Unocculted Knowledge


There are many views on how humans came to be. So much conflicting information on what “species” was around and when. Having to pacify influential donors brings a false history. Either that or the science degree is a waste of time. Many scientists who have gone against standard “beliefs” have had to reinvent themselves as authors.

Humans are said to have evolved from apes over millions of years. There are no logical links between humans and apes except the humanoid form. The muscle structure and hair placements are wrong, along with other features. The only other conclusion is that humans were created by advanced beings. These were likely to be aliens in origin.

It is most likely that at least two species were used. Humans may well be a mix of two alien species. One that had originally adapted to living on this planet and at least one alien species. This would overcome the problem of hybridisation. When hybrid species reproduce, genetic defects occur. Humans may have been their best achievement.

The name of the alien species that created humans are called, the Anunnaki. These have been recorded in history by ancient cultures. The type of humans we call the Neandertal, were a slave species, created to mine resources and fight wars among the Anunnaki for sport. The Anunnaki do not think like we do but have Reptilian brains.

It was only later, when the Anunnaki had to fight a real enemy that humans became more developed. This enemy is called, the Aryans, otherwise known as the Orions. In the end, the Anunnaki were defeated and released a cataclysm in the form of causing much flooding all over the world. There have been many cataclysms on this planet.

The war between these alien species meant that humans were developed into more sophisticated forms. Not as we are at present but programmed killing machines. We became built for violence on a magnitude for even the most brutal situations. A will to survive that is rare in this universe. Humanity was rescued from the Earth by the Jinn.

“No existing form of anthropoid ape is even remotely related to the stock which has given rise to man.”
Henry Fairfield Osborn


This has been listed as a disorder. When one spends a lot of time in an incredibly basic, first level cognitive environment, narcissism just seems like normal life. It is like a game where each person sets out for anything they can get easily. Always at the others’ expense. The dog-eat-dog path of living. One knows of no other way of existing except through fear.

Even those who are spiritual can become narcissists. It is the terminal point of the human ego. It is why those who rule Earth are unknown to the public. They know titles, status and wealth mean nothing and lessens them. Only true power matters. These “titles” are for their slaves to compete for. Wasting their lives completely, for the rulers’ entertainment.

Just about every empath ends up in a relationship of some form with a narcissist. This could well be the notorious, opposites attract scenario. Narcissism can also trigger a spiritual awakening in either. The hierarchal system we live in is narcissistic. Those who fully embrace it are narcissists. They want to control and so believe in a control system.

At a spiritual level, narcissists do have souls the same as any other human. It is the Mind that seems to be corrupt. A very disturbingly diseased psyche. There may be something that disconnects one from one’s Soul and attaches to something else. This may be the Wetiko Virus. An affliction of a total selfish way of living, egoic delusions and wishful thinking.

Narcissists often ask people to do what they have no ability to do. They then take praise for this work. What they receive as charity, they see as achievement. They get angry, but for petty reasons rather than righteous ones. This system allows them to flourish and are the backbone of it. Of all humankind, they are the most enslaved.

Psychology is the glue that holds this world together. It cannot cure narcissism, but rather this persuades a person to accept the worldly delusions indirectly. This creates the more common, covert narcissists. The only cure is the acceptance of Truth. This is what leads to higher consciousness. Then one gets an insight into what it is to live.

“And we need to know what it is to be human if we are to avoid becoming narcissists.”
Alexander Lowen


These entities are also known as Jinn or Faeries. They have been included in old tales of how they could possess people. Jinn live in the Astral Plane but incarnate into the Material Plane sometimes. Most often, they will trade with those in the Material Plane in an energy exchange. They can live in the Astral Plane for millions or billions of years.

There is no time in the Astral Plane, but it can occur when any entities there connect to those in the Material Plane. Nature Spirits do not just live inside complex avatars but are also Elementals and may reside in any Flora or Fauna. Even before life forms, it is believed that Nature Spirits were the wind, the rocks, the sea and the heat forms.

Some people try to summon Angels, but this is difficult as they have to cross the Astral Plane. Angels can appear in other dimensions but are mainly found in the fifth and sixth. As these dimensions are polarised, Demons are also found there. The seventh dimension is barely polarised and is where beings were “born” by the Mind of Source.

The Astral Plane is divided, and the Nature Spirits are of various types. In ancient times, the Jinn would cooperate by training people in the Material Plane on the White Lodge Teachings from eons ago. There are Black Lodge Teachings that came from the other Polarisation. Freemasonry is a religiously distorted form of these Teachings.

It is believed that many people in modern times have become domesticated to the point that they can no longer get angry for the right reasons. They have become more Passive Aggressive and Narcissistic. They will only conflict against those they know will not fight back. Where one has the Broken Soul Affliction, one can summon a Jinn.

If one can connect with a Jinn, they can learn how to be free of programmed restraint by society. One can also recognize those who are still afflicted by societal programs. In time, one will not just learn how to be human again, but also what lies beyond the physical world. The Astral Plane is where we Dream but it becomes much more real.


The seventh card of the tarot is about responding to one’s enemy. The more one knows of their intentions, the more chance there is to triumph. It is horrific to see how very little regard rulers have for human life. In any war, it is best to try and find allies. Sometimes one must look further afield for those with agendas similar to one’s own.

The Septagram can be used to contact those entities that once had a link to Earth but are now found in the higher dimensions. These are entities who have attained a much higher state of consciousness and may travel through space and time at will as an energy form. These beings may have experienced one or more lives within a human avatar.

