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May 22, 2019
Using a recent tweet in which Kamala Harris accuses doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals of being so racist that they are literally killing black women, Carter and Keri deconstruct how the left dishonestly cites scientific studies in an effort to create the illusion that their vile ideology somehow makes sense.

Here's a link to the Bustle article:

Update: After thousands of likes and retweets, Harris felt her race-baiting had achieved its goal. Now she's just removing evidence; she deleted the original tweet and replaced it with a version that pushed the same narrative, but in a more mild form.

Here's a screenshot of the original tweet, taken from Carter's phone:

May 21, 2019
This episode got out of control. We moved the Game of Thrones spoilers to the end so you can avoid them, but we ended up talking about everything from racist high school presidents to Antifa-owned breweries, to California blackouts. Enjoy!

May 20, 2019
Keri and Carter discuss the UK's spree of "milkshake attacks" against Sargon of Akkad, Tommy Robinson, and Nigel Farage, as well as Burger King's role in encouraging violence against wrongthinkers.

We're also one step closer to a medical dystopia in which a woman who knows she is pregnant can lie to doctors and say she is a man (you know, because sex is a social construct), but then turn around and blame doctors when she miscarries because they didn't check to see if "he" was pregnant.

How are those med school loans looking now, kids?

Here's a link to the "Woke Ads" episode Keri mentioned:

And here's a link to the "Fat Sh*t Crazy" episode she mentioned:

May 17, 2019
On this relaxing Friday, Carter offers some hope in the form on Generation Z, and Keri walks through an online disagreement with a professor of argumentative writing, pointing out his logical fallacies.

Here's a link the website of fallacies:

Carter and Keri chat with UK artist Zuby, the "Jordan Peterson of rap." We talk about everything from trans athletes to the feminization of music and culture to abortion.

Follow Zuby on Twitter at: @ZubyMusic
Or on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/zubymusic/

And visit zubymusic.com to check out his latest release, Perseverance.

His latest book, Strong Advice: Zuby's Guide to Fitness for Everyone, can be purchased here: https://gumroad.com/l/zubyfitness

About Deprogrammed
Every Thursday at 11:00 Pacific, former SJW Keri Smith joins Unsafe Space to co-host "Deprogrammed."

We'll explore the philosophy, strategy, and tactics that Marxist and postmodern nihilists use to program "Social Justice Warriors," turning otherwise thoughtful, critically-minded individuals into armies of extreme leftist NPCs. Each week, we'll talk about a different aspect of "social justice" culture, drawing both from Keri's personal experience as well as current events.

May 16, 2019
We start with a discussion of modern art and the recent sale of Jeff Koon's stainless steel rabbit for $91M, but when Carter mentions the new SAT Adversity Score Keri's blood boils.

Here's a link to the Thomas Sowell video we showed a portion of:

And here's a link to the book Carter mentioned:

May 15, 2019
Carter and Keri introduce the 451 Archive: a library for banned YouTube videos. Then we dive into Beto O'Rourke's subservient, virtue signaling appearance on The View. He needs to lay off the soy.

Here's the book that Carter mentioned, "SJWs Always Lie," by Vox Day:

Carter and Keri talk to Sal Mayweather, a.k.a. "Sal the Agorist." Sal is host of the Agora podcast and The New Libertarian blog, but he is even better known for his mastery of memetic warfare. His wildly popular Twitter and Instagram accounts overflow with anti-statist "wrongthink" memes that are sure to make you laugh. And think.

Follow Sal on Twitter at @SallyMayweather and on Instagram at sal.the.agorist. You can find his podcast and other work at saltheagorist.com.

Here are links to some of the materials Sal mentions during the show:

A Strategy for Forcing the State Back by Per Bylund

New Libertarian Manifesto by Samuel Konkin:

Community Technology by Karl Hess:

Alongside Night by J. Neil Schulman:

Chaos Theory by Robert Murphy:

The School Revolution by Ron Paul:

Education: Free & Compulsory by Murray Rothbard:

The Art of Memetic Warfare by Sal Mayweather:

Science, Technology, and Government by Murray Rothbard:

May 14, 2019
Keri and Carter are joined by Carter's wife Diane to celebrate the 100th episode of Unsafe Space! We talk about 14-year-old YouTube phenom Soph, who was recently the subject of a BuzzFeed hit piece, and how much the SJW cancer has spread throughout Silicon Valley.

May 13, 2019
Keri and Carter find a renewed sense of hope as they watch the Loqueesha trailer. Plus, Alyssa Milano gets pwned for her heartless transphobia on Day 2 of her #sexstrike . Oh, and apparently another jihadist training camp was discovered in the US, this time in Alabama. No biggie.

Also, join us tomorrow as we broadcast Daily #Covfefe LIVE on YouTube in celebration of our 100th Unsafe Space episode!

May 10, 2019
Keri and Carter talk about why corporations virtue signal, and why students at STEM School Highlands Ranch in Colorado walked-out on a vigil for their fallen classmate and shooting victim. Finally, we debate the question of the century: is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez secretly brilliant, or are garbage disposals actually terrifying?

