Unsraw King (Bitchute)


anyone noticed Cole is in this from Tv Show Charmed?.

Couldn't help it but to use Peter Griffin as the thumbnail


So here is what I might Start doing for now on.


Also play Pewdiepies Tuber Simulator Can add @ UnsrawKingYT

Update almost 1.5k subs in front.

Got this god card little moment a go.

Did try to upload this last month when it was 1 yr in OW but would not upload properly.

OW Predictions (Will Reach Silver Potrait being currently at Lv 482 at this moment. Hopefully go from Gold 2,178 being Career High to Platnium and just improving in general).

The Genji is a Bronze player not surprised and the Tracer Kid is surprisingly a Platnium at (2,722) player if its them playing the account that is.

So its been 1 year since I first started playing this game. Been an ''Interesting'' experience from being a noob to not knowing what I'm doing shown in this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPG3I...) to becoming a more advanced player slowly overtime.

Once I reached Lv25 I started playing Competitive During Season 10 managed to get High Silver and get Gold rank after a match win. Then came the worst seasons 11& 12 the most worst seasons for me, Mostly coz I was new to comp but the Toxic dunce fuckers I had to put up with. Struggled to get back into gold because of this so 5-6 Months later I got back into gold Season 13 & 14.

Found it easier to play without being in chat as I could concentrate on what I was doing and not what the man child's were doing I've played many Hero's from Bastion being the main one to Hanzo Now being the main with 100 Hrs.

Playing Healer (Zen), Tank Mainly Roadhog. Main ones I play are Hanzo,bastion,Zen,Junkrat,Roadhog,Sombra and many others to follow. Current High in comp .is 2,178, One day Hope to reach Diamond. Still playing the game and also learning as I go along, Have some good games were I do really well get like 15-20+ kills before getting killed or some impossible kills etc.

Hope you enjoy this video and many more weird ones to come in the upcoming future. Will have some Pokemon uploads coming sometime soon just have to be patient as it now costs me a lot more than it used to but I have somethings in mind like The Magikarp & Whale lord box, Japanese booster packs seeing that first video went pretty well.

Thanks for all your support & hopefully I will reach 1,000 subs sometime this year.

Where I got the music from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WI4-H... not to claim as my own btw.


https://youtu.be/j_QLzthSkfM where i got it from.

Entertainment uses only.

https://youtu.be/rLZUYnCOvU4 where I got it from.

Song: Arkaine - Fear No More

https://youtu.be/uuBETyA_yxc where i got it from

Confusing win (5th) . as there was 2 other squads so 3 in total, Didn't show that anyone died to other players maybe the ring Of death got them.


In the video he pulls over near a underage schoolgirl I think it is and asks her to be in a Porn Video at 2:13,

Thumbnail is from someones video on YouTube but found it on google images.



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