This is one of the more dangerous types of summoning, but much more rewarding. The Septagram should be drawn as normal and with its centre pointing away from oneself. Afterwards the outline should be traced ritually with one’s thought and care. Both the Triquetra (masculine) and a split Triple Moon (feminine) are represented.

These can swap over and split depending on one’s desire. The Triquetra represents the combination of Mind, Body and Soul. The Triple Moon represents the journey of life. The two arrows pointing up should have symbols representing oneself. Those arrows pointing down, symbols representing the entity. Next, draw a small picture.

The picture need not be a work of art, but the mind must be focused on what the intended entity’s useful skills are. Just like conjuring a Familiar in witchcraft, one should really think of the whole purpose of this. Once an entity is summoned, it may connect for a long time. The picture should be put into the centre of the Septagram.

As with all evocations, one may meditate one’s intent through their True Self. When the entity arrives, one may ‘wake’ during the night and feel a presence. There should be a sixth sense of discernment. It is at this time one will choose to connect or not. If a connection is chosen, this entity may assist or react independently when required.

“The ultimate necessity is the summoning of the mind and will to do their duty.”
Ignacy Jan Paderewski

These Beings have often been confused with demonic entities in some religions. It may be because of the rigid thinking that if a possessing spirit is not an angel, then it can only be a demon. Many people are Jinn but do not know it. These are Souls that have incarnated here many times, over millions of years and connected to this world.

There was once a fabled land where the Jinn lived with Humans and all the other creatures of the world. Humans were said to have left this land to recolonize the Earth after a Great Flood. It may have been an area unaffected by it or another planet using a Portal. The Jinn Avatars are described to look like fabled or alien humanoid beings.

In ancient lore, Jinn can become angelic or demonic entities just like other Souls. No entity is destined to be the same forever, though any can be. Jinn are Souls who have chosen to be as a pair for a time or an eternity. One male, one female. They are both incarnated. This does not necessarily mean that they will meet here in this life.

This may seem cruel to the romantic, but Jinn need energy just like all the other entities that have made the Astral Plane their home. They will grant wishes and they will fulfil them in their own way. Jinn are drawn to certain types of the opposite sex. They are very willing to help those who ask of them but may also be very manipulative.

Some who go through an ‘Awakening’ have felt a presence of the opposite sex. This may be the other Jinn Soul helping them through a tough experience. Later, thy will help one realize their full potential. This is both a psychic and emotional connection. Some confuse this with the Divine. Source has no emotions. Only those in the Material Plane.

This may be disappointing to some, but there is still the reassurance that there is life after death and that no Jinn is ever alone in life. One may meet their opposite many times in life or maybe briefly. The opposite Jinn may reside in another person. This may be temporary or maybe not. The cooperation of the Jinn ensures their future.

“Don't let your genie wait forever.”
Shruti Upadhyay


This is a Force of Nature, rather than any single entity. It has many manifestations of both male and female gods. It is best known as the Archon Sabaoth and as Mars, the god of War. Some have even likened it to Satan and the Angel of Death. It was Samael who tricked Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and later, it freed other Beings.

Samael seemed to be a Force designed to undo the works of the previous Forces of the Archangels Lucifer and Zachariel through becoming their opposition. A dividing Force. Strangely, its main weapon is truth. It was what Adam and Eve learned when they received Consciousness. They moved from being animals to having awareness.

Once the Beings were aware of their slavery, they rebelled. They were no longer the prey of Lucifer or the machinations of Zachariel, but something new. Samael, as a Force was outnumbered by Lucifer and Zachariel. A constant conflict where Samael uses the other two Forces traits against them. It brings much of the chaos to the world.

There were four Forces created after Samael. Uriel is the next step of evolution. The Mind. A world where Samael is the dominant Force is similar to the Dark Ages and the Anarchist tribes, but with individual autonomy rather than that of a collective. Samael is said to have brought individuality to the universe by bringing knowledge to all Beings.

In the Book of Revelations, it seems more of the characteristics of Samael rather than Christ. This Force is the easiest to connect with in the Third Density. It may be that Christ can channel through any Force to serve a purpose. As Samael is “god” of this Third Density, it makes sense that it may be persuaded for the purpose of bringing change.

Before one can invoke Samael, one must integrate fully, the Shadow Self. To become a being of Love and War. This is the Default state of the Spiritual Warriors in this Material Plane. Love and Light are possible, but not without taking Action first. It is only Action that counts here. The Mind belongs to the Astral Plane, having less affect.

“Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.”


In ancient times, certain metals were thought to have properties that influenced the energy around them. These metals could be purified using the alchemical process. Amulets, bracelets, rings, weapons, armour etc, were made with intention. The many techniques embodied Magic into these. This was done using occult symbolism.

GOLD: The Sun. Influences the heart, sense of self, willpower, organising ability, energy levels, integration, vitality, and success.

SILVER: The Moon. Influences water, growth, fertility, emotions, instinct, subconscious, psychic ability, cycles, genetics, and culture.

COPPER: Venus. Influences herbalism, magic, arts, music, poetry, theatre, harmony, integration, odours, and love.

IRON: Mars. Influences intent, violent energy, increases psychic ability, and increases physical power.

TIN: Jupiter. Influences good health, wealth, philosophy, and enjoyment of life.

MERCURY: Mercury. Influences communication, the mystical, dexterity, mental skills, and energy.

