In this episode we start the main quest and pay off our student loans... oh wait that's just the game loan I still have my student loans. Also apologies for the game audio I lowered my voice audio but did not realize the game audio was so loud sorry.

In this episode we will start the main quest, buy some better equipment, fight some ghosts, and pay off our student loans... oh wait that's just the loan in the game I still have my student loans.

Intro cut-scene's, character creation, tutorial dungeon, and combat tips

This glitch happens when you jump off a sloped surface with the
spell slowfall on. Your vertical position gets locked and your horizontal speed gets locked. Lag can cause you to lose height during the glitch.

This is an interesting glitch I found. Jumping off a sloped surface with slowfall will maintain your horizontal trajectory and still maintain your vertical position. (Basically the levitate spell with almost no control)

In this part we are going to complete our first quest.

In this part we will complete our first quest.

This video only talks about towns and buying spells. (Also getting loans from the banks in the game)

This video only talks about the town and buying spells (Also banking with loans)

Let's play The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall (The best Elder Scrolls IMO). Released 1996 on DOS. You can download it for free on Bethesda's website

- Intelligence (I.Q.) vs wisdom (experience)
- My I.Q.
- College professor's superiority complex
- Well rounded education
(P.S. NSFW because I'm in my medical marijuana grow room)

I am a novice computer science enthusiast. I have a father that worked as a SAS programmer. I wrote this program for the terminal and I wrote it in bash. I hardly know what I'm doing

Japan the west of the east: Japanese society, western influence, xenophobia (馬鹿外人), Japanese immigration, and my respect for their culture ありがとうございます。


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