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The U.S. Cattlemen's Association petitioned the USDA to declare that "meat" and "beef" exclude products not "slaughtered in the traditional manner."

Columbine, Waco, OK City, and Ruby Ridge

THE PLOT OF THIS VIDEO GAME LOL the lady in the video says "it does effect your view of the world" thats the point isn't it?

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Toxic rain giving people respiratory problems and allergic reactions.


balance is key

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Long before the theory of gravity was a glimmer in Newton's imagination, the natural physics of density and buoyancy already perfectly explained why apples fall down. Quite simply, objects fall or rise based on their relative density to the medium surrounding them. Apples fall because they are denser than the air, while helium balloons rise because they are lighter - no 'gravity' necessary. This is why raindrops fall down through the air and air-bubbles rise up through water! Everything seeks its relative density and rises or falls until settling accordingly. This is why a tiny pebble sinks to the bottom of the ocean, but gigantic cruise-ships and aircraft carriers stay afloat on the surface, because even though a pebble is so small, its mass relative to its volume (its density) is more than water, so it sinks, and even though a cruise-ship is so large, its mass relative to its volume is less than water, so it floats. If Newton's apple had landed in a puddle instead of on his head, he would have seen the apple only fell through the air because it was denser than the air, but then floated on top of the water because it was less dense than water. Have you ever noticed how its easier to stay afloat with your lungs full of air than it is when they're empty? Submarines float on the surface when their ballast tanks are filled with air, but when the vents are opened and seawater floods in, they begin to sink as the submarine's density becomes greater than water. Depending what depth they wish to dive sailors simply adjust the ratio of air/water in the tanks, and when ready to re-surface they blow compressed air into the tanks forcing the seawater out, lowering the density, and thus causing them to rise back to the surface. We can also prove this fact of relative density by filling a balloon with approximately half helium and half air. Since helium is lighter than the oxyge..

the perversion of humans

airplane vortex creation

Witness the nuclear fear scam Galen Winsor -The Grand Nuclear Hoax


Why do this?

Ever notice celestial lights following you? https://youtu.be/edt43k8DmEw

Helpful info For nearsighted people wanting to get their vision back without surgery :-) http://endmyopia.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/myopia-pdf-gold.pdf

don’t believe everything everyone says... come on


Pornography industries worldwide have normalized blatantly injurious anal violence in commercial pornography. Sexual violence in pornography not only inspires some viewers, but also can contribute to mental pathology. It may be conditioning some viewers to be aroused by suffering and even to become sexually masochistic or sadistic to a pathological degree for those who weren't already. Certainly, it is teaching many people that violence is acceptable when behavior that crosses the line into what should be considered criminal with severe punishment goes unpunished and is even celebrated.

Anal-insertive activities involving a combination of rapid thrusting, a girthy penis/object, and a prolonged duration are very common in commercial and amateur pornography. Taking that into consideration along with the fragility of the anorectal area due to its anatomy and neuromuscular physiology, it is simply not possible for anal and rectal injuries and serious/chronic/permanent health consequences to be uncommon.

When more than one person is involved, those activities should constitute severely criminal behavior in any civilized region particularly in a commercial for-profit setting. That is especially significant when considering the likely possibility of major cases of sexual masochism disorder (which should invalidate legal consent) along with sexual sadism disorder and sadistic sociopathy/psychopathy (which promote escalation from criminal negligence/recklessness to criminal intent to cause harm). People with these (self-)destructive inclinations are having a field day and have been for much too long while rampant ignorance, misinformation, and undeniably harmful behavior remain mostly unaddressed by societies worldwide.

It is likely that violent pornography both contributes to and is fed by societal decadence. Sexual assault centres in US colleges have said that more women are reporting anal rape, which Dines attributes directly to the normalisation of such practices in..

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