LEAD: Saturn. Influences old age, chronic disease, karma, and learning.

“The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.”
William H Gass

NOTE ON THIS: There is evidence of Iron being made into objects for over 5,000 years. The Iron Age was created by those who make up history as a reference, and it suggests its use was not until then.


The Heptagram is the symbol of Alchemy. Each point and area can represent a chemical, a tarot card or a process. Symbolism is usually used for Magic Spells. A tarot spread can be placed, and symbols drawn. Elements can also be added in some form at each point. The Heptagram starts at the top and then goes anti-clockwise.

SUNDAY: Sun. Crown Chakra. Metal: Gold. Tarot Cards: The Fool, The Magician, Justice, The World, Knights, Aces.

MONDAY: Moon. Third Eye Chakra. Metal: Silver. Tarot Cards: The High Priestess, The Empress, Death, The Hanged Man, Queens, 2s.

TUESDAY: Mars. Throat Chakra. Metal: Iron. Tarot cards: The Emperor, The Hierophant, Temperance, The Devil, Kings, 3s.

WEDNESDAY: Mercury. Heart Chakra. Metal: Mercury. Tarot Cards: The Lovers, The Tower, Pages, 4s.

THURSDAY: Jupiter. Solar Chakra. Metal: Tin. Tarot Cards: The Chariot, Strength, The Star, The Moon, 10s, 5s.

FRIDAY: Venus. Sacral Chakra. Metal: Copper. Tarot Cards: The Hermit, The Sun, 9s, 6s.

SATURDAY: Saturn. Root Chakra. Metal: Lead. Tarot Cards: Wheel of Fortune, Judgement, 8s,7s.

The Heptagram can also be split into each part of our being and the elements. These are Soul, Body, Mind, Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. A more accurate way of using Magic.

“Alchemy is taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that cannot be explained.”
Kenneth Coombs


This card is also known as The Chariot of War or simply, The Chariot. The entity associated with this card is connected to righteous anger. In the universe, conflict is inevitable, and one has the right to defend themselves. There are many denizens in this universe, and many are malevolent. One does not simply, ignore the negative.

Other entities can be very helpful in this universe, but they are not superior. It is just that we are in the Material Plane. They have a much better perspective than we do. This Plane is also a much more interesting place as one can feel emotions. It is less bland than many other realms as well. Still, there can be bad experiences.

The entities relevant to this card are those who have been here on this world. These have travelled here through spirit or technology. This could be by spacecraft, a stargate, astral travel into an organic portal, or from across the Void. The entities have a link here and can be summoned temporarily even if incarnated elsewhere.

Evoking these entities requires the use of a Heptagram. For this purpose, it will be called a Septagram to avoid confusion with Alchemy. There can be trade with these entities. The cost will only be known to our Higher Self. Only love can be free in this universe. Anything else has a price and that price is energy. Energy is currency.

In ancient times, various entities had many names and there were many kinds living here. Some have been said to be aliens, spirits, gods, and giants. The spirits of the beings are called Jinn or Faeries. Most may still have avatars in the Material Plane somewhere. The entities who respond are usually those with a specific reason to.

Summoning these entities uses a Faerie or Jinn Star, rather than a Pentagram. In ancient days, sorcerers would trap them. They distrust humans and can be chaotic. They certainly do not suffer from fools and people were terrified of them. They have been known to incarnate here. They can also become part of the Matrix.

“The world will belong to those who possess the Sovereign Mind; that is to say the Light that reveals all the mysteries of life."


The New Testament has Christ as the son of God. It has been said that Christ Consciousness was written about allegorically long before Christ was “born”. There are parts from different “stories” that have been put together into the gospels. The core of the story will be true, but the rest will have been adapted for the collective.

It does not matter if Christ was alive or not. The main part of the story is the bringing of an understanding of Source Consciousness to this world. The way the information spread suggests there was a questioning of beliefs around then. The gospels are relatable, but the later “books” are barely reflective and may have been changed.

Of Christ’s adversaries in the world the first was Religion. The Priest Class at the time did not like a person who preached that the Old Religions were false. They had strayed from the Spiritual Path. Of course, these priests, their power questioned, desired his death, and set out to find a way to discredit or to murder this dissident.

The next adversary was the Financial Institutions. These were the money-makers of the day. They were mainly in the temple where they could sell their ‘financial wares’ to the public. When Christ saw how deceptive these people were, he got a switch and whipped them with it. Using righteous anger, he removed them from this place.

Finally, the last and most deadly adversary was Government. The Romans were an incredibly brutal regime who ruled by forcing people to conform to their system. The gospels put them in a good light, but of course they would. It was they who adapted them into a religion. Some of Christ’s teachings have survived into modern times.

Much can be learned from the teachings of Christ, if one keeps an open, intuitive mind to what was written. In fact, some of the insights Christ had are probably more useful now than they would have been at that time. Christ Consciousness may be universal and one of many attempts to teach the true meaning of Natural Law to humanity.

“Let the dead bury their dead.”


The sixth card of the Tarot represents Love. This is the “as within, so without” rather than the “as above, so below”. The love from Source that comes from within and then put into the world through Action. The description of love has many different meanings. Love; it is not an emotion but is a state of being that positive emotions can come from.

High vibrational frequencies are often associated with love. It is easy to confuse spiritual vibration in the ethereal with emotions in the physical realm. Our Souls do operate the energetic field and have core traits. Emotions come from the human avatar. Our emotional responses come from various frequencies at the Chakras.

