I am discussing the absurdity that the US is the one country to take all of the worlds poor. These economic immigrants should stay in their countries and hold their governments accountable to clean up their back yards. The US is the greatest country on earth. We have our fair share of problems. We are also very arrogant and conceded. We have untold millions of citizens who live in poverty. The rest of the world wants us to take care of their poor. We need to take care of our poor first.

This is a short video showing how to make veriniky.

I am dunking my self in the pool at St. Ann's in Pochaiv Ukraine at the end of Winter. It is -5c and the water is below 0c due to the spring that feeds it is the center of the pool.

This is a quick preservation method from Ukraine for Pork Belly also called Bacon in the West.

Father Zechariah giving the bible study of the book of Hebrews.

“Why would people leave liberal states for conservative states and then vote in the same disastrous policies they left?”

This is a video taken on my tour of Ukraine. It shows how to make Salted fish which is a preservation method. The part I did not get was after 12 hours Nata rinsed the fish and applied a thin layer of Olive oil. No cooking required. Just cut and eat. It is delicious.
Start with 2 heaping Table Spoons of Salt and one of Sugar. Mix well. In the video you will see where she makes a double batch of salt and sugar. put a layer on the bottom of the container and place the filet on ther salt & sugar. Then cover the fish evenly with the remaining Salt and sugar. Then the juice from one lemon over the top and let sit for 12 hours. Rinse the salt and sugar off the fish and spread a thin layer of oil and enjoy the fish

This is a video of me making sausages when I was on tour in Ukraine. I got 4 kg of pork shoulders and made 11 meters of sausage links.

Father Zechariah discusses Hebrews chapter four

Father Zechariah discusses Hebrews chapter four

Father Zechariah leading bible study for the book of Hebrews at St Michaels in Pueblo Co.

Father Zechariah bible study at St. Michaels In Pueblo Colorado.

Fr. Zechariah continues covering Hebrews, 2:11-18. Our apologies, the sound quality is a little poor on this video, please turn your volume up. We will make sure it is fixed for the next segment.

Chapter 1 verses 1-11


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