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I have long been explaining how the US military is used as the 'Kingdom Towing Service' for the banking and oligarchy groups (credit to Trevor Ravenscroft for that term). The idea being that when certain groups want to manipulate other countries they create situations where either the military of the US is called out for for defence or where the military is literally used to reclaim unpaid debts (always under the cover of other reasons). The US involvement in numerous South American coups and middle eastern too are just some of the examples. The book 'CIA as organised crime' goes into graphic detail of some of the methods used and so too did the work of John Perkins in his 'economic hitman' books/videos.

Now Donald Trump has, perhaps without realising, openly declared that the US military is available for hire! In this recent video he explained that Saudi Arabia has already paid 1 Billion dollars to use US Troops. So the US is now officially a Mercenary Military Corporate interest masquerading as a 'free nation'. This couldn't be further from the vision of those who fought and died in World Wars - yet here were are - psychologically manipulated into a fascist nightmare under the guise of 'good business sense'!

In this video I discuss the related issues.. Please check out the following related sources if you are unfamiliar with them:

Apologies of an economic hitman: https://www.ureka.org/videos/watch/77611/apologies-of-an-economic-hitman

CIA as organised crime: https://archive.org/details/DouglasValentineTheCIAAsOrganizedCrime2016

Intro to Jeffrey Epstein Network Map: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9H5Qj9o6OM

My intro to Fake Democracy & Carroll Quigley: https://steemit.com/politics/@ura-soul/the-whistleblowers-series-13-representative-democracy-is-a-con-game-designed-by-a-hidden-network-of-oligarchs-a-highly-respected

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A huge amount continues to take place in relation to the ongoing investigations surrounding high profile child abusers in governments, ‘royal’ families, corporations and beyond. Most of these stories receive only passing comment in the mainstream narrative – or nothing at all. Each of these three stories deserve significant attention, but in this video I have combined them all and I highly suggest you take some time to look into them yourself.

The Jeffrey Epstein Network Map continues to grow in response to new details and connections emerging, you can view it here: https://graphcommons.com/graphs/0a79deca-46a2-48e9-9d90-326b20aa6e9e

The original video for the map on Youtube is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9H5Qj9o6OM

1. Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro ranch in New Mexico is alleged to have a 1000sq ft. underground ‘strip club’ where underaged girls were used to serve politicians and others. The anonymous source of the images and claims in the Daily Mail is allegedly a contractor who says he saw images of Epstein and Bill Clinton with topless underaged girls. He also said the house was wired for video, just as Epstein’s New York house is said to have been.


2. A second anonymous man claims that he was raped as an 8 year old child by Bill Clinton at a sexual orgy on a large ocean going boat. He says that rituals were taking place and people were being cut with swords to draw blood. Other children were also involved. One of the reporters who was helping him died shortly afterwards. I do not know if he ever made it to report this to the FBI.


3. Mark Minnie, a South African researcher – wrote a book about the South African government’s infestation with similar patterns o..

Sadly unsurprising news today from Germany - Children are to be forced to be vaccinated for measles or be refused access to school and their parents fined 2,500 Euros. There is a mountain of lies being told about vaccine science and numerous medical professionals from numerous backgrounds have spoken out against vaccine science in general - including medical doctors and even vaccine inventors from the past. None the less, the same country that brought us such world changing policies as 'eradicate the jews and disabled people' and 'invade Poland for more space and slave labour' has chosen to set aside the pesky annoyance of respect for free will and human rights in order to 'keep the children safe'. Sure.

I highly recommend taking some time to go through the links in the vaccine katalist at my social network, ureka.org - here:

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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My video titled ‘Why Money is Evil – in under 10 Minutes’ gained great traction on the Steem blockchain – yet received 55 views on Youtube! In it I exposed concisely, using empirical scientific evidence, that money is causally involved in the creation of evil on a grand scale.

This new video is a follow up that covers the reality that 26 people have the same financial wealth as pretty much half the planet’s population and that we need to create ways to make money irrelevant. @dan, one of the inventors of Steem and EOS has a great phrase and aim ‘Make government irrelevant’ - I am saying to move on to applying this logic to money too.