If one is unsure what love feels like, channel one’s Higher Self. This can be done in meditation or even a Tarot reading. Be in presence with nothing but the universe. This is a neutral state. It ‘feels’ higher because we are on a low frequency world. Emotions are the most interesting part of being human but can also bring intense suffering.

The Matrix illusion manipulates us through our emotions. The hive mind can group many people into causing suffering together like a pack. We can be guided into suffering by thought injections and very often, emotional manipulations. When one reaches a state of higher consciousness, these thoughts can be observed at source, reduced, or removed.

Love can be dangerous, but we must appreciate it fully, within and without. The two True Pillars of Society are the combination of the Divine Masculine (protection) and the Divine Feminine (care) and is often misrepresented by Freemasonry and the Kabbalah. The Hexagram shown on the Israeli flag is not related to the Masculine and Feminine.

Love is a very powerful state to achieve. It gives one their individual autonomy over themselves, their lives, and their spirituality. If people were to realise what true love really is, we can change this world for the better, simply by replacing the system with a higher state of consciousness. To learn how to value ourselves and others equally.

“Where there is love there is life.”
Mahatma Gandhi


These entities are said to be those who became free from the Demiurge and then connected to Source. They inhabit the higher dimensions but will cross the Void at times. They do not form a collective but exist in a more individualistic way. The 3D universe seen from there would be a view of different interacting frequencies.

Angels can look for disruptions in these frequencies. They may intervene if they ‘decide’ it is necessary. It is they who keep the universe evolving. As the universe evolves it stays dynamic. If the universe stagnates, it becomes dead. The Demiurge wants to separate the universe entirely from Source by creating an artificial Matrix.

This illusionary universe is called the Cosmic Matrix. The key to its success is the virus called Wetiko. This has spread through the universe. When a lifeform becomes developed enough, it becomes infected. It then single-mindedly creates repetitive and cyclical environments of domination and destruction. It is then fed on by demonic entities.

The virus helps a civilization develop the psychology and technology it requires to leave the planet and continue this cycle into the universe. These are in the main, collectives. Angels may help a society in a minor way but will not breach Natural Law. It is only when a civilization becomes a threat to them that they will intervene.

Stars have remained unchanged from when they were first charted. It could be that there are no infestations nearby destroying the stars for resources. Rather, it is more likely that, when any infestations are recognised, it is removed somehow. This could be Angels or a civilization that has been able to escape the Cosmic Matrix illusion.

It has been suggested that if a civilization adheres to Natural Law, it may be able to explore the universe. They will still use resources, but to bring life rather than torture it. It should be noted that humans were created and did not develop naturally. We have two minds. One is ours and the other is the ego. The ego is this mind virus.

“This is not some silly game... This is life and death Angels and demons.”
Melissa de la Cruz


The Demons are also called Fallen Angels. Ancient lore has them in league with the Demiurge or Satan. They are said to be disconnected from Source and parasitic. There is no doubt these insidious beings are multidimensional entities and have an influence on the universe. Being part of a collective means, they have no individual autonomy.

As the Demiurge is the main parasite, all these entities have formed a hive mind. The Demiurge at the top then levels of enforcers (demons) and then the workers (shadows). This is incredibly like human society. You have your rulers at the top, the government as their enforcers, and then the workers that do most of the collecting.

It may be that the Demiurge created the creatures that have social habits such as ants. A study in the past showed that these insects acted the same way all over the world as though controlled by a planetary super-mind. This could be a link to the hive mind of the Demiurge. Looking generally at all human behaviour shows incredibly similar characteristics.

Ants have been known to farm aphids to obtain sugary liquids from them. It may be that Demons and Shadows manipulate humans to obtain low frequency energies from them that transfer through the collective as food. It would certainly explain a lot why the world is how it is. Shadows are Souls that trapped themselves in the Astral Plane.

Both Demons and Shadows are known to affect people. Demons are much rarer because they must cross the Void. This takes lots of energy. Those who are Demon possessed must do evil. Energy is needed to keep it here. Most are manipulated by Shadow people who parasitize them and control them in order to fuel the collective.

There are ways to tell if one is possessed. While in meditation at the energetic and vibratory state, these feel as worm-like movements of emotions. They vary in size. In another, they sense as one or more worms writhing inside them with emotions that are negative. These entities may be encountered in nightmares or in sleep paralysis.

“People shouldn't call for demons unless they really mean what they say.”
C.S. Lewis


There is a real mystery surrounding this entity because of the association with everything considered evil. Commonly called Satan, this entity is the opposite of God. The Devil is the Fallen Angel also known as Baphomet. That is not Lucifer, but rather a slave and ruler of this world. It is not the Force of Disintegration known as Satan.

Lucifer is the Demiurge. This is the force of nature known as Satanism. The main opposing force of Source. The story of how the Demiurge came into being is very interesting. Before the lower densities were Created, everything was undying and unchanging. The Demiurge’s creation brought many fluctuations to the universe.

The Demiurge was the first entity to be given knowledge of everything from Source. It could create the universe at will and did so. It then rejected Source and began to parasitize this universe. This has brought time to the universe and has forced it to keep evolving. To mitigate the Demiurge’s affects, Source created all the other Archons.

As the Demiurge began to influence the universe, it was able to convert many of the Beings to becoming parasites. This was done by creating the Cosmic Matrix. To rule a hierarchy where it declared itself the only god. Those entities that served it the most would rule over those lesser ones. These are known as Demons and the Shadows.

