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Video: The Fire Rises | Ann was shot when she tried to flee a robbery attempt by the Carr brothers. She died 3 days later at the hospital. They next broke into a house where Heather, Brad, Aaron, and Jason were spending the night. They forced them to strip naked and bound them. They repeatedly raped the two women. They then drove the victims to ATMs to empty their bank accounts, before taking them to a snowy deserted soccer complex on the outskirts of town and shooting them all execution-style in the back of the head. They drove Belfort’s truck over the bodies, before returning to the home to steal more valuables.

Holly G, who survived because her hair barrette deflected the bullet, walked more than a mile in the snow, before finding help at a house that called 911.

🚧 Contains language unsuitable for children 🚧

Video: Gemma O’Doherty

Screenshot: [5:16:57] March 19, 2023 Seminar including Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi and Pascal Najadi

"I will be arrested this week" https://rumble.com/v2dpfqy-breaking-trump-i-will-be-arrested-this-week-what-is-happening.html

Dr. Pierre Kory: These Vaccines Saved No One https://www.bitchute.com/video/WGEAUgtLUZ3x/

🦤 UN and Environmentalists Plan Mass Extinction Event https://www.bitchute.com/video/vbZpqk1xnPFu/

The same degenerate who prodded Mark Zuckerberg to silence "anti-vaxxers" on Facebook https://www.bitchute.com/video/kQ7wG9ygD2Bs/

The Jews Behind SVB’s Collapse by Brother Nathanael https://www.bitchute.com/video/QSL4VInJkhK1/

Imagine If This Anger Were Directed At the Covidiot Leadership of Canada, Australia, or America https://www.bitchute.com/video/JzzWDMoDa1Kt/

Maine School BUSTED Teaching Children Sodomite Sex! BRAINWASHING Them With Woke LGBTQ Propaganda https://www.bitchute.com/video/d8Sks0K2Yb76/

How many years has the U.S. government been building these 24/7 ? https://www.bitchute.com/video/S5doCE5Lit2V/

WarpSpeedGenocide ⚖️ The Vaccine Narrative is collapsing. Bring on the TRIALS!!! (Hang em High) https://www.bitchute.com/video/DVtikvLCJJhg/

https://europathelastbattle.net | "Internal sabotage at the end of World War 1 has devastated Germany, and its new Weimar government is riddled with corrupt men plundering what is left, all while overseeing the destruction of German culture and its social order. After it all collapses, one man manages to turn it all around in just a few short years. When Germany's people begin to prosper and start to live happily, the enemy declares war and seeks to destroy the German people once and for all. The true events surrounding World War 2 that you were never taught in history class, read about in your school's history books, saw on your television, or ever stumbled upon in a social media feed. And yet, it all happened. Scrubbed from the historical record and lost... until now. And if you try to mention it to anyone, you'll be immediately silenced or thrown in prison." - Apu Apujasta

Video: The People's Voice

Rep. Adam Schiff has been caught up in a child sexual exploitation investigation that has already ensnared some of his closest friends, according to law enforcement sources in Los Angeles.

But the big prize is still to come, as investigators ensure that all of their ducks are in a row and all of the evidence they are gathering will stick, according to sources.

Is Schiff another high-profile man with certain predilections who is “hiding in plain sight?” Considering the nature of the friends he keeps, you wouldn’t want to bet against it.

Did Shifty stray a bit towards independent thought 🤔🧐
and this is the system's way of getting his attention?


khazarian looting of America continues

Pleasant surprise, after a long absence from Facebook, to find more individuals than ever following my public posts. The number grew significantly. Partly because of the link from this platform to my FB timeline. My Friend Amanda has over 17,000 followers of her public posts but, she has had to endure numerous 30 day jail sentences.

Also surprised to see how many of my uploads survived the 🪓

Dr. Stephanie Seneff has the right idea mostly leaving her timeline to friends. The platform can find less fault with you that way. I'm trying to do pretty much the same, but it's difficult when I find good videos I know visitors there would be interested in.

Screenshot: Recordland - somewhere around 1982 - 1984 in Portland Maine

Special thanks to James for making this photograph available again.


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