Derek Chauvin has been found guilty of second degree murder, third degree murder, and second degree manslaughter all for the same altercation.

I watched 7000 Razor- I mean Styxhexenhammer videos so you don't have to.

You're welcome.

Things you may not have noticed:

Styx either has no legs or he's hiding them for some reason.
Styx is literally the same person as Razorfist.
What's with that background noise? Is it a fan or something?
Every video has as much lens flare as a JJ Abrams movie.
The plants are not edible, Kitty. :(

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One ship has slain the false god of the free market. All praise be to the Great Bloocker!

NY Governor Andy Cuomo "misinterpreted the rules" leading to the deaths of 15,000+ elderly people and the charges that they are levying against him are Pound Me Too.

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On 25 September 2012, between 10:55 and 11:20 AM two F-22 jets flew over central Jersey to intercept planes that violated a no fly zone in NYC during the UN general assembly. By the time I got my camera I couldn't get any dramatic close up shots, just this.

The Second Civil War

This video got about 200,000 views on Youtube in 2007 back when that was a real accomplishment before they took it down because the copyright system was broken. 7,000 other videos used the same song and it wasn't a problem but for some reason they singled my video out to censor.

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Buy my book The Second Civil War

Bitch McConnell is 'concerned' new stimulus makes it 'advantageous' to collect unemployment.

I'm sure he's crying himself to sleep with the $174,000 he's making to "work" 60 days a year. Maybe you shouldn't let international corporations with no loyalty to any country pay workers less than a living wage, you know, like in the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s. You know, like Adam Smith, the father of capitalism said. You know, like Henry Ford said when he fought to raise the wages of his workers so they could afford to buy his cars.

Wages have been stagnant for 40 years but the banksters have made out like bandits. It's high time people like Bitch McConnell and his dark money backers are dragged out onto the streets to see how the other half lives.

There was a shitshow at the Capitol on January 6 and then nothing happened because Republicans are controlled opposition.

The enemy has been emboldened. Be ready for what comes next.

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There are members of both the House and Senate who will contest the election when the votes are counted, while Trump will hold a protest in DC.

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And many more.

"These things I have spoken to you that in me you might have peace. In the world you will have to suffer, but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world."
John 16:33

This is the most important passage in the four Gospels, and the one most relevant today in these dark times we face.

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Benjamin Franklin: A Biography

Bible verses referenced:
John 15:18-21
Matt. 5:11-12
John 16:33

Donald Trump has vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act as a Christmas gift of peace to all the world. The warmongers of the uniparty have enough votes to overturn his veto, proving to all the world that they are evil demonic entities who love to murder children.

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Conservatives are Cowards and Losers

Bloomberg: "Republicans in Congress Should Tell Trump Enough Is Enough"

Don't expect ballless conservatives to do anything. They have principles. When they're put against the wall with guns to their heads they can die with a clean conscience because they stuck to their principles instead of winning by any means necessary. They'd rather be right than win so they can make money with a book or TV deal.

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My most impassioned video to date. Contains extra salty language.

You also hear me sniffing throughout the video. I've not been snorting coke beforehand. For some reason allergy season has extended into December for the first time that I can remember.

December 8 Texas and 17 other states filed with the Supreme Court to have Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin votes overturned.
December 10 Washington DC and 22 states and territories counter-filed to have SCOTUS throw out the Texas case.
We are witnessing the beginning of a Second Civil War.

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Department of Defense cryptographer Harold Gans explains how medieval Kabbalists estimated the age of the universe to be 12.5 billion years old.

Rabbi Moshe Zeldman explains that all the critics of the Torah codes ignore more than a decade of data and focus on one test conducted 15 years ago that had faulty protocol. New tests that have been conducted since have never been refuted. People claiming to be scientists make unscientific claims because they can't accept the fact that the Torah codes are real and by extension the Torah was written by God.

The people who say Donald Trump hasn't accomplished anything are wrong. He is advancing an America First agenda in pulling out of foreign wars. This is allowing money to be redirected toward fixing problems at home where he created the greatest economy since 1999 with tax cuts for the middle class and killing TPP.

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"Up To 9 Additional Nations Could Join Peace Deal With Israel, Including Saudi Arabia, Trump Says"

Donald Trump ended the Serbia-Kosovo war Bill Clinton started

The people who say Donald Trump hasn't accomplished anything are wrong. He has laid the groundwork for breaking the back of the left in America and has strengthened America at home and abroad. People think he's failed or has abandoned his base because he didn't snap his fingers and fix America in 100 days. He had to start with step 1 and remake the judiciary first before he could enact his America First policies.

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Trump has built 400 miles of wall on the southern border

Trump has gotten 3 Supreme Court justices

Hypersonic missiles

The difficulty of trying to shoot down nuclear missiles

Joe Biden is involved with Russian bribes

NERVA nulcear rocket test in 1968 - this rocket could have taken us throughout the solar system on human timescales

NASA physicist says Democrat presidents always cut science programs

Donald Trump banning Critical Race Theory

The Democrats are trying to start a race war in America

DOJ suing Yale for racial policies that favor blacks over Asians

Trump's Platinum Plan will rob Democrats of the black vote and destroy them as a party

The people who say Donald Trump hasn't accomplished anything are wrong. They say he has abandoned his base, has become a leftist, and never fulfilled any of his promises. These are all lies. Even with 4 years of obstruction Trump has achieved many of the goals he promised he would, and no matter what angle you choose to look at it he has strengthened the nation while pursuing an America First agenda.

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First Step Act

ACA Individual Mandate ruled unconstitutional

Ending Critical Race Theory

Amy Comey Barrett has been confirmed in a big middle finger to the left. We now have 9 Supreme Court justices again, which would be needed in case of a contested election in November. Final count is 52-48 with all the shitlibs voting against.

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Amy Coney Barrett Confirmed To Supreme Court

Justice Barrett speaks after being confirmed

Justice Department Sues Monopolist Google For Violating Antitrust Laws

The left is planning to start a civil war to keep Trump from winning a second term

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Progress on Trump's Wall

The difference between Trump's Wall and the old vehicle barrier

Donald Trump is not a dictator, he cannot send the Army to the border to build a medieval fortress in 100 days. He has to go around Congress and the courts to build anything, even after declaring a national emergency.

Re-encoded the video because it doesn't take 18 hours to process a 10 minute video.

The Left are priming the public for a rigged election and setting the stage for a civil war if Trump wins.

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Bloomberg predicts Trump will win on election night and later lose to Biden as mail-in votes are counted in a so called "Red Mirage"


John Podesta's Transition Integrity Project recommends starting a Second Civil War to force Trump out of office if he wins


Hillary Clinton tells Joe Biden to “not concede under any circumstances.”


Left is planning to use riots to sway the outcome of the election


The Hunter Biden emails are the biggest scandal in US political history. This is bigger than Watergate, bigger than Teapot Dome. Joe Biden used his influence as VP to get his crack-addict son a $600,000 a year job in Ukraine and pressured the Ukrainian president to fire the prosecutor who was investigating his son's corruption by threatening to withhold $1 billion in aid money.

Original NY Post Story

House Republicans Mirror

Biden at the Council on Foreign Relations bragging about getting Victor Shokin fired

Project Veritas video showing Democrat Party Antifa organizer say the riots will get worse if Biden is elected to push him further to the left

Numbers 21 tells the story of the fiery serpents. Newer translations will often refer to these creatures as snakes, but this story in the Bible is actually referring to a parasite that has been wiped out of most of the world and is largely forgotten.

Originally written for violin, but I don't have a violin, so here it's played on piano. Written in 1999.