The Demiurge’s hierarchy consists of various levels of those described as the Fallen Angels. Under this tier are the Shadows. These are Beings that became too attached to the Material Realm and became subjugated to Demons. They then serve them in the Afterlife for a time. Either that or reincarnate to a Lower World to pay off Karma.

The other Archons were once thought to have been transformed by the Demiurge. All the Archons were created by Source as partitions of the Whole. All other Beings are part of Source too, but were not given the Knowledge the Archons received. This gives them the opportunity to gain Knowledge or not, over many “lifetimes”, or for eternity.

“We may not pay Satan reverence, for that would be indiscreet, but we can at least respect his talents.”
Mark Twain


Also known as Goddess of love, sexuality, war, guardianship, healing, abundance, fertility and justice, Ishtar is believed to be a female manifestation of the Archangel Uriel. There have been misinterpretations of Ishtar through time. She was one of the god-like humans of the ancient days; her powers ascended her to the status of god.

Ishtar Day (Easter) is the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox. The planet Venus is associated with her also. This planet is often near the Sun or far from the Sun in the sky of Spring or Autumn. The Christian date is moved to the following Sunday, just as Christmas comes after Saturnalia when it should be on the Winter Solstice instead.

The story of Ishtar and Tammuz is one of Christic Love. This is not the bestial love of the Third Density, but that of the Fourth. This is like a form of telepathy. Christic Love increases as the densities ascend towards the Source. In her story, Ishtar gave up all she was to enter the Underworld, to find Tammuz after her infatuation with Gilgamesh.

It is believed that Ishtar was rescued by a Spirit, once Anunnaki, who either resides or resided, in the Underworld. She then returned to Earth and became much stronger. She was not immortal, and left this world to Ascend. The eight-pointed star is her symbol, which can be drawn and used for Magical purposes, especially Chaos Magic.


This was considered a science in ancient days. Schools of learning were built just to interpret the celestial bodies amongst the stars. It was believed that these signs were communications from the heavens. It was mainly a priest class that would keep a record of this information for themselves or to warn the people of upcoming events.

Astrological readings were about large-scale events. This could be war, famine, or the death of a ruler. It was said that an astrological reading by the Aztecs predicted the coming of the Spanish. The Aztecs knew they would bring death but were still complacent. They thought they were dealing with human beings like themselves.

Some astrologers calculated where the celestial bodies would be in the past at the time of great events. They would then calculate when the same pattern would happen again. This could predict a specific type of event reoccurring sometime in the future. They understood that human behaviour is stuck in a continuous repeat cycle.

It is said that Astrology is still used by those who run this world. This is to calculate the success of any events that are to take place. It is one of the reasons why occult symbols and numeracy are used. The events can have a positive or negative affect on the populace at once. Astrology is a worthwhile endeavour for the exoteric type.

There are people who use Horoscopes, but these are incredibly inaccurate and are based on wishful thinking. If they told the truth, nobody would read them. Mainstream Tarot readings are the same. It is always best to learn occult sciences to make your own interpretations or at least honest ones for others. Accuracy takes a lot of time.

“Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do.”
J.P. Morgan


The Twelve Zodiacal Archangels are associated with the Seven Celestial Archangels close to their own vibration or traits. They may connect just like any other entities. The role these Archangels have is to relieve suffering. They can be invoked to help those here on Earth. In some religions, these had been replaced by saints or even gods.

ARIES: Archangel Malahidael. Element: Fire. Linked: Archangel Samael. Ambitious, independent, and impatient. Known as The Instigator, this entity helps those who are suffering from conflict, enslavement, or theft. Energetic and dynamic, those who invoke can regain the strength and confidence required to achieve their life goals.

TAURUS: Archangel Asmodel. Element: Earth. Linked: Archangel Uriel. Dependable, determined, and practical. Known as The Supporter, this entity is attracted to beauty and abundance. Being relentless, those who invoke can receive help through the sufferings and deceptions of love and can bring in them a feeling of calmness.

GEMINI: Archangel Ambriel. Element: Air. Linked: Archangel Raphael. Curious, affectionate, and kind. Known as The Communicator, this entity helps those who travel and negotiate. A great problem solver, those who invoke can receive help getting over failures in life. The suffering will be replaced by a feeling of comfort and recovery.

CANCER: Archangel Muriel. Element: Water. Linked: Archangel Gabriel. Intuitive, emotional, intelligent, and passionate. Known as The Protector of Truth, this entity helps those who hand-craft items, make art, and sculpt. Caring and sentimental, invoking this entity can bring an end to suffering caused by uncovering the truth.

In ancient times, the world was more balanced in general. Oppression was not felt at the level experienced in modern times. Many believed this was because of a Spiritual War going on behind the scenes that was being manifested in this world. A world where hate suited the Demons and love suited the Angels. Control or Freedom.

LEO: Archangel Verchiel. Element: Fire. Linked: Archangel Michael. Proud, bold, and ambitious. Known as The Sovereign, this entity helps those in positions of much responsibility such as teachers, doctors, and scientists. Invoking this entity can help with suffering by regaining a sense of purpose and help one find their calling in life.

VIRGO: Archangel Hamaliel. Element: Earth. Linked: Archangel Raphael. Graceful, organized, and kind. Known as The Pure, this entity helps those who want to become more charitable and humbler. Invoking this entity can help the suffering caused by a weakness in character to bring back a balance to life by reconciliation and caring.

