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WWII was a battle, the War is not over.
Helmuth Von Pannwitz stood by his Cossack fighters through thick and thin and, by choice, shared their fate. He exemplified the honor of the Waffen SS against the disgrace of the ZOG. Here is to the Last Knight of Europe.

Ernie Gallo, a survivor of the USS Liberty recalling the bereavement of the USS Liberty during the National Summit to Reassess the US-Israel "Special Relationship."
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Nature repeats itself


If the tales of WWII are not publicly debunked, don't hope for a recovery.

4 Iraqi soldiers wounded.

Solaimani was in Iraq at the request of the US and the Iraqi governments to negotiate peace. That's what happens when you trust the ZOG.
Trump didn't make the decision. He's just a clown. The strike was only a part of the plan to empty the Middle East off its people and relocate them into Europe, facilitating the expansion of Israel in the area. Embrace yourselves for the upcoming migrant flood.

Merry Christmas!

Ron Grantski recalling the events of the Israeli massacre that was committed against the sailors and the marines of the USS Liberty.
Ron Grantski, December 16, 1946 - April 8, 2018

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Gun confiscation is around the corner. Is the revolutionary spirit Zündel cited still burning?
Ernst Zündel was a WWII revisionist who was DEPORTED from the United States due to questioning the Holohaux. You still think you have freedom of speech?! Think again. If you really have freedom, you wouldn't be cornered in bitchute hiding behind a pseudonym.

How similar Hitler's words were to ours when we criticize gun control! You are living the Weimar conditions. (((They))) don't call you a "Nazi" loosely. They know it's true. So when you hear it, embrace it. Be proud of it. It's how you know you're right. Name your enemy and defend your rights, or you'll end up in a perpetual state of shame like the poor Germans today. Justice for Germany.

When the survivors of the USS Liberty massacre die, so will their story. Are you gonna speak up about it while they are alive?

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Justice for Germany. Do your part.
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"Wir wollen einst ein Reich sehen, und ihr müsst euch schon dafuer erziehen. Wir wollen dass dieses Volk einst Gehoram ist, und ihr müsst euch in Gehorasm üben. Wir wollen dass dieses Volk einst friedliebend und aber euch tapfer ist, und ihr müsst Friedfertig sein.
Und ihr müsst dass Friedliebend sein und mutig zugleich.
Und ich weiss, dass kann nicht anders sein, denn ihr seid Fleisch von unserem Fleisch und
Blut von unserem Blut und in eurem jungen Gehirn brennt derselbe Geist der uns beherrscht.
Wir wierden vergehen, aber in euch wird Deutschland weiterleben.
Vor un liegt Deutschland, in uns marchiert Deutschland, und hinter uns kommt Deutschland."

The House of Cards Came Tumbling Down. Going for 110

Man sets the "extinction rebellion" straight.

Even when he's not in the event he gets booed!

They can't hide What they think of you anymore. You can easily tell who is the man in this relationship by the way.

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With Saudi Arabia in the crosshair, Israel is not far fetched. Don't settle for this. (This upload is not an endorsement for Tulsi)

What would we do without Trump and the Conservatives! This Nazi criminal could've killed 6 bizillion Jews right under our NOSES!

Sgt Bryce Lockwood recites the cowardly attack Israel launched on his lightly-armed vessel, the USS Liberty, in 1967.
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Sgt Bryce Lockwood recites the cowardly attack Israel launched on his lightly-armed vessel, the USS Liberty, in 1967.
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No matter what that Ziocon Charlie Kirk tells you, his Jewish owners deliberately attacked the USS Liberty to sink it in a coordinated effort. The ZOG used US sailors and marines as sheep for the slaughter at the altar of the Greatest Israel Project, but in vain, so they had to cover it up until the internet emerged to tell their story. More videos about this massacre will follow.

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