Keri calls Carter for an impromptu rant over a pathetically juvenile Medium article by SJW TDS victim Sandy Doyle. Doyle laments about how women all across the country continue to suffer from PTSD due to the trauma of the 2016 election, and Keri is sick of Sandy's melodramatic shit.

Here's the article:

Today, Carter and Keri are joined by Black Guns Matter founder Maj Toure. Maj is a Solutionary Hip Hop artist turned 2nd Amendment activist from North Philly. His following began after he was featured on the cover of the Philadelphia Weekly as “the Prophet of Philadelphia.” He founded the Black Guns Matter movement in 2015 and advocates for 2nd amendment education and information for urban communities. Maj has been featured in the New York Times, Time Magazine, National Public Radio, Fox News, CNN, BET, Essence, and NRA News for his out of the box approach to 2nd amendment advocacy. He’s been recognized by the National Shooting Sports Foundation for his work in inner city communities.

Maj is currently running for a seat on Philadelphia’s city council as a Solutionary Libertarian.

You can follow him on Twitter at @MajToure and support his candidacy at http://www.majforphilly.com

Here's a link to the movie, "Free State of Jones," that Maj mentioned:

Here's more information on Bacon's Rebellion:

Here's a link to the racist history of gun control article that Carter mentioned:

Here are the four gun safety rules introduced by the late Col. Cooper:

May 9, 2019
Today Carter and Keri discuss the recent school shooting in Colorado, Malcom Gladwell's riot theory, and the cultural at large. Carter rants about philosophy, and Keri politely insists that the discussion isn't boring. Is it? You decide.

May 8, 2019
Carter and Keri give in and talk about the Russiagate drama just a bit, and then launch into a discussion/rant about today's strike by Uber & Lyft drivers and whether CEOs are "overpaid."

May 7, 2019
It's obvious that Twitter is attempting to manipulate the national conversation ahead of the 2020 election. Carter and Keri talk about yesterday's ban of @AOCPress and @OfficeOfMike, and the virtue signaling harassment of PA representative and all-around douchebag Brian Sims, who spends his free time on Twitter trying to doxx teenagers.

For some reason BitChute ghosted this video after it was originally uploaded on April 23rd. Trying again.

Inspired by Carl Benjamin's (Sargon of Akkad) recent press conference in which he called-out legacy media, Carter compares the audience size of so-called "mainstream" media outlets with that of Intellectual Dark Web members. Who, really, IS the "mainstream?" It is CNN, or Dave Rubin?

May 6, 2019
Carter and Keri review and discuss a video from the Philadelphia Muslim Society in which their children sing about martyrdom and chopping off heads. We also talk about the popularity of prostitutes as compared to CNN, and why emasculated husbands of feminists nevertheless continue to get away with doing less than 50% of the housework. We also briefly discuss Carter's Twitter suspension. (@claren)

Here's the video Keri mentioned comparing legacy media to the "Intellectual Dark Web":

May 3, 2019
Keri and Carter watch the new melodramatic Burger King ad, and then Carter rants about the latest round of Facebook bans. Is it time to leave the platform?

Keri and Carter talk to Josh Denny, comic and former host of Food Network's Ginormous Food. Josh was the victim of a Twitter outrage mob last year over a so-called "racist" tweet, resulting in the real-world consequences of job loss and ostracization.

If you dare, you can follow Josh on Twitter at @JoshDenny, or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/JoshDennyOfficial/

Or visit his website:

May 2, 2019
Finally, Keri takes the reigns and is in charge! She and Carter discuss the race narcissist / journalist Jenni Monet, police body cams, mass delusion, and: Clinton, China, Possible Collusion. Clinton, China, Possible Collusion. Clinton, China, Possible Collusion.

May 1, 2019
Carter rants about May Day and the concept of the "working class," while Keri talks about how to politely call-out racism from people infected with "wokeness." We also salute MSNBC for their mistaken argument in favor of the 2nd Amendment, and ponder where intersex athletes should compete (and where they shouldn't).

April 30, 2019
Keri and Carter talk about Mark Domingo and how "US Veteran" is the new shorthand for "Muslim jihadist," then we jump into a discussion of how Sport Illustrated's "wokeness" has ruined the swimsuit edition. Finally, Keri talks about the authoritarianism inherent in the left, and how C-16 in Canada is actually being used to oppress people and find fathers guilty of "family violence" for using non-woke language. If only someone had warned Canada that C-16 was such a bad idea...

Link to the article in The Federalist, "Father Gagged, Found Guilty Of ‘Family Violence’ For Calling His Trans Daughter A ‘She’":


April 29, 2019
Keri and Carter talk about the San Diego Synagogue shooting over the weekend, the shooter's manifesto, and its relation to the intersectional ideology of social justice.

Link to Carter's Medium article:

Article on the book "Days of Rage" to which Keri was referring:

April 26, 2019
Happy Friday, everyone! Today Carter and Keri discuss Walter Strickland (an SJW convergence operative in the evangelical community) and worker agency and the morality of sweatshops. Then Keri waits patiently for Carter to finish ranting about Keynesianism and Q1's 3.2% GDP growth.


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