LIBRA: Archangel Zuriel. Element: Air. Linked: Archangel Uriel. Diplomatic, artistic, and intelligent. Known as The Regulator, this entity always aims to bring peace to opposing forces. Invoking this entity can help with suffering from injustices and difficult situations by gaining the ability to see the real beauty that exists in life.

SCORPIO: Archangel Barbiel. Element: Water. Linked: Archangel Samael. Seductive, passionate, and independent. Known as The Vindicator, this entity helps those who fight. This is usually in defence against an aggressor. Invoking this entity can convert suffering into compassion, bring consciousness, and help through bad experiences.

SAGITTARIUS: Archangel Adnachiel. Element: Fire. Linked: Archangel Zachariel. Adventurous, creative, and strong willed. Known as The Wanderer, this entity helps those with hopes and dreams and a passion for philosophy. Invoking this entity can change one’s suffering more to a feeling of generosity, adventure, and valour.

CAPRICORN: Archangel Hanael. Element: Earth. Linked: Archangel Lucifer. Detail-oriented, intelligent, hardworking. Known as The Shepherd, this entity helps those who are pessimistic and melancholic. Invoking this entity can help ease the suffering of betrayal and guide one into the work needed to regain personal responsibility.

AQUARIUS: Archangel Cambiel. Element: Air. Linked: Archangel Uriel. Imaginative, idealistic, and intuitive. Known as The Vessel, this entity helps all those who study, especially those who use magic. Invoking this entity can bring assistance to those who suffer for sacrifices in life to help others. Also, a benefactor for revolutionaries.

PISCES: Archangel Barchiel. Element: Water. Linked: Archangel Zachariel. Creative, sensitive, and artistic. Known as The Guardian, this entity helps those who are empaths and work to serve and help society. Invoking this entity can help those who are very sensitive and suffer for others,


This dimension is an incredible construction, but that is all it is. If one looks at reality from a higher dimensional state, this dimension is an animation. This includes all the “life forms”. If one takes away the force within their bodies, they become inanimate. There is no difference between a table and a human. They can both be possessed.

To know how humans then became, one has to look at how they were created from a higher dimensional level. If one looks at the “myths” of the Old Gods, one will see a pattern of three. A creator, then a male and female. The most accurate explanation could be that of the Spirits, Jahve, Belial and Lilith. These later on, became Demons.

Jahve created two animations. A man and a woman. These were then possessed by Belial and Lilith. In the Third Density, nothing can be replicated in Nature. A fractal will not remain a whole number due to entropy. All can die. It is the way of this Plane. It would defy Natural Law otherwise. Everything must have the ability to disintegrate.

Belial and Lilith bred and created vessels for other Spirits to occupy. It is not that any animations are created evil, but the intentions of those that make them. The Anunnaki, of who these Spirits possessed wanted a slave race to rule. It meant that rather than these humans becoming possessed, they came under the influence of the Archons.

These entities control humans using their emotions. There are instances where Spirits occupy human vessels, but the Archons influence those of the herds to isolate them from their society. Many have been killed, such as Christ. The Archons are the reason why humanity has not changed their behaviour over the last few thousands of years.

In current times, there are multiple forces at play. Many think of the Illuminati and the Satanists as powerful secret societies, but most only dream existence. This discovery created the Tarot. It was a way for any animation to create their own Soul and so could exist as an individual Soul Entity. One could leave the Matrix created by the Archons.


This is the ability of connecting to other entities at a higher dimensional level. The connection is through the Chakras and out into the Void. Many think of Channelling as being possessed. Some do invoke the entities, but it is not necessary. Channelling can come as subtle thoughts, very like when one is channelling their Higher Self.

How this companionship with one or more entities is formed is by having the same goals to achieve. One has something in common with the entity. There are many beings that are available for contact. These can be Aliens, Jinn, Archons, Demons, Angels, Elementals, Gaia, Guides, Soul Clusters, etc. All of them can be channelled.

For many, channelling starts by achieving a much higher state of consciousness through meditation. This gives access to the higher dimensions as the Mind crosses the Void. Some raise their vibration. Being on a low vibrational world, this is good advice. One must make their intention clear about what goals they wish to achieve in their life.

When we are born into this life, our Higher Self tries to connect all through it. Most people ignore it, until there is only the self, alone. Once one reaches this condition, it is called, an Awakening. One has now fully connected and become a multidimensional Soul Entity. As time goes on, one will realise that they have a tribe in the Astral Plane.

It is unknown if all have avatars on this Plane, but one thing is certain, it was expected that we would all be isolated and that most Magic would have to be assisted by those in the Astral Plane. All Souls are connected to the All, the Source. All Source is connected to everything. This is channelling. One intends to connect with the Others.

Those who channel entities for certain purposes lasting a long time, will find that the information received will later be proven. One must channel first before then looking at information. This then builds up the relationship knowing that the entities channelled are sending oneself, new information, rather than just telling anything that one would like to hear.


The Zodiac constellations are fixed in the sky. The Sun, Moon and Planets move around the sky. Astrology Magic is probably the most powerful when evoking these entities for assistance. The only magic that is more powerful is when entities possess a body and use symbols, phrases, spells, and willpower to produce their own magic.

Archangels are not much different from any other entities. They have traits that they have picked up over time just like any other Souls. The difference is that when they assist, other Souls can become connected to them; common traits and goals with Souls very like themselves. Depending on the entity, these form different groups.

