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took me forever to get a Sombra POTG


He's Still Alive?

Losers Club: Ah Shit here we go again.




So 3 Years ago do this day April 30th 2016 I decided to start my own YouTube channel originally just to give it a go, but didn't expect to get this far tbh.

Thank you for getting me this far and I hope you'll continue to watch me videos, share and help me get to 1,000 Subscribers hopefully by the end of this year.

Like or hate me either way I will continue to upload videos.

I hope you enjoyed this special little video, as I have more important things to worry about in my atm this is all I could provide but did get a good pull for once.

Thanks Unsraw King.

Song Used in this video and the links for it

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Shit quality but is what it is. Still listen able. Did see many veterans and other things.

Waved at a few of them.

Thanks for their service to Australia and any others if it wasn't for them We might not be here today.

hopefully next year be alot better and have some photos to come with it.



Back when my parents got married in 2000 or late 90's this was their song. I remember that day I was a naughty little shit climbing things, and eating all the wedding cake.

Was just doing my usual Expeditions in the world of conan Exiles and came across this fugly thing.


Played nearly 5hrs but the other part of the time was spent travelinng.


go to www.renderforest.com to make things like this.


thought i had music in the video but no so re-upload

Yes very aware PewDiePie is no longer NO.1

Due to my Cuntries Government blocked bitchute because of some dumb pieces of shit decided to upload the NZ shooting video my Cuntry got blocked from using this site for a while.


anyone noticed Cole is in this from Tv Show Charmed?.

Couldn't help it but to use Peter Griffin as the thumbnail


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