How can food freedom lead us to deep economic freedom? Can small changes made by each of us build up to massive changes that replace the old broken paradigm? Find out!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul




music by ABIS:: https://soundcloud.com/abismusic

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‘Evil’ is defined by dictionaries as causing ‘discomfort, repulsion and harm’ and in our current society we are likely to experience these when lacking money for any significant length of time. A lack of money tends to mean that we are unable to buy food, clothing or find a place to sleep and so we suffer and may even die as a result. Some of us, though, might disagree that this is ‘Evil’ because there is no intention to cause someone to end up this way and some may even claim that any evil involved is the doing of the person who is actually poor and suffering – they have somehow brought about this suffering on themselves through poor choices and thus the evil is perhaps their own. What if it could be shown that there IS intention to cause such harm to people through the use of money? Would that then make the money itself evil?

I will show you here that there IS an intent to cause harm that has been built-in to our money systems and that as a result, the causation of extreme suffering to people is intentionally unavoidable. I will also show that mathematically there is no possible other outcome than bankruptcy for a significant percentage of the population – as long as the money systems in use today continue to be used.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

Join a community aimed towards healing, balancing & evolving - plus receive rewards from the Steem blockchain at https://www.ureka.org



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A team of Youtube users/researchers recently announced that they had found some data buried in the source code of the pages for videos on Youtube that expose some of Youtube's approach to restricting or promoting certain videos on their platform. The 'P-Score' and other parameters was clearly visible in the source code of the page UNTIL this information was made public and shortly after Google removed it.

Researchers show that Google has been artificially boosting and restricting videos based on it's own scoring system that does not in any way seem to be being fairly applied.

In this video I go over some of the details and fill in some of the background as to why Google's operations are much less about money or 'protecting people' as they are about their own power gains and other agendas.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul


https://ffwd.medium.com/creators-think-theyve-reverse-engineered-the-p-score-youtube-s-monetization-algorithm-ce64c95a4510 (Text overview of P-Scores)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PHWCqAEMt8 (Optimus Video on P-Scores)

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xyxDZIGztWDqGQGae4Oakkt0VAYB21-OcXgNKYrPzcw/edit (Documentary Overview of the P-Scores Research)

https://archive.org/details/GoogleAndTheWorldBrain_201611 (Google and the world brain Documentary)

#youtube #censorship #p-scores

Ana Lucia Alves is an ex model turned film-maker (IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1108296/ ) who is perhaps one of the only from those circles to have publicly spoken out about first hand experience of how models, singers and actors are ‘handled’ by shadowy groups – plus often used in high price prostitution rings for politicians and others.

Ana describes in a recent interview with Tiffany FitzHenry how she came from Brazil at age 18 to Europe to get into modelling and quickly started rubbing shoulders with ‘A List’ celebrities and producers such as Harvey Weinstein (already heavily accused of sexual crimes).

Not only does she explain the mechanisms of how these ‘industries’ exploit people on all levels, she also lays out that most ‘top actors’ are little more than puppets for their controllers. She specifically mentions Leonardo De Caprio, who she says is a personal friend, as being a generally good person but who is clueless and easily manipulated into following whatever agenda he is told to.

You can view the full interview here:


Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

View this on Ureka.org for the full index of this Whistleblower Series:

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This is maybe one of the most challenging and unexpected twists in the tales connected to Jeffrey Epstein and the billionaire network that also feeds into the NXIVM human trafficking cult. Thanks to ‘The Amazing Polly’ on Youtube, I came across a patent that was filed by Keith Raniere for technology that ‘identifies and rehabilitates Luciferians’! He describes Luciferians as being dysfunctional people who are dangerous and for whom ‘bad feels good and good feels bad’.

This seems to partially explain why Dr. Brandon Porter who worked with NXIVM was reported to have been showing women images of serious crimes, including dismemberment of a woman with machetes!

Was this part of an MK Ultra style brainwashing program? Was this an attempt to cover up his own Luciferianism? Or could it even be that they were trying to rid the world of Luciferian influence and the Luciferians manipulated the situation to make it look like Raniere was the bad guy, when he wasn’t?