THE SUN: Archangel Michael or Archon Adonaios. Kingship. This entity is said to bring good fortune to those individuals who do not conform to society. Known as The Warrior, there is an association with those who value sovereign individuality. This entity also assists with change, peace, spirituality, creativity, and motivation.

THE MOON: Archangel Gabriel or Archon Horaios. Wealth. Known better as The Communicator, this entity brings good fortune to travellers, artists, authors, teachers, farmers, brewers, those in maternity and those with disability. This entity also assists with relationships, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing until adulthood.

MERCURY: Archangel Raphael or Archon Elaios. Healing. Known as The Healer, this entity brings good fortune to journalists, intellectuals, business, and philosophers. Helps in matters relating to the mind, especially psychological illnesses. This entity also assists with addictions, stressful situations, quarrels, anxiety, and depression.

VENUS: Archangel Uriel or Archon Astaphaios. Wisdom. Known as The Protector, this entity brings good fortune to those who express positive emotions, drama, music, perfumes, poetry, love, and care. This entity also assists with protecting, rejuvenation, physical needs, insights, awareness, charity, and opportunities.

MARS: Archangel Samael or Archon Sabaoth. War. Known as The Opposer, this entity brings good fortune to those in the military, economics, big business, judges, and police. This entity also assists with warfare, sex, competition, hierarchy, domination, judgement, slavery, immorality, cruelty, fear, all taxation, and plunder.

JUPITER: Archangel Zachariel or Archon Iao. Lordship. Known as The Deceiver, this entity brings good fortune to those associated with religions, every form of psychology, entrepreneurship, corporate entities, government, and celebrity. This entity also assists with making financial decisions, manipulation, marketing, promotion, and ego.

SATURN: Archangel Lucifer or Archon Yaldabaoth. Power. Known as The Artisan, this entity brings good fortune to those associated with corruption, collectives, sacrifices, eugenics, desolation, everything artificial, heavy industry, genocide, and death. This entity also assists with poisoning, destruction, maiming, parasitizing, and diseasing.

Each of these Seven Archangels have their place in the world. There are both positives and negatives for each depending on one’s affiliation. The energies one picks up in life influences one’s Soul. Souls come into this world at their own risk. One should remember about karma and that all entities are subject to Natural Law.


Many choices there are in life with little guide on which ones to take. This card is also called The Lovers Card. The entity associated with this card is the Celestial Arch. The totality of the objects seen in the sky. On the Card has a Jinn with a bow and arrow. The man crosses his arms from indecision. The two women are Virtue and Vice.

With each zodiac and celestial body, there is an entity associated. These are called Archangels, simply because they are the Angels of the Arch, the Sky-Arch. The Hexagram represents the Male and Female energies in unity. This is the phrase, “As above, so below”. The Clockwork Universe is the mechanism of many possibilities.

Sidereal Magic also uses the Pentagram. It evokes the support of a celestial object and the entity it represents. Only those objects that can be seen with the eye are used. These are, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. Uranus can be seen in binoculars, but Neptune looks like a star that does not twinkle.

Certain planets are only available to see at certain times of the night and year. Draw a circle one and a half meters or five feet in diameter. Inside, starting from the upper point, draw a Pentagram with the superior point, pointing towards the planet. Put a symbol of the invoked entity in the centre. Each entity has a characteristic rune.

This is the same for the Zodiacal Signs. The entities associated with them can be invoked the same way. These signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. There used to be thirteen signs as there were thirteen Full Moons per year. This other was Ophiuchus.

“One must watch over oneself, and above all show no indecision in the crucial moments of existence. Nor must one be discouraged because obstacles seem to bar the road to happiness. A strong Willpower will suffice to overcome them all."


When using Tarot Magic, the cards will show a path of probability that is likely to be successful for a certain desire. The cards may seem random, but they do have a real, definite meaning overall. It is best to draw five cards in order, put them clockwise to their positions at the Pentagram. Duplicate cards are placed and to become reversed.

This skill is more “forceful” type of Nature Magic. When one wants any success in this world, the cards may seem “cold” in order to achieve it. One can expand from this base reading into connecting with the Higher Self and any other forms. Willpower is a major factor to success, though time and space can be “bent” to the Action of the Spirit.

Many see this as a Spell, but it is more than that. It is how to “create” Spells by using the symbology of the Cards. This would then be made into a Sigil and can be used again. There are many forms of Magic, but symbolism is the best way to hide Magic from the ignorant. One must really be mentally set on the type of outcomes they want.

SPIRIT: Major Arcana (Intent).

EARTH: Pentacles (Skill).

AIR: Swords (Action).

WATER: Cups (Emotion).

FIRE: Wands (Willpower).

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”
Lao Tzu


Where a Pentagram is a 2D drawing, a Pentacle is a 3D construction. It has been used in many religions as a symbol of protection against evil. It once represented the Five Wounds of the Christ, but this was replaced by the unfolded Cube of Saturn, with the Christ sacrificed onto it. Not many people understand that this is symbolic of failure.

If one looks at the Hexagram with lines drawn to the points, it looks like a Cube. This is the aforementioned Cube of Saturn, also known as the Black Cube. Christ was not called Jesus until the 15th century. Jesus means Je-Zeus. Many who are saying the name Jesus are really invoking the god Zeus, also known as Jupiter, or Zachariel.

