Anti-ZOG Action

Sounds very familiar, doesn't it?


Are you a wolf, or a sheep? Only you can decide.

Let's not let their sacrifices go in vain.

Rise Up Goy. It's all lost.

Major General Smedly Butler, a two-time recipient of Medal of Honor describes the reality of wars. Join us on GoyimTV

Kay Griggs exposes the reality of the NATO

Thank God you don't speak German. Join us on GoyimTV

This is as good a time as any to watch this clip. Join us on GoyimTV

Write-in Patrick Little and give them a run for their shekels. Join us on GoyimTV

This is the only vote that really counts. Cast your write-in vote for Patrick Little. Join us on GoyimTV

You can only imagine the "offer" they made him that he couldn't refuse. Join us on GoyimTV

They are just fucking with us now, but it's hilarious I admit. BTW, the Holocaust is the biggest fraud that has ever been perpetrated on mankind.

The harm that Trump and Pence caused to the Bill of Rights is irreparable. The government has never been so in control of the people as it is now under the reign of those two Juden Rats. Way to go Deplorables... USA, USA ...
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That nose of hers looks like it survived the Holocaust. Join us on GoyimTV

The ZOG have absolutely no fear of "we the people". Precisely the situation the Second Amendment was put to prevent!
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One of many Holocausts the Zionist Occupied Government had committed, one that was against its own citizens in Mount Caramel, Texas.

What a stud! Join us on GoyimTV

If you are a German watching this, know that we salute your sacrifice in standing up to the Communists and the rest of international Jewry. Seig Heil.

History repeats itself, but in the US this time. From the Sassons to the Sacklers. Same perpetrators, different victims.
Soundtrack: Adagio for Strings by the American composer Samuel Barber (Gotta appreciate the piece!!).
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Choose, and choose wisely. Jews are cracking down hard. Be prepared, or be a slave.

The simple fact that the USS liberty is not talked about anywhere is enough proof that the Jews control everything.
Thumbnail: USS Liberty Survivor Joe Meadors on 2018 Gaza Freedom Flotilla.

Turd Talk has an urgent message: Don't you have children Shiksas. Shit's becoming real obvious.

Jou didn't see it coming.


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Liberate humanity from the Zionist occupation.