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Tune in for a classic performance by everyone's Favorite Anti-Semite, Tom Jones!

By Emily Youcis 2020
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Original Rap by Emily Youcis


What the fuck is goin' on (uh)
This that White Rabbit Shit (yeah)
M K Ultra Shit

Got kicked straight outa Philly like the Fresh Prince
Cuz I hung so many n****** people called me David Lynch
It's a sinch
Tie your ass up to a branch and watch the blood drip
Bag your body up and steal your shit like the Grinch
When the Drug hits
I'm sippin' Moloko Plus for the Ultraviolence
On the night shift
Blastin' Kike pimps when you're savin' Iris
You talkin to me?
Vigilante killin' without a license
Lookin' stylish in Hugo Boss pilin' up more Jews than typhus

Shinin' light on the hidden hand that makes child sacrifices
MK Ultra ritual abuse slaves raised on Epstein's Island
Hide their bodies in a hole in a desert like they did with Miley Cyrus
I'll execute Pedowood and blame it on Coronavirus

Get the shits when the adrenaline hits, bottle the blood and sell it
Goes down like Red Velvet
Pineal glands melted into psychedelics
One pill makes you larger and one makes you schizophrenic
It's poetic, go call a medic, I'm sicker than the pandemic
Livin' rent free in your head like a tenant I'm unrepentant
Normality repellent with negative social credit
My aesthetic, prophetic memetics you'll never get it
You can't handle the truth the way I tell it
Bitch go back to Reddit

Beneath the roses there's a dark tunnel where evil lies
Festering with worms and flies
Looking up from my grave I see sunny skies
Lowered into the abyss, down the rabbit hole where childhood innocence goes to die

But I've ascended
To the throne I'll have you beheaded
Like the Queen of Hearts rulin' over the indebted, I'll send ya
To the guillotine like the Queen
Marie Antoinette, Let them eat Red Velvet

Red Velvet (x4)

Under the spreading island trees
Jews sold you and Jews sold me
Pedophiles run the world but you're in denial like
Alfred in the playhouse doin' sodomy
Smile, you're on TV
Another gentile suckin' off Harvey
Big Brother's watchin' you on OnlyFans
Subscribed to your microchip ID

A candy-colored clown they call the Sandman
Tiptoes to your room and night and chokes you out like Joker snuffin' Batman
Dancin', The Absolute Madman
Blowin' up more bankers than an Afghan
Crashin' planes into Manhattan
Rilin' up more pogroms than a Klansman
Drinkin' moonshine by the gallon
Takin' the niggas out to die, like G G Allin
Your'e a parasite I'm your host Jimmy Fallon
Lithuanian Italian
Fillin' mass graves deeper than the Grand Canyon

Makin' fucked up movies like Eraserhead
I'll erase your head when you're beggin' for the bullet like the Grateful Dead
Slow rise to the top like baker's bread, you're a faker fed
Obsessive postin' in my hater threads
Bitch take your meds

Cuz I'm snarky, hard and artsy, modern Astarte
Nazi Barbie
Proud and prejudiced like Mr. Darcy
It's alarming the amount you're self harming tryna be charming
OD'd on red pills woke up in a pod for human farming

Go ask Alice when she's through the looking glass, The Rulin' class is
Slow boilin' the white race alive like Chinese cooking bats
Fiends in hoods and masks, lurin' kids with drugs and goodie bags
Jail the pedoKikes and see how long Spielberg and Woody last

This life's hellish so I'm dyin' at my peak like Elvis
On stage in my leather jacket and an SS Helmet
Leavin' this Earth in a chariot of fire Vangelis
I'll have my vengeance when you get your Just Deserts Red Velvet

Red Velvet (x4)

Emily is interviewed by Hiraeth and Jeff of The White Art Collective to talk about her animation journey, Alfred Alfer, Art vs. Propaganda, the struggle of making authentic and uplifting political art and film, and more!

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Black Crime Matters - A Comprehensive look at Black Crime and the Future of White America
By Emily Youcis 2020

Emily discusses the global race riots following the death of career criminal George Floyd, her experiences with black on white crime in the Philadelphia Hood, and the inevitable white awakening leading to a peaceful racial separation in the USA.

HD version now on Youtube!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zm3UwwFXKmU

Wuhan! (Got You All Infected)
Album: The Coofening
By Emily Youcis 2020

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Emily announces the debut of her new Coronavirus Music Video, Coming Soon to Bitchute!

Be sure to watch to the end for a sneak peek!

Emily talks about her new Bitchute channel, life updates, and the finally-edited Alfred Alfer Movie!

Alfred Alfer Movie: https://www.bitchute.com/video/TBpOsl6lRSpe/
Alfred's Playhouse Complete Trilogy: https://www.bitchute.com/video/ET7MgJuOVNE7/

Egrevore Twitter: https://twitter.com/egrevore
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/egrevore/

Charlie and his Orchestra - German Submarines
Carnival of the Animals - Camille Saint Saens

Emily drops by the Red Ice Halloween Special to talk about her new Bitchute channel


Count Down to the Spookiest Word of All !


HD LINK: https://mega.nz/file/SJsG1RbA#7UjawkXgjOaYUu9Xi9OKtdpKoOur6NQEYmDoWQF6P7Y

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Emily gallivants around the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philly



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