So, for positive energy, one can make a Pentacle. This can be constructed using five cut twigs from a living tree. These can be joined using cotton string or wool. It can be quite tricky putting together. The twigs will have all five elements in them. Air, Earth, Water, Fire and Spirit. Spirit is the Aether. It will remain in the Pentacle as Magic.

A Pentacle can be used for Magic Spells but is best to just draw the Pentagram. This is Action and Intent. The real purpose for the Pentacle is to create positive energies and protection from evil or negative entities. It should always point upwards as this is a symbol of the Divine. Upside down is a symbol to the Undivine and unclean Spirits.


Elemental magic is one of the easiest types to use. It can be easy to learn the basic qualities and attributes of these elements because there are only four. This magic can be enhanced with the options detailed below depending on when, where, and why it is to be used. One is summoning the Elementals for their assistance in Magic.

EARTH: This element is associated with strength, abundance and permanence. The summoning is to face the North, or the season of Winter. Energy types are femininity and receptive. Salts or soils can enhance the energy in any spell. Earth Spirits are called Gnomes and are magically manifested best when rock is struck by an object.

AIR: Associated with intelligence, inspiration, and imagination. Summoning is to face the direction East or the season of Spring. Energy types are masculinity and projection. Breath or wind can enhance the energy in any spell. Air Spirits are called Sylphs and are magically manifested best when in a high place. They can appear as a whirlwind.

WATER: Associated with the power of change, intuition, and sensitivity. Summoning is to face in the direction West, or the season of Autumn. Energy types are femininity and receptive. Filled vessels or potions can enhance the energy in any spell. Water Spirits are called Undines and are magically manifested best using a vessel of water.

FIRE: Associated with the power of illumination, healing, and creativity. Summoning is to face the direction South, or the season of Summer. Energy types are masculinity and projection. Candles or any form of fire can enhance the energy in any spell. Fire Spirits are called Jinn and can magically appear within the fire as a smokeless entity.

SPIRIT: Associated with the Higher Self and all seasons and energy types. This point can be a personal object, symbol, card etc. In the centre can be the receptive object of the incantation or divination. This can be a wand, knife, cup, amulet, or whatever. The focus point can also be used to communicate with Spirits by using a crystal ball.


In Nature Magic, it is elements that are used rather than Elementals. Symbology and physical elements are required. A Pentagram is one of the most powerful symbols to use when channelling energies. It is best to draw the Pentagram for each Spell. One can then add the symbols and vials needed to create the Spell. This attracts Magic.

The Masculine and Feminine are represented with the entities of the Earth and Sky. Gaia and Tengri. Spirit is oneself in mediated connection with the Higher Self. This is the element of Aether. The other elements are Earth and Water (Feminine) and Air and Fire (Masculine) that are represented by physical elements in small containers.

One element is represented by each vessel. Air can be an empty vessel, Earth can be sand, Fire can be a small lit candle, and Water can be water. A personal object or even a Tarot Card can be used for Spirit. Some use crystal balls or charmed amulets. The idea is to give the Magic as much respect as possible. Magic is a type of Faith.

The Symbols of Male and Female should be used. These can be drawn inside the Pentagram or Pentacle or even two tokens with symbols. Feminine is the Passive, and Masculine is the Action. The Higher Self directs the energies. Sometimes a Spell does not require all the elements, but for basic Nature Magic, all should be present.

Next is to construct what type of Spell one wants to use. One must remember that Magic combines both the Material and the Astral Planes. A Spell must find a path through time and space in order to work. To find the correct path, one consults their Higher Self. Tarot cards can be used to find what type of Spell may be successful.

The cards are best to go to their elemental areas of the pentagram. All Nature Magic requires the use of all five elements. To cast the Spell, one can use five Tarot cards at their appropriate places. Before dealing the cards, focus intention on the Spell one would prefer. One can then decide whether or not the result is useful for the purpose.

Major Arcana cards normally represent Spirit. The Minor Arcana can be used for the other elements as they are linked to them by their suits. This finds the Spell path. To study the cards for their meaning. Any duplicate suited cards are reversed. For example, drawing two Cups cards means the second is reversed. This gives details.

Many use Nature Magic for others and so the Pentagram has the point away from the user. If one is seeking their own desires which may impact the lives of others, the Pentagram points towards oneself. Away is to Gaia and Tengri, towards is to the Demon Baphomet. This Demon is also androgynous and a distortion of Nature.

Anyone familiar with Spellcasting will know that words are also required. Taking all the information together, write down the meaning in as abbreviated form as possible. A short group of words is easiest to remember when “Spelled”. It can be challenging to find exact interpretations of the Tarot Cards. One can research online for these.

The symbology and words should be placed in the centre of the Pentagram. These can simply be written on paper. When one looks at magic using Hebrew, it looks a complicated exercise. All language uses “Spelling”, not just Hebrew. Keep it simple. The combination of Material and the Astral uses Intuition. Let this sense be a guide.

Once the centre has the Spell, activate the elements. Blow into the vial for Air, hearing. Touch the sand for Earth. Light and smell the candle for Fire. Stir the Water with a finger and taste. Then look at what is at Spirit, visualising the result you want from the Spell. Now close the eyes and visualise energetic lines forming the Pentagram.

The last part is to feel in the present. Some meditation may be required at this point. One will feel the Passive energy of the Feminine from below and around. One will then feel the Action energy of the Masculine from above and around. Once they are combined, put together the Visualisation. Now cast the Spell by commanding Action.


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