I don’t know the answers here, but the evidence definitely deserves scrutiny.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul


https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/81/e4/69/58e89bd03359e2/US20130281879A1.pdf (patent)

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What if you learned that your brain and mind aren’t giving you the full picture? What if you could prove that your inner, sub-conscious programs are actually filling in the gaps of your perception with nothing more than what you expect to be true?

Check out this simple experiment and exercise in the video here, taken from ‘The holographic universe’ by Michael Talbot. The results show that we could very well be censoring out significant parts of life and not even know we are doing it.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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I have demonstrated several times how Facebook has manipulated and limited my use of their network over the years – ranging from ‘shadow banning’ my comments (so that only I can see them) to even totally deleting my comments in realtime as soon as I write them without warning or even informing me! Today, though, they reached a new level of absurdity.

A police watching channel in the US posted a dash cam video of Michigan cops abusing a driver and breaking their own rules. A state lover (bootlicker) in the comments replied that the driver ‘should’ve handed over his ID’. I replied with a meme that highlights how authoritarian police activity that goes unchallenged can easily escalate into evils such as were seen in nazi Germany. Within minutes Facebook had banned me for 24 hours without explaining why exactly. The only discernable answer from the message they sent me is that they are claiming the meme is ‘hate speech’.. Which is a bit of a problem isn’t it? How is speaking out against Nazism and it’s ilk an example of ‘Hate Speech’?

Check it out!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul



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A recent 4 way ‘debate’ on Fox News saw Mayor Rudy Giuliani have a meltdown and throw out a tirade of insults against another speaker. Typically, this is not the behaviour of someone who is in the right.

It seems Giuliani has a wealth of skeletons in his cupboard, including those of many who died during 9/11. The New York Fire Dept. President has essentially called Rudy a criminal and demanded an investigation into many aspects of 9/11. I include here the video from @corbettreport which contains a recording of Rudy admitting to having knowledge that the towers were going to come down before they did (which he later lied about and tried to cover up). There was no real way for him to know that they were going to come down in advance without some kind of shady goings on and none of the rescuers were warned ahead of time – leading to meany deaths.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul




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Despite a large percentage of the world knowing full well by now that the twin towers in New York were very likely brought down not by Islamic Terrorists, but by a complex plot involving US Government insiders – among others – you might think that something serious would have been done about it by now. Yet there is still enough of the world asleep and distracted that this gargantuan crime continues to be heavily denied – enough to have gone unprocessed.

This video combines numerous testimonies from people on the ground, on the day, that show that many people heard the fire dept. state that Building 7 was going to be brought down in a controlled way. There’s a problem here: There was no possible way for this to be done since the demolition process needed would have taken far more time than was available. The only valid way for the building to have come down as it did, via controlled demolition, would be if the charges were pre-placed. This in turn demonstrates the ‘inside job’.

It is quite likely that the building was intended to sustain more damage than it did and thus it’s collapse would seem less suspect. The building contained floors operated by US Secret services and other such groups which mean it’s collapse could well have been intended to serve multiple purposes – such as attempting to cover up the trillions of dollars missing from the US Pentagon’s budget that had just been announced the day before.

Larry Silverstein, the leaseholder on the towers, himself stated that the fire dept. agreed to ‘pull’ building 7 – yet the official government NIST report makes no mention of controlled demolition and instead claims that simple office fires brought down the tower, in a fashion never before seen!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul


AE911 Truth Video Featured:

My previous video on WTC7 and the Alaskan University Study:

John Mark Dougan is a Police Whistleblower who was stationed in the Palm Beach region of the USA – the home area of Jeffrey Epstein. I included Dougan in my whistleblower series a year ago (see links below) as he had escaped the US to Russia after publishing evidence of massive criminality in the Police and Government in his area. He alleged that police were protecting drug gangs and showed photographs of his bosses on a golf course with a cocaine snorting prostitute!

