episode:
Man sues parents for getting rid of huge porno collection. Mrs Bonehead submitted this.

Social media users flocked to Pornhub during major Facebook, Instagram outages https://www.theblaze.com/news/pornhub...

71% of Drivers Take Photos of Roadway Emergencies https://www.automotive-fleet.com/3288...

Phone Addicts Worse Threat Than Drunk Drivers, Study Finds https://www.automotive-fleet.com/3292...

Driver Awarded $80 Million

DOT's hours of service proposal listed for early June publication

60 second promo for Break19 Podcast

I'm merging TruckinNutz with Trucker Nation USA. The new podcast will be called Break19 Podcast. You can find it on Anchor.fm as well as on Youtube. BitChute is coming soon.

Right now if you purchase select items of Truckers Against Trafficking at TA/Petro a portion of each sale goes to benefit TAT!
Go to their website and learn how you can help end human trafficking!

Break19Podcast Description:
Real American Truckers talking about everything involved in being a trucker in this upside down world we live in and other absolute nonsense that keeps us moving the the economy without having a total mental breakdown. Welcome, strap in and hold on, cause you're in for a hell of a ride!

Just showing off my favorite piece of software for streaming live on the radio.
Song played - Rusty Nail by Amber Brooke Band
Buy it at https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/amberbrooke3
Not an affiliate link!

Compilation of clips from my instagram.


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Just a truck driver that loves Indie Music, Linux and Open Source software.
Host and producer of Break19 Podcast.
Now thinking of rebooting my first podcast, The Unkle Bonehead Show and only posting it to BitChute for the video and Anchor.fm for the audio only.