Former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFall explained that all the promises to Ukraine about joining NATO were just lies and a diplomatic game.

Spanish news report on the bodies of several Russian soldiers been found with obvious signs of having been executed. They are reporting from Malaya Rogan, about 18 km east of the center of Kharkiv.

Is the same location where the video of the kneecappings to the Russian POW was filmed weeks ago identified as a farm in the village of Malaya Rogan, about 18 km east of the center of Kharkiv. This was originally established by an open data researcher and later verified by other actors, including Human Rights Watch."

A Ukrainian war prisoner, Viktor Golubtsov, told me that neither he nor the other mobilized people had received any training and were immediately thrown into battle.

In the same battle, he surrendered.

— How do you see the future of Ukraine?

— Sooner or later, there will hardly be the state of Ukraine.

US army instructor in Krivoy Rog.

The first video confirming the participation of the US Armed Forces as a party to the conflict

🇺🇦 Ukrainian neo-Nazies.

A sad Russian soldier is walking through destroyed Ukrainian positions.

"This is what happens.. and nobody is going to pick you up.. nobody needs you, except of your mother.. fuck knows.. this is how it is guys.."

This war is truly a tragedy, a mutual massacre of brotherly nations, I guess the West achieved their goal again..

Ukrainian neo-Nazies.

Just like Vladlen Tatarski said, this is all you need to know about Azov and other Nazies.

Their beards, tough faces, their slogans, scary tattoos, solemn swears to die in battle, torch marches and everything else means nothing.

They showed their real face.

Now its a matter of time.

I told them [Azov fighters] that they were coming to life, I would have shot them myself... I don’t have an ounce of pity here...’

These are the words of labour veteran Tatyana Ivanovna. She lives in a village near Azovstal. Listen to her story of the Azov battalion shooting the animals in the area and how they almost killed her for trying to save her chickens.

How they mocked her when she asked for water and food: I told their commander: ‘I want to eat, I haven’t eaten for six days …’ And he’s like: ‘I also want to’. But ‘DPR people... came, hugged me, one brought me stew, another brought me bread, and one even thought of bringing sweets’.

"I support Russia" - an American blogger, a former US Marine and police officer visited the liberated territories of Novorossia
John Mark Dogan came to Kherson specifically to check what is really happening and not to “rely on the Western media” to bring the facts to the people.
“Obviously, the people of Donbass want to become independent. But it also seems to me that this is a battle between good and evil,” said John Dogan.

Captured Ukrainian border guard talks about how his colleagues staged a chemical provocation blowing up a nitrogen tank in Rubizhne to blame the Russian Army.
Ukrainian troops also shelled residential areas and destroyed humanitarian aid and food destined to the local civilians.

Graphic evidence, witnesses, news reports and the confession of one of the Ukrainian War Criminals who shot and filmed Russian prisoners of war bleeding out in Malaya Rogan, Kharkov around the end of March 2022.

Kiev region, Lyutezh.
People are not allowed back in their apartments after returning home because now Ukrainian troops live there

Former Aidar hostage* Svetlana Konopleva spoke about the brutal attitude towards the prisoners.

Once, when a strong battle was going on in one of the villages, the nationalists threw her out into the street and told her to go "to catch Russian bullets." They mocked the prisoners as best they could: they forced them to sit down, lie down, sing the anthem and read Shevchenko's poems.

According to Svetlana, once they tied her hands and feet, blindfolded her and put her on a stretcher, leaving her in some kind of crypt. There she lay for several days. All this time she was not taken to the toilet, nor was she given water:

“When they got me, I just lost consciousness. These abuses continued. I was transported by helicopter along with the corpses to Pobeda, where I was in the same pit. There were also about 20 of us there. And we were in this pit for more than a month”

Killnet Interview: Anonymous Declares ‘Cyber War’ Against Russian Hacker Group

Killnet has spoken out for the first time to RT, after Anonymous announced a hacktivist war and brought down its rival's website.

In response, Killnet went after the web infrastructure of the Polish govt and published a hacker-hitlist of other portals to be targeted by their supporters.

The Russian group rose to some prominence after claiming responsibility for several breaches in Italy, including the Senate and the National Health Institute. Killnet claims to have no affiliation with the Russian govt or any state, saying they are motivated by “the situation around” their country.

A spokesperson told RT that the ongoing cyberwar is lopsided, and started way before any military operation in Ukraine.

‼️ a captured soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a native of Lugansk, met with his mother‼️

But the western mainstream media will not report how nicely are treated UAF prisoners,they are only interested in escalating the war....

The Russian Defense Ministry: captured AFU soldier tells of Ukrainian officers' attitude to their own subordinates

"...Our officers regarded their soldiers as cannon fodder. The officers told us that we were going to Dnepropetrovsk to break service contracts. Some soldiers did not believe them and jumped out of the vehicles on the move, or when the vehicle slowed down. Officers shot at the escapees backs from AK-74..."


'They (Ukrainian forces) were on the run and just started shooting to kill. Shot my godfather with an AK. He was smoking in the yard', says Maksim, a resident of Mariupol.

People in the war zone were left without homes, possesions, food, and water. Volunteers help them, and there are Russian businesspeople among them. 'Some inner call wouldn't let me just ignore the tragedy that has befallen Donbass residents. We wanted to come and do something', says businessman Yury.

The humanitarian aid convoy always travels accompanied by the military — Ukrainian nationalists continue shelling Donbass, and the streets of Mariupol are still unsafe.

The film VolunTears is about those who help others without thinking about their safety.

Captured AFU soldier urges his fellow soldiers to lay down their arms

💬 "On the very first day, our brigade lost 75 percent of its personnel killed and wounded. My comrades and I had the task of staying at spot as cannon fodder under the fire of Russian artillery, so that Ukrainian intelligence could detect the launch site. The Ukrainian army does not appreciate people's lives, sends them to their deaths to detect enemy artillery. It's true. I surrendered and saved my life. Now I really regret my choice, and you will also regret it, if you choose war. While you still have the opportunity, think about it and realize that this war is not worth your lives. Guys, do everything possible to avoid being sent to war. Try to escape, drop your weapons, refuse, surrender."

❗️Finnish Pressured to not Speak Out Against NATO Bid – journalist to RT

Finnish journalist Juha Korhonen has told RT that the government is suppressing public opinion when it comes to its recent decision for Helsinki to hastily join the NATO military bloc.

“We have a 1,300km (807mi) border with Russia. For 80 years Finns have been learning to coexists with Russia, and no longer seek confrontation,” he said, adding: “This is the reason why they didn’t allow for a referendum."

According to Korhonen, Finns’ are experiencing attacks on their freedom of speech online: “If you have anything to say against NATO you will immediately be labeled an agent of a foreign power, Russia in this case."

Meanwhile in a part of the European insane asylum, a naked activist ran onto the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. On the woman's body were the colors of the Ukrainian flag and the inscription "stop raping us." She was quickly taken away by security.


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