With hindsight, this case looks even worse – given the details now published about Jeffrey Epstein. An institutionalised cocaine and weapons smuggling operation within the CIA and US military – often including human trafficking – has been described by numerous CIA agents and others over the years. The images of the Police bosses giving cocaine to a ‘stripper’ on a public golf course must surely raise even more red flags about the extent to which this criminality extends. It actually appears that in some areas, the police are literally nothing more than the most extreme of criminal gangs – not just philosophically but totally literally.

In a recent piece in the British newspaper, The Times, A bizarre spin on this situation was presented in which it was claimed that UK secret intelligence services are ‘concerned’ that Dougan may be leaking evidence on alleged Prince Andrew to the Russian government regarding his involvement with Jeffrey Epstein. Is the institutional bias towards covering up crime so engrained that they can’t even see when they are obviously and openly trying to cover up serious crime in media pieces? Or perhaps they just think that mentioning Russia will be enough to trigger knee jerk reactions that cause people to denounce the evidence as #fakenews? Perhaps!

Watch the video here for full details.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul



Most social media platforms operate as a ‘protected carrier’ in law, which means that they are immune from prosecution or legal cases due to the content that is distributed via their networks. However, this only applies as long as they aren’t editorialising the content and effectively acting as a Publisher. In some senses this is a grey area since Facebook has long claimed that they have the right to determine what does and doesn’t appear on their network – yet also say they aren’t a publisher. This is a contradiction in the current eyes of the law.

A recent legal case regarding Laura Loomer has brought this issue into focus again, with Facebook’s legal team openly stating that, in fact, are a publisher. This directly contradicts statements made to the US government by members of Facebook’s team in the past. The outcome of this and related cases may result in significant changes for Facebook and other such sites – either facing them to stop censoring people or resulting them being liable for an unending stream of legal action due to them becoming liable for the actions of their users. Since the latter option would bankrupt them, it seems likely that if anything comes of this, they will be forced to stop censoring people.

Of course, you could just use existing free speech networks such as the Steem blockchain family of sites – where free speech is ingrained in the DNA and you get paid to post too! Just a suggestion!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul



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The US Military’s head of recruiting recently stated that people are joining the military mainly because of the unbearable cost of a college education due to student loans – since the military provides a college education for free. Think about that – the government’s policies have been designed in such a way that for people to survive and gain the skills they need in life, they are being forced to risk their own life and even kill for political ideology! All in the ‘land of the free’? (“Whoever told you that is your enemy” - Rage Against The Machine).

In this video I cover this topic and introduce a way to cancel most alleged debts, including student loans. People are born free and must stay free.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul


Richard Werner’s empirical evidence that bank credit is fraud: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1057521914001070

How To Cancel Alleged Debts - https://steemit.com/money/@ura-soul/5-empirical-scientific-evidence-most-debt-is-void-and-can-be-cancelled-since-the-financial-systems-are-criminal-or-slave-no-more


Learn emotional intelligence for health and to achieve goals: https://3speak.online/watch?v=ura-soul/ytzxpfze

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Today, someone said something about Greta Thunberg, the 16 year old climate activist, which reminded me of the thread I have long investigated of cases of apparent reincarnation. There are many examples of celebrities who appear to have doubles in our history – people who look almost identical – however, typically this gets laughed off or ridiculed as a false ‘time traveller’ theory.

Reincarnation, however, is absolutely real – I know from personal experience – so I am definitely open to taking a look at who among us might be able to be identified as having lived as a specific lifetime previously. You might be surprised at who I have found and what evidence exists beyond their appearance!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Steem is several years old now, it's a blockchain based social networking eco-system that pays you to post and comment - plus has a plethora of aother benefits. Despite it's greatness, it has also had it's fair share of problems, but a recent update to the network appears to have made a big shift towards balance, fairness and could be just what the world has needed to be added to Steem. The Steem community now has a way to combat vote selling via free downvotes and also pays much more rewards to curators, meaning that the best posts (subjectively) now stand a much better chance of gaining exposure organically due to manual, community driven upvoting.

