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Politics is the art/science of governing – which itself is ‘holding control over a government’ - which is to ‘hold control over people’. This is inherently imbalanced, since it is always the case that governments use a monopoly on violence to overpower anyone who they effectively choose to.

The degree to which they can do this depends on:

the degree to which the court/police/military systems are corrupted
the degree to which the average person goes along with it – whether consciously or otherwise.

People support politics because they have been taught to believe that it is in their best interests to do so – sometimes because they will get beaten if they don’t support politics or for more positive reasons, such as that they think they can gain something through it. However, in almost all cases, nearly everyone loses valuable things as a result of politics and the things they think they gain could have been gained in other ways without losing out what they really need to be keeping.

Both the points which define how much a political group can abuse others rely on:

social engineering

Either the politicians are using these to manipulate other people or the people are doing this to themselves and each other (consciously or unconsciously).

The only way to have real balance – where balance is defined as ‘no person or thing is overpowering any other’ - we need to end these 6 dysfunctions. The result will be actual free will, which itself then leads to greater personal empowerment and peace.

If we don’t create real peace then we are stuck in a power struggle forever – with constant casualties and no real progress. Do you really think ANY real progress has been made in human history? REALLY? We have more advanced technology than we did in the last few thousand years – but setting aside the high probability that lost civilisations advanced their technology even further and were then ..

Always be careful that you don't find yourself on the side of those who remove freedom while claiming to be fighting for freedom!

Wishing you well,
Ura soul

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Ever notice that you get sucked into the TV or computer screen and forget your body and local reality? This is effectively a form of daydreaming and even hypnosis that is being exploited by marketers and social engineers on in industrial scale. Disconnection of the mental thinking part of self from the feeling, intuitive part of self is at the root of nearly every problem we face.. But we can heal this through our own heart and with the right understanding and intentions.

Wishing you well
Ura Soul

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I just came across this news story on the BBC site (UK mainstream/gov news) where it's upper hierarchy stated that fake news is a threat to democracy and that the BBC was going to lead the way around the world in somehow leading everyone to the truth! Haha.
I've taken the time to pull apart some of the denial in the claims being made.

The original story is here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-48948591

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Google, Facebook and other tech giants are on a course to curtail freedom online and limit free speech/will. Shadowy groups already pay for armies of trolls to harass and divide online communities - How much has this affected the way we treat each other already? What can we do to clean out the trolls from beneath our bridges to freedom and to each other?

James Corbett's Documentary on Silicon Valley's shadowy background as a CIA created control machine: https://3speak.online/watch?v=ura-soul/ykdnwzjv

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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The whitewashed and manipulated version of history that we are fed by controlled mainstream media and education systems is far from the full story. While people argue all day long about capitalism vs. communism/socialism and the virtues of their country vs. the rest, the reality is that we are all being played.
Significant amounts of buried historical data, unearthed long ago by Prof. Antony Sutton shows the details of how most of the world's most hated and feared tyrannical regimes were funded and armed out of 'The land of the free'. From Nazi Germany to Soviet Russia and even communist Vietnam, American machines, money and expertise were mobilised quietly and out of public scrutiny to build up America's 'opponents' for profit and potentially for more esoteric aims.
How many millions have died for nothing in the name of a government whose agents not only do not care for them but who are actively acting against them to get them killed? How many more will die?

Let's stop this madness now.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Have you ever noticed how planet Earth's human society can be compared to the cells in your own body? A large number of individual entities forming a whole! The macro of the world and the micro of the human vehicle often reflect each other and we can see this in our communication with each other. When there is control and limitation applied to free speech in society, problems cannot be solved and this is the same in an individual human - health problems arise when inner messages are denied and ignored.

If you value health, wellbeing, freedom, free speech and success then I highly suggest you make use of the Steem blockchain's social networking features, which are uncensored and that even pay you to post! Let's make Humanity great!

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Ura Soul


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You don’t feel real peace, living a lie! Absolute truth DOES exist, since YOU EXIST!
I offer a simple way to enter an evolutionary process that allows you to understand absolute truth. I also address some of the important issues surrounding so called 'fake news' and the way that people seem to think they can just scream 'science' and that whatever they say after it must therefore be true.

I actually cover a lot in this video - including how vegan activist Joey Carbstrong has recently exposed Australia's Channel 7 news in the way it's CEO is clearly using the 'news' network to push a biased narrative towards a pro-meat eating agenda (he's a billionaire that owns vast amounts of cattle raising land).

My whistleblower podcast with Innerverse: https://www.ureka.org/videos/watch/104246/ura-soul-whistleblowers-pt-1-pharmaceutical-suicide-media-monopolies-secret-societies

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Following on from the reality that one of the drag queens involved with reading to small children in Houston Library was arrested for attempting to abduct a small child... This video has surfaced, showing parents laughing and smiling as a grown man, dressed mockingly as a woman, shakes his ass at the children as if being a stripper for them!

I'm pretty sure my amazement at this is not me 'being old and out of touch' here.

I wonder what happened to this tech?

The claim that there is a 'social contract' that means you 'must' pay taxes is not one that stands up to honest scrutiny. Any individual is part of the 'social' aspect of an alleged social contract and since no contract is valid without consent, anyone who disagrees with being forced to comply with an alleged aspect of the imagined 'social contract' can freely nullify it by not consenting..

Either you respect free will or you intend to enslave others.

