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Rather enjoying this free game with ps+.


An Anime I got for $19 along with Pokemon Black and White which was half price since I bought Ninja Slayer.


shortly after this record ended I did decide to claim the workshop.

anyone who is triggered etc get over it, and I only do this sort of thing in games and not real life.

Just got to Sanctuary here in BL2 and noticed Moxxi music and I was I wonder.......yep big boobies.

Today I bought 2 Japanese Booster packs I pulled a nice Full Art Card in the 2nd pack.

to win the Pheromosa & Buzzwole GX, subscribe,comment and comment your favorite card you like to pull in Unified Minds.

The full art called I pulled seems to be $25-28 (AUD) So I'm gonna try and sell that and make a big profit of around $18 (AUD) from it spending $9.80 ish for the 2 boosters.

The Hyper Rare tauros GX https://youtu.be/E2oOdXvAR5w

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as for Joseph Did walk away and still had to choose resist in order for him to be gone but having finished new dawn hes permanently gone.

Made using Panzoid Clipmaker 2, or go into creations and search Pornhub and go from there.



https://youtu.be/Zq_51TrKeUM Where I got it from.



Didn't know at the time there would be another part to this mission.

and no I haven't played this game before.






Does contain some animated gore.

Played the games since i was young but always had trouble with the game as it was challenging & very hard for me.

Not to mention having them flaming fist fuckers be like ''I serve the Flaming Fist'' come up to you and kill you for no reason.

Baldurs gate 2 I got the most far in till the game decided to shit its self and make me start all over again.



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