In this video I take you on a quick journey through some of the changes and my thoughts on the present state of Steem. If you've never used Steem you can get a great intro here and if you used Steem in the past then maybe these changes will motivate you to drop by and have another play. :)

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul



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After it was revealed recently that Courtney Love had spent time with Andrew Windsor, an alleged perpetrator in the case of industrial scale elitist child abuse and human trafficking that was ended prematurely by the death of Jeffrey Epstein while in his jail cell.. I decided to do some research. It wasn’t long before I found the work of others who had tied Courtney Love to MK Ultra CIA Mind Control programs and even her own Father described her as a psychopath who likely murdered her husband, rock star Kirt Cobain. There is a quote proclaiming to be from her father stating that she was one of Epstein’s handlers – though this is hearsay at this point.

In the process of researching this topic I came across a 1992 presentation by a well known Doctor of hypnosis research in America who spoke at length on deprogramming victims of the CIA and satanic mind control programs such as MK Ultra (I cleaned up the audio and reuploaded it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SG4bZwdKk50). Given that many whistleblowers and survivors have described such evil brainwashing programs occurring in remote locations and often involving females who have been abducted or even born into the programs and later killed – is it not likely that Jeffrey Epstein was in some way part of this kind of scheme? His Zorro ranch was perfectly located in New Mexico, directly on a known human trafficking route.

The evidence that was released from the Epstein case includes a receipt from Amazon for a book on programming sex slaves that was delivered to Epstein. Could it be that he knew just enough to be interested in replicating the work of others? Or was he directly involved in a deeper way?

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

#epstein #news #politics

Dr. D. Corydon Hammond gave this talk on June 5th 1992 at the 4th annual eastern regional conference on abuse and multiple personality disorder. He shared numerous details of the programming techniques allegedly used by cults who he says relate back, often, to the CIA and US government - among others. He recounts how Nazi 'scientists' developed methods of trauma based mind control in the death camps during World War 2 and that once many of them were integrated in the United States after the war, they were tasked with continuing their work for the USA. He has since gone quiet on this topic, apparently due to death threats.

This is the only time I have heard such a qualified and experienced (over 30 years) therapist speak at such length on the deprogramming of government and cult created slaves and agents.

This version of this recording has been cleaned to remove the hiss that is on other versions and short sections of noise and silence have also been removed.

#mkultra #mindcontrol #informationwar

This is a roundup and overview of internet traffic trends for cryptocurrency and free speech supporting websites. Contrary to negative propaganda from competitors, ‘free speech’ is not some kind of code word for nazism and cryptocurrency is not a scam or a tool of terrorists! Free speech is for all and without it we slide towards enslavement. Cryptocurrency is also a tool of free will, allowing us all to participate in creation of the trading tokens we use on a daily basis – instead of being forced to comply with the dictates of central bankers.

The traffic trend for websites and social networks that support free speech communication and reward users with cryptocurrency (money) is generally positive – with many Steem powered sites in particular seeing solid growth. Now is the time to make the move from dinosaur social media to the new wave of exciting technology projects that are bringing us together in empowered ways!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul



Despite overwhelming evidence and testimony from thousands of professional individuals that the 'official' government version of 911 is totally impossible - there are some who continue to deny reality and allege that those who question the official story are in some way deficient in intellectual ability.

The Katalist page at ureka.org contains testimony that any nay-sayer will need to thoroughly rebut before their claims that 'the official story is the accurate version of events' can be accepted by those with full intent to know the truth.

This video gives a brief overview of a snapshot of this valuable resource, which can be viewed at ureka, here: https://www.ureka.org/katalists/view/14780/evidence-that-shows-that-the-official-version-of-911-is-a-lie

#9/11 #whistleblowers #politics

The epic deep dive into all things Jeffrey Epstein continues here. I rewatched the infamous scene from Corey Haim (Ex Child Actor turned Hollywood abuse whistleblower) earlier and realised he was sat next to Barbara Walters – who effectively tried to shut him down as he spoke out. This triggered my spider senses because Walters already appeared on the Jeffrey Epstein map due to her close relationship with Roy Cohn.