I covered Wim Hof recently - the holder of 26 world records, including numerous fetes that have long been thought impossible. You can see my video on that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19m2mcpjT0c

I've been following his training for a couple of weeks and have had some interesting results. I can now do 3 times more pushups than I could at the start, even though at the the start I was breathing while doing them and now I can do all of these without even breathing!

If you are interested in exploring the unconscious self and becoming a whole human being, the use of yogic breathing techniques and cold immersion is an interesting way to help you along the way!

In this classic piece of political hypocrisy, Donald Trump makes sure that college graduates understand they must never let a wall get in their way. Wagner College in Staten Island, N.Y.

Links mentioned in this video:

Facebook research into mind control of primates:


Facebook President admits Facebook is designed to distract/addict us and no help us:


MK Ultra related videos aimed at children found on Youtube:


Survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse Run By CIA & Mormon Church Speaks In Depth About Her Life Within MK Ultra Mind Control Program. ITNJ - 2018:


The Whistleblowers (Series) #35 (Part 3): Dr. Sue Arrigo - US Government Child Sex Slave, Mind Control Survivor - Alleges Massive 'Horror Movie Level' Crime By US Gov, CIA, Presidents & More:


Steem: https://steempeak.com/@ura-soul

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In this video I discuss the way that human evolution has been slowed to the point that we think it isn't even possible to cause it deliberately. I explore the example Wim Hof has provided us of someone who consciously reactivated lost abilities and effectively evolved humanity to result in an increased chance of survival on Earth.

I discuss how schooling forces us to get stuck in our 'head brain', while denying our heart and gut. We need to change the curriculum to include more vital lessons, including healing, balancing and evolving!

I also describe an important deviation that I make from Wim Hof's technique - since he recommends controlling your emotions. I already know well that we need to end control of emotions if we are to be fully free and healthy.

We need to understand now that Christ is not about eating a Turkey. Christ is about compassion, wisdom, balance and peace - among other related things.

I challenge you to watch the following documentaries and still stand by the position that meat and dairy industries are not evil.





May we all heal, balance and evolve.

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Most System Engineers are paid by corporations and governments to build their projects and to maintain the status quo. I chose not to do that and to instead help to create systems that support life and planet Earth instead.

Here I talk about making governments irrelevant, plus the options for creating balanced power networks for human society. I finish off by covering the upcoming class action law suit against facebook and google for the censorship of cryptocurrency projects - potentially worth $300 billion in compensation claims.

Steem Passport is a software project for improving the onboarding and user retention experience for the Steem Eco-System.

The project overview document can be viewed here:

Steem Passport on Steemit:

Discord: https://discord.gg/EJmhVDe

Despite claims that the riots in France are about 'fuel tax', it is clear that there are many people involved who are using the situation as a vehicle for much more. Anti-capitalist intentions are high.

The Lancet is allegedly the most 'prestigious' medical journal in Britain and the world. When they publish, it carries weight.
They recently published a piece highlighting that contrary to industry claims, the weight of the evidence for professional scientific research into the safety of manmade electromagnetic fields, including WIFI, Cellphone technology and other related systems - shows that they ARE harmful to human health.

89% of over 200 studies that were analysed concurred that such technology does harm to living systems and can harm unborn children in the womb. The levels of some frequencies of radiation have rocketed in recent decades to the point where they consistently reach the threshold for public safety and we STILL have more to come in the form of 5G technology!

I highly advise all to take the time to review the details. Here is Dr. Sharon Goldberg testifying on the subject:


The Lancet post mentioned in my video:



The amount of people who are convinced that death is inevitable and that ageing is 'natural' is not in itself proof that this is so.

Since 'natural' refers to 'that which is born' (birth-state) and birth is a living process - it follows that by definition anything that is counter to life cannot be natural.

In this video I introduce my view of life and death - plus why death and ageing are more accurately viewed as a dis-ease than 'natural'.

It's that time of year again, where flashing lights means sales of plastic objects go through the roof.. Wait? what?
I have come across some insights about the nature of Christ and as far as I am aware, our own true nature.

In this video I am sharing some important info that connects many aspects of life and our own soul/spirit/self together in a harmonious and non religious way. Injoy!

The annual 'state of veganism' review documentary came out recently and I've included some scenes and comments here. This video is almost as long as the original Vegan 2018 video - but I have added a lot of my own comments and insights into veganism - created and acquired over 12 years of being vegan.

How to really stop the 'plants have feelings too' and 'but you kill plants' 'debates'...
Absurd mainstream media pundit comments destroyed..
Corporations choosing to bow to pressure to stop exploiting animals..
Coverage of activists at slaughterhouses exposing reality for the public.
Ever new meat replacement products and a plant to have supermarkets have a protein section instead of a meat section!

So much going on here - don't miss it!

Check out the original video here too - Big respect to all involved:

I have been monitoring the way that the Chinese government is planning to 'modernise' it's human control grid and it appears they are intending to go live with the new system in 2020. It will be the first time such a dystopian prison system has been forced onto such a large number of people - over 1.3 billion Chinese will now live in even more fear than they did before.

How would you feel if you knew that your life would be made 'bankrupt' and you would be a prisoner in your own home if you went against any of the petty rules and regulations put in place by unloving and unwise social engineers? What if your friends would be forced to disown you or face the same? This is China 2020.

This is my first PUBG gaming upload. I am testing the new gaming community based on Steem that rewards you in cryptocurrency for gaming! Check it out at: https://ongame.io/


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