Cohn has been identified by numerous sources as both ‘one of the most evil men alive’ (at that time), but also because he was likely involved in large scale blackmail operations against the world’s powerful people – often using sex and possibly children to achieve that goal. Given the nature of Corey Haim’s claims and the close ties between Hollywood, child abuse and governmental power/institutions – it is both alarming and telling that instead of compassion and wisdom, Walters’ first response is close to being an attack on him that appears to be a futile attempt to silence him New data is being added to this map constantly and it will be released imminently.

Wishing you well,

Ura Soul




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There are so many data points relating to 911 that anyone who claims to know all about it had better have about 5 years of research behind them at least.
The recent 4 year academic study of the collapse of World Trade Center building 7 alone, only focused on specific points raised by the government's underfunded NIST report into the topic and it's conclusion was that the government's report is flawed and wrong: https://3speak.online/watch?v=ura-soul/sdocniyz.

In the course of looking into WTC7 again, after years away from the subject, I came across a video from NIST which states that WTC7 was the first ever high building to collapse due to fire - a claim that debunkers of 911 theories often claim is false. So the debunkers are inadvertently debunking the NIST report they often say is correct! In this video I cover this topic and share footage of explosions from within the WTC7 building moments before it collapses into it's own footprint - creating engineering history in the process.


- This was a world changing engineering event - never before seen, according to NIST.
- The 4 year independent study into the subject out of the Alaska Fairbanks University concluded that the only way the building could have collapsed as it did was if all inner and outer supports were removed or failed within 1 second of each other (as would occur in demolition).
- Footage shows explosions that appear to look like charges going off shortly before the building collapses.
- Larry Silverstein, the leaseowner of the buildings, described in a video interview how he communicated with the fire dept. to 'pull' the building. This language ONLY refers to demolition.

Yet, despite all these data points - some, like key suspect in the inside job - George Bush Jr. - have told us to 'never tolerate conspiracy theories about 911'.

How about we think freely here and with open eyes free from fear of retaliation? Maybe our planet's destiny depends on it.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

#911 ..

There's so much to say in relation to Jeffrey Epstein's associations, network and the accusations made against him and his cronies - that we really need a thorough map just to understand it. Nearly every day new research surfaces and I have just heard that there is a good chance that 2000 pages of related information may be released from the court process that names another 100 people!

Version 1 of this map was made on software that just wasn't up to the job (see: https://steempeak.com/threespeak/@ura-soul/tgbkuldl) , so I've moved on and upgraded to a much more suitable app.

I've put countless hours in the last few weeks into building this map, which contains information from hundreds of sources, including court cases, witness testimonies, books, mainstream media coverage and beyond. I cannot personally say how much of this information is accurate and who is or is not guilty of crimes - I can only map out what has been reported and is in the public domain. Nothing on this map is my own creation, I am just laying out what you can already find online if you know where to look.

The connections here are at times shocking and I feel that if we all understand what we are looking at in this case we can start to understand just how likely it is that Jeffrey Epstein was either murdered or allowed to disappear from prison (involving a fake corpse). We are literally talking about THE world's wealthiest people - MANY of them.. So pretty much anything is possible here!

I am currently looking for help from trustworthy researchers to finish this work and I will be approaching them now to see if they are interested. If you want to help please consider an upvote on Steem or a direct donation since this really does take a lot of time and I have bills to pay. I'd do it for free anyway because of the importance of the case, but I have other commitments.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

Facebook has once again been found to have been seriously deficient in it's handling of it's user's private data. A database has been found, unsecured, online that contains over 400 million records of private information and phone numbers about facebook users - tied to their facebook profile IDs. The potential for exploitation of this data is massive and causes us to consider how many groups and individuals have access to such data and how they are manipulating us and our world with it.

Many alternatives exist to the large, corrupt corporate entities that many are entrusting their most private data to - I recommend checking out the more integrity based solutions such as those found on the Steem blockchain, my own site ureka.org (https://www.ureka.org) and minds.com. There is no need for us to continue making billionaires even richer when their entire business model revolves around exploiting humanity and when alternatives already exist.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul




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